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Period Two Listening and Vocabulary; Function; Speaking; Vocabulary and Reading; Everyday English& Writing Ⅰ.单词识记 revenge v.formal to punish someone who has done s 1.________ omething to harm you or someone else marry v.take (sb) as a husband or wife 2.________ punish make someone suffer because they have 3.________ done something wrong or broken the law 课前自主学习 课堂互动探究 4.________ appeal n.attractiveness; interest 5.________ gifted adj.having a natural ability to do one or more things extremely well 6.________ burden n.something difficult or worrying that you a re responsible for 7.________ swift adj.happening or done quickly and immediate ly 课前自主学习 课堂互动探究 Ⅱ.短语天地 put a spell on 用符咒镇住 1.______________ (be) associated with 与??有联系 2.__________________ 对某人有吸引力,引起某人的兴趣 3.appeal to sb_________________________________ 限于 4.(be) restricted to____________ 课前自主学习 课堂互动探究 Ⅲ.句型搜索 1.It was only in 1997 that she completed the first Harry P otter story, which, because the publishers in the USA requested a n adjustment to the title, was also known as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. [信息提取] 强调句型:It is/was...that... [例句仿写] 正是在大约20年前汤姆成了家。 ______ _______ ________ ________ It was about ________ 20 years ________ ago ___ _____ that Tom got married. 课前自主学习 课堂互动探究 2.The fifth book, The Order of the Phoenix sold about sev en million copies the day it was published. [信息提取] “the day +从句”作时间状语 [例句仿写] 我第一次见他的那一天,他看起来很忧虑。 He looked worried ________ ________ ________ ________

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