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【新课标】人教版高中英语必修3Unit5 Canada-the true north[Reading]

Unit 5 Canada– “The True North”

the national flag of Canada



the Niagara fall

Canada is in northern North America

the largest country in the world 3rd

the second largest country in the world



has an area of 9,984,670 square kilometers ; the distance from east to west is5,500 kilometers


a population of 30 million.


settlers from France

settlers from England

The first settlers arrived from England in 1497.

Settlers from France reached Canada in 1534.


Official languages: English and French

the French-speaking province ----Quebec

the TV and radio ; French restaurants ; teaching in schools is done in French.

in the north winters long;
snow for six months

west coast

January : 3℃
July : 18 ℃


winter --- -10℃ Summer --- 21 ℃

different from area to area (as in china )


Much of the country is covered by forests ;

resources of Canada

fresh water forests



natural gas fish

fresh water

the five great lakes

one third of the world ‘s fresh water

fishing : important for Canadians ; be sold to many other countries

choose the best answers


Listen and read the text and finish Ex.1 in Comprehending on Page 35.

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1 Why are the cousins not flying direct to the Atlantic coast? They are not flying directly to the Atlantic Coast because they want to take the train from West to East across Canada/they want to see Canada/they want to travel across Canada.

2 What is the continent they are

crossing? They are crossing North America. 3 What is “The True North”?

“The True North” is the train that goes across Canada/the crossCanada train.

4 Why do many people want to live in Vancouver?
People want to live in Vancouver because it is beautiful/it is surrounded by mountains and ocean/they can ski in the mountains and sail in the harbour.

5 What happens at the Calgary Stampede?

At the Calgary Stampede cowboys compete in riding wild horses/can win thousands of dollars for riding wild horses. 6 Where does wheat grow in Canada?
Wheat grows in the centre of Canada.

7 Look at the map of Canada.Why would ships be able to reach the centre of Canada? Ships are able to reach the centre of Canada because they can follow the St Lawrence River and the Great Lakes to go there.

8 Name two natural resources that Canada has. Find the answer in the reading passage.

Canada has water from its lakes and rivers and wood from its forests.

Ex.2 The following sentences are not true according to the reading passage.Correct them.
1 The girl went to see their relatives in the East of Canada/on the Atlantic coast of Canada.

2 Danny Lin was going to drive them to the train station to catch the crossCanada train.

3 You can’t cross Canada in five days by bicycle.You can’t cross Canada in less than five days by train.
4 The girls looked out of the window and saw a grizzly bear ,mountain goats and wild scenery.

5 Thunder Bay is a port city at the top end of the Great Lake,near the centre of the country.

Task:write a short passage to report what Li Daiyu and Liu Qian saw in Canada.

They saw many things in Canada. First,they saw the wild scenery of the Rocky Mountains,a grizzly bear and some mountain goats.In the empty center,they saw large area of wheat.In the busy port Thunder Bay,they saw a lot of ocean ships.At last,they saw the forests.


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