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新人教版选修六Unit1 Warming up & reading课件

Warming up


Comparison of Western and Chinese painting. Time Western Chinese

5th to 15th century AD
15th to 16th century Late 19th century to early 20th century

Which do you to think has a greater 20th century change? today

Why do western paintings have a greater change? Now we’d like to learn something about the history of western painting. First please write the words according to their explanations.
allery 1. g______ 2. 3. 4. 5. 1.a place where many pictures or paintings are on display ymbol s_______ 2.a person, a thing, etc that stand for a more general quality or situation ocus f_______ give attention, effect to a particular thing, ossession p_________ situation or person rather than another 4.something one owns; wealth idiculous r_________ 5.very funny, silly or unreasonable ontroversial 6.causing discussion and disagreement c_________ make sb believe that something is true onvince c_________ 8.foretell; to say something will happen in the redict p_________ future

7. 8.

Scanning: Part One An Introduction to the History of Western Painting Go through the part and answer the following questions: What influences art? The way of life and beliefs of the people. Why has Chinese art changed less? Because China has followed a similar way of life for a very long time. Why can’t the text describe all the styles of western art? Because there are too many different styles.

Part Two The Middle Ages(5th to 15th century AD) Read the part carefully and fill in the blanks: In the period ____ of the Middle Ages, artist showed much interest instead ______ in showing respect and love for God ____ of showing nature and people as they really were. ___ filled with And paintings from this period are _____ religious symbols _______. However _______, things had begun to change by the 13th century when some painters, for example ____ _____ Giotto di Bondone created _____ a more paintingreligious scenes. realistic style of ______

Giotto di Bondone (1267 - 1337). Florentine painter and architect. He was recognized as the first genius of art in the Italian Renaissance. Giotto lived and and Now let’s know Giotto di Bondone worked at a time when people ’s minds one of his paintings and some other and talents were being freed from paintings at thatfirst time. the shackles of medieval restraint. He dealt largely in the traditional religious subjects, but he gave these subjects an earthly, full-blooded life and force.

Giotto di Bondone 乔托· 迪· 邦多纳


天使报喜 织锦画


Part Three The Renaissance (15th to 16th century) Reading the part and deal with the following problems

What? Why?

…took the place of…, became focused more on... Rich people…collect art for…, paid… to paint…themselves, houses, possessions, activities, achievements …returned to…, tried to paint …as ….

Fill in the blanks in perspective Painters thendiscovered ________ how to draw things ___ ________. the ___ first__use to And Masaccio was ___ perspective in his paintings. were____ first seen When his paintings ____ _____ , peoplewere ____convinced _______ of their reality. ____ Had the rulers of perspective not been _____ discovered, people wouldn’t have been able to paint such realistic pictures. And oil paints’ development _________ made colors look richer and deeper.

Masaccio(1401-1427), the first great painter of Now let’s know Masaccio and his the Italian Renaissance, paintings, another two painters whose innovations in at that time Leonardo da Vinci and the use of scientific perspective inaugurated Raffaello Sanzio and their most the and modern era in famous paintings some other painting. paintings at that time.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520) 拉斐尔

The School of Athens

industrial, …inventions… In life from country to city Changes ..moved …led to changes…,…broke away from Three aspects …impressionists…in Paris. …paint In art … to show…fell…at different outdoors, times…, because…change…, had to … Feature …not as detailed as… …hated…became angry…, …said… Criticism careless…ridiculous.

Part Four Impressionism (late 19th to early 20th century) Deal with the following problems: Changed …from agricultural to In society

Let’s appreciate some paintings of that times
莫瑞桥--阿尔弗莱德· 西斯莱 蓬图瓦兹. 埃尔米塔日的坡地 --卡米耶· 毕沙罗

赛艇--局斯塔夫· 卡耶博特


戴帽的自画像--塞尚作 被称为”现代艺术的起源”

Work in pairs: Does the change of art have any influence on people’s daily life? What style of art do you like best?


高一英语unit1warming up&reading

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