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09-12-11高一英语《模块2 Unit3 word power》

Unit 3 Amazing people

Word power Different jobs
湘乡二中 李湘华

Step One: Lead-in

Do you know their jobs?

a person who composes (作曲) music

a person who takes photographs, esp as a job

a person who types, esp one employed to do so

a person who makes sculptures (雕塑品)

a person whose job is to install (安装), operate or repair electrical equipment (电器设备)

a person whose job is to keep and check financial accounts(财务帐目)

a person who is an expert in a special branch of work or study, esp in medicine

How are the words formed?


stem ﹢

sculptor photographer specialist

~er, ~or, ~ant, ~ist, ~ian, ~ess , ~ent…

the rule of word formation
electric special account photograph type compose sculpt adjective

noun +suffix →noun


Step Two: vocabulary learning

Look at page 46 part 1-2 and arrange the words on the screen into the form of challenge 1

Challenge 1

Put the words into different categories
assistant composer sailor artist physicist technician inventor villager governor resident

teacher actor student typist thinker editor servant dependant musician player scientist historian specialist electrician writer cyclist photographer socialist Librarian opponent



More words
composer, thinker, player, writer sailor, editor, inventor, governor

+or verb +ant

teacher actor



servant assist assistant dependant(受赡养的人) resident(居民) study student opponent(反对者) type typist cyclist

Suffixes Examples art +ist noun +ian +er +ist

More words
physicist scientist


musician photograph photographer special specialist electric electrician

historian librarian villager



Sometimes we use a different form, usually ending in –ess, when referring to a female.

? ? ? ? ?

waiter host actor prince hero

waitress hostess actress princess heroine(女英雄)

Step 3:

Play a word game on jobs

Group A


Group B

Rules for the game :
1. Group A vs Group B: 2. Two from each group perform the jobs silently, other members guess what the jobs are. 3.You have only one chance for each word. 4. The team who guess out the job-- 1score 5.Each group are given two minutes. 6. The winner is the group that gets more scores.

Step Four:

Job categories
Ask the students to look at Part B and finish it individually.




type The arts

The arts
Composer Sculptor Musician ......

Challenge 2

Education professor librarian teacher ......

Shop-assistant accountant manager ......

Job Words

Public service policeman firefighter cleaner ......


Step Five
Practise Part A
1: Ask the students to complete the blanks. 2: Check as class (Focus on the key words that help them to decide

Part A

lin Qiang wanted to do many things when he was young. Work out what they were.
When Lin Qiang was at primary school, he dreamed of being teacher a _________ one day because he thought teaching was very meaningful. Later he wanted to be an __________ starring in actor Hollywood films. When he heard that his cousin repaired electrical equipment for people, he then wanted to be an ____________ . However, his mother did not think that was a electrician good idea. She wanted him to study art and become an artist ______________ . When Lin Qiang received a camera for his sixteenth birthday and started taking photographs, he photographer thought being a _________________ would be very interesting. That idea did not last long. Lin Qiang studied music at university, and he became a _______________. musician

Step Six:

What kind of job did you dream of having when you are younger? What kind of job would you like to have now? Why?

When I was __________ , I dreamed of being/ wanted to be _________________________. I would like to be a/an ___________________ because __________________________.

Step Seven: vocabulary extension Debate!

Home work

Write a passage about your favorite job with the title: My Dream Job



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