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P. 30

Unit 4

Using language

Reading and speaking
Page 30


Read the letter carefully and imagine that

you are the student who has been invited
to give speech.

? 1. Who write the letter and from where?
Zhangsha. From office of the city government, Tangshan. New Tangshan.

? What is the speaking competition about?
? What will the new park be opened for?
To honour those who died in the terrible disaster and those who helped the survivors. To speak to the park visitors. On July 28 at 11:00 am.

? What will they invite you to do? When?

Words & Expressions 一封邀请信 a letter of invitation speaking competition

做演讲 对…感到自豪

give a speech be / feel proud of take pride in 向…表示纪念 in hornor of 向某人为某事表达谢意 express thanks to sb for sth congratulate sb on / 因某事而庆祝某人 upon sth

1. congratulation n.
祝贺,常用复数形式,并与介词on搭配, congratulations on sth. /doing …. Congratulations ( on your success)! 恭喜(你获得了成功)!

3)congratulate v.
? 因某事祝贺某人 ? congratulate sb. on sth. /dong….
win the race ?I congratulate you on your winning the race.

? be pleased to do =be glad/happy to do 愿意/高兴/乐于做... ? the speaking competition 演讲比赛

? judge n. 评委、裁判员、法官 a group of five judge The prisoner was taken to the judge. 犯人被带到了法官那儿。 v. 断定、判断、判决 ? Don’t judge a man by his looks. ? 不要以貌取人。


from his looks, he has won the match. A. Judging B. Judged C. To judge


judging from / by 从….来看;依据

? be proud of … 以..而感自豪 I am proud of you. ? honour = in honour of n./v.纪念、荣誉、尊敬、敬意
in honour of those who The park will be built ________ helped the survivors. honour those who helped =The park will be built to ________ the survivors.

Imagine that you are the student who has been invited to give a speech. What should you include in your speech? Maybe the following points will help you.

What you should write in your speech?
Part1: express your thanks to zhangsha, the government and all the people who attend the park part2: how terrible the earthquake was, and how these workers helped us, they get honored by government and people. Part3: express thanks again and your best wishes.

Thank Mr Zhang Sha and the government for inviting you to speak. Thank those who helped the survivors

and list what they did after the quake.
Thank those who worked hard to build a new city.

Encourage the people to be always

proud of their city.
Describe your feelings about the city, which is known as the “Brave City of

Thank the visitors for listening to your speech.

I would like to express my thanks to … who ….; Here, I wish to express my thanks to the great efforts … I’d also like to thank … No words are strong enough to express our …; It was terrible when … It seemed as if …. I remember … I felt … Not long after that … Luckily, …

One possible speech:
Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning. It’s my great honor to
be given the chance to give the speech. Thank Mr Zhang and the city government for inviting me to speak. And thank all of you to attend this activity.

Everybody knows that this park will be opened to honor those who died in the terrible disaster on this day 38 years ago. We should say that all of you are very lucky to have survived. But never can we forget those who helped you do the rescue work. They dug out those who had been trapped and buried the dead.

They also helped build the new city. They built new homes and offices in only seven years. For this work, many workers and soldiers lost their lives. We should show our greatest honor to them. When I first arrived in the city yesterday, I came to understand why Tangshan was called “Brave City of China”.

What you have done made the whole
world surprised. Look at the tall

buildings and the beautiful environment.
How brave you are! I think you should always be proud of the city.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

1. 熟读Reading I and Reading II. 2. 复习reading部分的语言点和词组.

3.完成顶尖课课练69—70, 提纲第5-6.
4.预习定语从句的用法(P73-74 顶尖)。



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