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Unit1 Women of achievement单元练习题(人教版必修4)

Unit1 Women of achievement 单元同步测试
I. 单项选择 1. I don’t think it is ______taking the trouble to explain the question to him. A. worth B. worthy C. worth of D. worthwhile

2. You’d better ______ your behaviors in public places, or you are likely to get a ticket. A. watch B. see C. observe D. notice

3. With courage and determination, she set out to _____ her childhood dream: to become a world famous actress. Which of the following is NOT OK? A. realize 4. B. achieve C. come true D. live

Everybody showed great respect to the old doctor, who devoted everything he had to _____ the poor conditions of the local hospital. A. improving B. improve C. to improve D. being improved

5. No matter what you have achieved, you have no reasons to ______others in your filed. A. look on 6. B. look up to C. look forward to D. look down upon

When forbidden to surf the Internet, teenagers often _____it, saying that it provides them with colorful entertainments, a convenient means of communication as well as useful information A. argue about B. argue with C. argue for D. argue against

7. In the old days, his father was not able to earn enough money to ______ his family. A. raise B. bring up C. make D. support

8. The doctors in the medical institute wrote several articles, explaining in detail the steps of how to _____ a baby. A. give B. deliver C. have D. give birth to

9. In my opinion, an organization should be set up to study the______ a child’s personality and his living environment. A. relation to B. connection with C. link of D. connection between

10. A modest person always ______modestly, no matter how great he is. A. does B. behaves C. looks D. appears

11. After years of careful observation in the wild, Jane Goodall was finally able to _____ the social system of chimps. A. carry out B. pick out C. look out D. work out

12. It is impossible to ________one’s goal without working hard. A. achieve B. get C. arrive D. make

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13. Would you ________a walk with me after supper? A. care about B. care for C. care with D. care taking

14. It is everyone’s duty to ______the rules of our school. A. watch B. see C. notice D. observe

15. China is developing at such an astonishing _______that it takes on a new look every day. A. altitude B. achievement C. direction D. rate

16. How would you like to ______your failure in the examination? A. count on B. account for C. count in D. count with

17. What he saw in the remote mountain village _______ him to write a book about the country life there. A. encouraged B. increased C. inspired D. engaged

18. Never before has the ________ been faced with such a threat as has happened in the past five decades A. human race B. people C. mankind D. man

19. Fears of being punished in various possible ways kept _______her, which worried her a great deal. A. coming to B. crowding in C. crowding in on D. crowded with

20. I strongly suggest the person that ________ out and explain all that has happened. A. was referred to standing C. referred to stand B. was referred to stand D. referred to standing

21. The book, which ______ for children under 10 when ________, are popular with adult readers. A. intended; written C. intended; writing B. was intended; being written D. was intended; written

22. Whether we can get the money we need for the project or not, we will ______ it to the end. A. carry on with B. move on with C. come on with D. take on with

23. When he was doing the software development project, he ______ many problems that he had to solve on his own. A. came up with B. came through C. came across D. came out

24. Ever since I became a first aider twenty years ago, which was totally _______, I have been ______my life on the go, dealing with cases of emergency. A. in accident; living C. by chance; lived B. by chance; led D. by accident; leading

25. The lecturer _______before the audience could _______any questions to him. A. moved off; raise B. moved away; come up with

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C. moved out; bring up II.完形填空

D. moved up; put up

James sat outside the office waiting for the interview. He felt so 26 what to do with 27 . the person who had gone in 28 she looked so confident when she went in, 29 31 . the problem was that he wanted this job 32

that he didn’t know

him had been there for nearly an hour. And that she had already got the

James. He felt 30 . it meant 33

to him. He had 34 it such a lot brilliantly(出色地) at the 37 . he couldn’t 38

before the day of the interview. He had imagined himself 35 interview and 36

the job immediately. But now here he was feeling

all those things he had 39

to say. At that moment, he almost decided to get up and 40 . but like that.

no—he had to do this. He had spent so much time considering it that he couldn’t 41

