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一、名词 Nouns 一、名词的种类:
1、专有名词 1)China, Japan, Beijing, London, Tom, Jack(不加冠词) 2)the Great Wall, the Yellow River, the People’s Republic of China, the United States 等。 (由普通名词构成的专有名词,要加定冠词。 ) 2、普通名词 物质名词:water,rice, oil, paper...... 1)不可数名词 抽象名词:health, trouble, work, pleasure, honor...... ? ? 注: ① 不可数名词前一般不加冠词,尤不加不定冠词:若加 a(an)则使之具体化了。 如:have a wonderful time. make a great progress. ② 不可数名词作主语,谓语动词用第三人称单数形式。 ③ 不可数名词一般无复数形式。部分物质名词在表不同类别时,可用复数形式。 如:fishes, newspapers, waters, snows ...... | | | | 各种各样的鱼 各种报纸 河湖、海水大片水域 积雪 ④ 有些抽象名词也常用复数,变为可数的具体的事物。如:times 时代,works 著作, difficulties ⑤ 在表数量时,常用“of”词组来表示。如: a glass of milk, a cup of tea, two pieces of paper...... 2)可数名词: ① 可数名词除用复数形式表一类之外,一般都要加冠词:A bird can fly. The frog is a kind of hibernating animal. Vegetables sold at this shop are usually fresh. ? ② 有复数形式: a)规则变化——加“s”或“es”(略) b ) 不 规 则 变 化 ——child (children), foot (feet), tooth (teeth), man (men), woman (women), mouse (mice), goose (geese), Englishman (Englishmen),phenomenon(pheno mena); 注 : c ) 单 、 复 数 同 形 : sheep, deer, Chinese, Japanese, fish ( 同 一 种 鱼 ) ...... 。 如, a sheep, two sheep d)只用复数形式: thanks, trousers, goods, clothes, socks, shoes...... e)形复实单:physics, politics, maths, news, plastics(塑料) ,means. f)形单实复:people (人民,人们;表民族时复数+s) ,the police, cattle 等 g)集合名词:family, public, group, class 等。作为整体时,为单数;作为整体中的各 个成员时, 为复数。如:My family is a big one. My family are music lovers. h)合成名词变复数时: a.只把复合名词中的主体名词变为复数形式。如:

sister(s)-in-law 嫂子, 弟妹; step-son (s)继子; editor (s) -in-chief 总编辑。 b. 没 有 主 体 名 词 在 最 后 一 个 词 的 后 面 加 “s” 。 如 : grown-up(s) 成 年 人 , go-between(s)中间人 c.woman, man 作定语时,要与被修饰的名词的数一致。如: a man servant—men servants, a woman doctor—women doctors

1、表有生命的东西(人或动物)的名词所有格,一般在名词后加“’s”。如: Mike’s bag, Children’s Day, my brother’s room, women’s rights。 注: ① 名词复数的词尾是-s 或-es,它的所有格只在词后加“’”。如: Teachers’ Day, the workers’ rest-home(工人疗养院) ,the students’ reading-room ② 复合名词的所有格,在后面的词后加“’s”。如: her son-in-law’s photo(她女婿的照片) ;anybody else’s book(其他任何人的书) ③ 如果一样东西为两人或两人以上共有,则在最后的一个名词后面加“ ’s”; 如果不 是共有,则每个词后都要加“’s” 。如: Jane and Helen’s room. 珍妮和海伦的房间(共有). Bill’s and Tom’s radios. 比尔的收音机和汤姆的 收音机(不共有) ④ 表地点 (店铺, 某人的家等) 的名词所有格后面, 一般省去它所修饰的名词。 如: the tailor ’s (裁缝铺) the doctor ’s (诊所) Mr Brown’s (布朗先生的家) ⑤ 有些表时间、距离、国家、城镇的无生命的名词,也可加“’s”表所有格。如: half an hour ’s walk (半小时的路程) China’s agriculture (中国的农业) 2、表示无生命的东西的名词一般与 of 构成词组,表示所有格。如:the cover of the book 3、表示有生命的东西的名词也可以用 of,特别是名词较长,有较多的定语时。如: the story of Dr Norman Bethune Do you know the name of the boy standing at the gate? 4、双重所有格: “名词+of+名词所有格”/名词+of+名词性物主代词 在表示所属物的名词前有冠词、数词、不定代词或指示代词(如: a, two, some, a few, this, that, these, those 等)时,常用“of 词组+所有格”的形式来表示所有关系。如: a friend of my father ’s 我父亲的一位朋友。 some students of mine. 我的一些学生。 those exercise-books of the students’ 学生们的那些练习本。

【专项训练】 : 1、There are only twelve in the hospital. A.woman doctors B.women doctors C.women doctor D.woman doctor 2、Mr Smith has two , both of whom are teachers in a school. A.brothers-in-law C.brothers-in-laws D.brothers-in law 3、——How many does a cow have? ——Four. A.stomaches B.stomach C.stomachs D.stomachies 4、Some visited our school last Wednesday. A.German B.Germen C.Germans D.Germens 5、The of the building are covered with lots of .

A.roofs; leaves B.rooves; leafs C.roof; leaf D.roofs; leafs 6、When the farmer returned home he found three missing. A.sheeps B.sheepes C.sheep D.sheepies 7、That was a fifty engine. power B.horses power powers D.horses powers 8、My father often gives me . A.many advice B.much advice C.a lot of advices D.a few advice 9、Mary broke a while she was washing up. A.tea cup B.a cup of tea C.tea’s cup D.cup tea 10、Can you give us some about the writer? A.informations B.information C.piece of informations D.pieces information 11、I had a cup of and two pieces of this morning. A.teas; bread B.teas; breads C.tea; breads D.tea; bread 12、As is known to us all, travels much faster than . A.lights; sounds B.light; sound C.sound; light D.sounds; lights 13、She told him of all her and . A.hope; fear B.hopes; fear C.hopes; fears D.hope; fears 14、The rising did a lot of to the crops. A.water; harm B.water; harms C.waters; harm D.waters; harms 15、——How far away is it from here to your school? ——It’s about . A.half an hour’s drive B.half hours drives C.half an hour drives D.half an hour drive 16、The shirt isn’t mine. It’s . A.Mrs Smith B.Mrs’ Smith C.Mrs Smiths’ D.Mrs Smith’s 17、Miss Johnson is a friend of . A.Mary’s mother B.Mary’s mothers’ C.Mary mother’s D.Mary’s mother’s 18、Last week I called at my . A.aunt B.aunts C.aunt’s D.auntes’ 19、The beach is a throw. A.stone B.stones C.stones’ D.stone’s 20、I can hardly imagine sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A.Peter’ B.Peter C.Peters D.Peters’ 【答案】 : 1、B 2、A 3、C stomach(胃)虽是“ch”结尾,但其发音为[k],所以加“s” ,不用加“es” 。 4、C 5、A roof, chief, gulf, belief 等词的复数形式,直接加“s” 。 6、C 7、A 名词作定语一般不用复数。 8、B 9、A 根据句意,打破的应是杯子,而不是茶;名词作定语表类别不用加“’s” 。 10、B 11、D 12、B 13、C 14、C 15、A 16、D 根据上句,此处应是史密斯太太的衬衫。 17、D 18、C 19、D a stone’s throw 是固定短语,意为“近在咫尺” 。 20、B 此句中 Peter 作动名词 sailing 的所有格,本应用 Peter’s,但因其在动词后作宾语, 所以可用宾格,因此 B 为正确答案。


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