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高英1 复习题5

Section 1: Choose the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined part (20%). 1. The subjugation of the western Hemisphere to his will a. suppression b. conquest c. repression d. restraint 2. The Republican domination of congress meant President Clinton, a Democrat, was in a disadvantageous position in his policy making. a. manipulation b. monopoly c. legislation d. mediocrity 3. He walked to his room cautiously because he heard strange sounds in it. a. happily b. warily c. curiously d. noisily 4.Harry felt drowsy while he was listening to jazzy. a. active b. inactive c. uneasy d. sleepy 5.This book gives a panorama of life in England 400 years ago. a. generalization b. propaganda c. publicity d. documentation 6.It is our firm conviction that every effort should be made to preserve world peace. a. certainty b. belief c. fever d. assurance 7.President Bush will be unable to pass a new constitution without the assent of parliament. a. agreement b. account c. subscribe d. support 8. It has been established that she was not at the scene at the time of the crime. a. a. set up b. b. settled c. c. converted d. d. ascertained 9. I suppose laziness is one of the frailties of human nature. a. a. peculiarities

b. b. characteristics c. c. weaknesses d. d. identities 10. The police are speculating that the suicide bombers may be linked to a terrorist organization. a. a. confirming b. b. guessing c. c. contemplating d. d. subsiding 11. I was so annoyed that I felt impelled to write a letter to the local newspaper. a. a. compelled b. b. discouraged c. c. exhausted d. d. exhilarated 12. All kinds of functional furniture are sold in this supermarket. a. practical b. practicable c. operational d. operatable 13. They tried to make themselves heard over the din of the crowd. a. head b. shoulder c. noise d. dime 14. That is the most incredible coincidence that I have ever heard. a. ridiculous b. unbelievable c. absurd d. incongruous 15. He is a man of inbred competitiveness. a. income b. incarnate c. innate d. immune 16. Large areas of land have been contaminated by the leakage from the nuclear reactor. a. a. corrupted b. discolored c. polluted d. decayed 17. With three goals in the first period they had a secure victory, but somehow they lost. a. saved b. protected c. certain d. safe 18. His tension was veiled by casual remarks. a. a. concealed b. inspired c. sharpened d. weakened

19. Police followed the would-be thieves and caught them red-handed. a. likely b. enraged c. attempted d. timid 20. Scientists used to believe that all the stars developed from primordial mass of gases. a. derivative b. primeval c. prestigious d. primavera Section 2 Choose the most appropriate answer to fill in each of the blanks.(10%) 21. Bitterness _______ the man who had made the world laugh. a. fed back b. fed to c. fed up d. fed on 22. Hitler was wrong and we should ______ to help Russia. a. go out all b. go all out c. make out all d. make all out 23. I couldn’t sleep last night because the tap in the bathroom was ____. a. draining b. dropping c. spilling d. dripping 24. The taxi driver _______ at me in the rear-view mirror when I got on the car. a. smiled b. laughed c. grinned d. stared 25. He reverted_______ this theme a. into b. to c. onto d. on 26. The _______ I am thinking of particularly is entered by a Gothic-arched gateway of aged brick and stone. a. bazaar b. market c. mart d. exchange 27. The seller makes a point ______ protesting that the price he is charging is depriving him ______ all profit. a. of…from b. from…of c. of…of d. from…from

28. The shop-owner instructs, and sometimes ______ with a hammer himself. a. takes a hand b. takes hands c. takes hand d. takes two hands 29. The book gives a brief ____ of the course of his research up till now. a. outlook b. reference c. frame d. outline 30. As you approach it, a tinkling and banging and clashing begins to ______ your ear. a. impinge against b. impinge to c. impinge at d. impinge on II Translation (20%) 1.这个小女孩非常喜欢她父亲。 (attach) 2.我没有预料到会卷入这场争端。 (involve) 3.观众对被告充满了同情心。 (go to) 4.最后他被说服了,决定改变原定计划。(succumb) 5.那时许多儿童死于天花。(succum) 6.The camels are the largest and finest I have ever seen, and in superb condition—muscular, massive and stately. 7.I will unsay no word that I have spoken about it. But all this fades away before the spectacle which is now unfolding. 8.He insisted that man drop his religious illusions and depend upon himself to make a better world. 9.The oratorical storm swept like a fresh wind through the school and legislative offices of the United States, bringing in its wake a new climate of intellectual and academic freedom that has grown with the passing years. 10.Now Darrow sprang his trump card by calling Bryan as a witness for the defence. III. Paraphrase (20%) : 1. The seller makes a point of protesting that the price he is charging is depriving him of all profit. 2.After three days in Japan, the spinal column becomes extraordinarily flexible. 3.I thought that Hiroshima still felt the impact of the atomic cataclysm. 4.If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons. 5.It was essential that her thinking remain calm and reasoned. 6.“It’s no go, old girl. It’s a good try.” 7.… the colorful language that he soaked up with a memory that seemed phonographic 8.Mark Twain honed and experimented with his new writing muscles. 9.As my father growled,“That’s one hell of a jury.” 10.Lexicography, like God, is no respecter of persons

IV. Name the figures of speech used in the following sentences.(one in each sentence)(10%) 1. He is very generous indeed. 2. … from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. 3. … a deep green stream. 4. Gray peace pervaded the wilderness-ringed bay. 5. Darwin Is Right-Inside. 6. My life closed twice before its close. 7. He is not an unworthy opponent. 8. He knows the difference between what people claim to be and what they really are. 9. He is too fond of the bottle. 10. Have you any coppers? 卷 5 参考答案 I Multiple choice:(30%) 1-10 babda badcc 11-20 aacbc ccaab

21-30 dbdcb acadd

II Translation (20%) 1. The little girl is very much attached to his father. 2. I did not anticipate that I would get involved in this dispute. 3. The spectators’ heart went to the defendant. 4. In the end he succumbed to her persuasion and decided to change his original plans. 5. Many children succumbed to small pox then. 6. 油坊的骆驼是我见过最大最好的,它们肌肉发达,体格巨大,气宇轩昂。 7. 我不会收回我以前所说的反共言论。但是在即将展开的景象前,那些言论淡化得微不足 道了。 8. 他强调说人类应该丢掉宗教的幻想,依靠自己去创造一个更加美好的世界。 9. 这次辩论风暴有如一股清风吹遍了美国的学校和立法机关、随之而来的是思想自由和学 术自由的新风气。这种气氛与年俱增。 10. 现在达罗起立打出自己的王牌,点名要求布莱恩做辩方证人。 III. Paraphrase(20%): 1. The seller thinks it is necessary for him to declare that the price he is asking makes it impossible for him to gain any profit. 2. After three days in Japan, one gets quite used to bowing to people as ritual to show gratitude. 3. I thought people here had not forgotten the disaster the city had suffered. 4. I would say a word in favor of anyone who is attacked by Hitler, no matter how bad, how wicked or evil he had been in the past. 5. It was very important for her to think calmly and logically. 6. It’s no use. What you did just now was a good attempt at trying to save the situation. 7.?the colorful language that he took in mentally with a good memory that seemed to be able to record things like a phonograph. 8. Mark Twain experienced and experimented with his new writing ability. 9. My father complain angrily, “That’s a completely inappropriate jury.”

10. Lexicography is a science and its judgment, like the judgment of God, cannot be swayed by anybody no matter what high social position he may occupy. IV. Name the figures of speech used in the following sentences.(one in each sentence)(10%) 1.irony 2.antithesis 3.alliteration 4.T.E 5.pun 6. paradox 7.litotes 8. antithesis 9.metonymy 10.synecdoche



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