His hands were hot and sticky and his mouth felt dry. At last the door of the office opened. The woman who had gone in an hour earlier came out looking very 42 sympathetically(同情地)at James. At the moment James 43 with herself. She smiled

her. The managing director then

appeared at the office door. “ Would you like to come in now, Mr Davis? I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.” James suddenly 44 that he had gone home after all. He got up, legs 45 and

forehead sweating and wondered whether he looked as terrified as he felt. 26. A. healthy 27. A. the interviewer 28. A. by 29. A. not like 30. A. doubtful 31. A. reward 32. A. hopelessly 33. A. everything 34. A. dreamed of 35. A. explaining 36. A. offered 37. A. mad 38. A. depend on 39. A. kept 40. A. leave 41. A. take back 42. A. ugly 43. A. noticed 44. A. thought B. nervous B. the woman B. with B. so did B. sure B. first B. naturally B. happiness B. learned of B. performing B. asked for B. excited B. afford B. been taught B. go in B. put off B. pleased B. loved B. hoped C. careless C. himself C. before C. do as C. angry C. prize C. easily C. difficulty D. confident D. the situation D. after D. do like D. astonished D. job D. so much D. nothing

C. thought about D. talked about C. answering C. being offered C. certain C. believe in C. planned C. prepare C. give up C. sad C. missed C. wished D. writing D. being asked for D. terrible D. remember D. been supplied D. practice D. put down D. pretty D. hated D. regretted

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45. A. shaking

B. bending

C. walking

D. stopped

III 阅读理解 A Why do men die earlier than women? The latest research makes it known that the reason could be that men’s hearts go into rapid decline when they reach middle age. The largest study of the effects of ageing on the heart has found that women’s longevity may be linked to the fact that their hearts do not lose their pumping power with age. “We have found that the power of the male heart falls by 20-25 percent between 18 and 70 years of age,” said the head of the study, David Goldspink of Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. “Within the heart there are millions of cells that enable it to beat. Between the age of 20 and 70, one-third of those cells die and are not replaced in men,” said Goldspink. “This is part of the ageing process.” What surprises scientists is that the female heart sees very little loss of these cells. A healthy 70-year-old woman’s heart could perform almost as well as a 20-year-old one’s. “This gender difference might just explain why women live longer than men,” said Goldspink. They studied more than 250 healthy men and women between the ages of 18 and 80, focusing on healthy persons to remove the confusing influence of disease. “The team has yet to find why ageing takes a greater loss on the male heart,” said Goldspink. The good news is that men can improve the health of their heart with regular exercise. Goldspink stressed that women also need regular exercise to prevent their leg muscles becoming smaller and weaker as they age. 46. The underlined word “longevity” in the second paragraph probably refers to “________”. A. health B. long life C. ageing D. effect

47. The text mainly talks about ________. A. men’s heart cells C. the gender difference B. women’s ageing process、 D. hearts and long life

48. to the text, the UK scientists have known that ________. A. women have more cells than men when they are born B. women can replace the cells that enable the heart to beat C. the female heart loses few of the cells with age D. women never lose their pumping power with age 49. If you want to live longer, you should ________. A. enable your heart to beat much faster

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B. find out the reason for ageing C. exercise regularly to keep your heart healthy D. prevent your cells from being lost 50. We can know from the passage that ________. A. the reason why ageing takes a greater loss on the male heart has been found out B. scientists are on the way to finding out why the male heart loses more of the cells C. the team has done something to prevent the male from suffering the greater loss D. women over 70 could lose more heart cells than those at the age of 20

B Like most July days, it was hot. I stepped into a tiny ice-cream shop to cool off with a chocolate ice-cream. It was an old woman bent over a table near the door. Her back was so badly twisted that her face nearly touched the tabletop. I sat sown facing her couple of tables away. “Poor woman,” I thought “What does she get out of life? Shy God let people live so long past their prime?” As I thought, another aged lady entered the shop and sat down with her. Soon the two of them were talking about childhood days. They talked of how little the shop had changed in 70 years. . . In minutes, the two of them were trembling with laughter. I looked again at the first woman, then in the mirror on a nearby wall, catching a picture of myself. I was wearing a dirty shirt. She was well dressed in white, her hands sparking with gold rings. I was sad. She was laughing, smiling. I was putting the pieces of my life together. She had millions of wonderful memories to recall. I sat alone. She was sharing the day with a good friend. I was secretly worried about getting old. She was old, but it wasn't hurting her. As I left the shop, I thought of my foolish question about God letting people live past their prime. Why, that woman was more alive, more sensitive to life than I was. Age has not bent her spirit.( 51. Which of the following is the main idea of the passage? A. To tell us the life of old people B. To show the difference between the old and the young. C. To show that old age does not mean being short of spirit. D. To make the reader have a pity on the old people. 52. From the passage we know that the ice-shop________. A. changed a lot in the past C. had only a couple of tables B. started its business 70 years ago. D. had only women shoppers.

53. The writer implies all of the following except that________.

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A. the old lady was very lonely and sad B. the writer had more problems than the old lady C. the old lady had lived a full and satisfying life D. the old lady had learned to enjoy the simple things in life 54. Which of the following is the conclusion the writer made about the old lady? A. She was to be pitied for her old age. B. She considered the young man pitiable. C. She was more alive and sensitive to life than the writer. D. People should not be allowed to live when they are too old.

C The unpunctual man, on the other hand, never does what he has to do at the proper time. He is always in a hurry and in the end loses both time and his good name. A lost thing may be found again, but lost time can never be regained. 55____________________________. In fact, time is life itself. The unpunctual man is for ever wasting and mismanaging his most valuable asset as well as others’. The unpunctual person is always complaining that he finds no time to answer letters, or return calls or keep appointments promptly. 56_____________. He knows that he can not get through huge amount of work unless he faithfully keeps every piece of work when it has to be attended to.57________________________. If a person is invited to dinner and arrives later than the appointed time, he keeps all the other guests waiting for him. 58__________. Unpunctuality, moreover, is very harmful when it comes to doing one’s duty, whether public or private. Imagine how it would be if those who are put in charge of important tasks failed to be at their proper place at the appointed time. 59________________________________.

A. Usually this will be regarded as a great disrespect to the host and all other guests present. B. Failure to be punctual in keeping one’s appointments is a sign of disrespect towards others C. Time is more valuable than material things. D. But the man who really has a great deal to do is very careful of his time and seldom complains of want of it. He knows that he E. A man who is known to be habitually unpunctual is never trusted by his friends or fellow men

IV. 短文改错 文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词作斜线(\)划掉。

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修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。

British public library are linked by computers. If your nearest library in London doesn't have the book you want borrow it, the librarian will go on-line to see whether any other nearby library has. If no library in London have the book in store, the librarian will search it further, connecting libraries in other city like Manchester. If a copy of the book found, arrangements will be made for it to be sent to your library within a day and two, and you will be able to check it out. It is also possibly for readers to are not students. borrow books from university and college libraries even if we

V 书面表达 假如你是王林李明是你的好友, 他对布朗先生的公司感兴趣,打算到该公司谋职 (apply for a position)。请根据下面李明的简历表,用英语为他写一封推荐信。词数 110 左右。

姓名 出生地 通讯地址 职业 外语水平 其他

李明 江苏启东 启东市人民路 148 号 律师

性别 婚否

男 已婚

国籍 出生日期 电话

中国 1980.8.21 0513-83335550



擅长英语, 懂一些日语、德语 有三年工作经历,办事认真,待人诚恳,与人和睦相处

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _____

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Unit One I. 单项选择

Women of achievement

1-5 DACAD 6—10 CDBDB 11—15 DABDD 16—20 BCACB 21—25 DACDA II. 完形填空 26-30BCCAB III 阅读理解 46-50 BDCCB 51—54 CBAC 55.C 短文改错 British public library?libraries are linked by computers. If your nearest library in London doesn't have the book you want?+to borrow it?去掉, the librarian will go on-line to see whether any other nearby library has + it . If no library in London have the book in store, the librarian will search it further, connecting libraries in other city?cities like Manchester. If a copy of the book found?is found , arrangements will be made for it to be sent to your library within a day and—>or to two, and you will be able to check it out. It is also possibly for readers 56.D 57.B 58.A 59E 31-35DDACB 36-40CDDCA 41-45CBDCA

borrow books from university and college libraries even if we?they are not students.

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V. 书面表达 One possible version: Dear Mr. Brown, I’d like to introduce my friend to you, Mr. Li Ming, who is going to apply for a position with your firm. He graduated from college three years ago and since then he has worked as a lawyer. He is good at English and knows some Japanese and German. He works hard and is careful in everything he does. He is honest, kind and easy to get on with. He was born on August 21st, 1980 in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, China. He is married and lives at No 148 Renmin Road, Qidong city. His telephone number is 0513-83335550. He shows great interest in your firm. If he is accepted, he will do his best. I’m sure he will be fit for the position. I’m looking forward to your early reply. Yours,

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