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【江西专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(十五):Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”](新人教必修3)

课时作业(十五) [必修 3 Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”]

(限时:45 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.By ________,people in Western countries can play jokes on others on April 1st. A.system B.history C.ha

bit D.tradition 2.News has come________Mr Smith has been ill seriously. A.while B.that C.when 3.—It is burning hot!Could I take a shower here? —Sure,________. A.come on B.forget it C.good idea D.go ahead 4.In our team, no person ________ Tom could finish this tough task in such a short time. A.better than B.rather than C.other than D.more than 5.I was impressed ________ his huge feet ________ approximately 1 foot 8 inches.; measuring B.about; measured C.with; measuring D.for; measured 6.Not ________ with the quality of your goods, I will certainly not advise others to buy them. impress B.impressing C.having impressed D.impressed 7.The cloth ________ easily if ________ on a table. A.measures; spreading B.measures; spread C.will be measured; spread measured; spreaded 8.________by beautiful green mountains and situated at the foot of Huangshan Mountain makes Taiping Lake a famous tourist attraction. A.Surrounded B.Being surrounded C.Having been surrounded D.Surrounding 9.Remember, better health ________ in feet. Walk more, feel the difference! A.measures B.has measured measured D.was measured 10.—We are afraid we can't finish the task ________ a month. —Take your time, but next month you'll have a new one. A.within C.among D.after 11.With the end of his career in ________, Armstrong was already looking forward to

spending some days at the beach with his family. A.view B.range C.reach D.sight 12.He said he would accept the job,so we have asked him to________his acceptance in writing. A.confirm B.prove C.sign D.announce 13. Seen from space, the Earth looks like a blue ball, with ________ 75% of its surface covered with water. A.entirely B.exactly C.slightly D.approximately 14.Not until he left his home________to know how important the family was for him. A.did he begin B.had he begun C.he began D.he had begun 15.________her leg was wounded,she________up the stairs. A.In spite of; managed to get B.In spite of; succeeded getting C.Although; managed getting D.Although; managed to get Ⅱ.阅读理解 A

Some unusual words describe how a person spends his or her time. For example, someone who likes to spend a lot of time sitting or lying down while watching television is sometimes called a couch potato. A couch is a piece of furniture that people sit on while watching television. Robert Armstrong, an artist from California, developed the term “couch potato” in 1976. Several years later, he listed the term as a trademark with the United States government. Mr Armstrong also helped write a funny book about life as a fulltime television watcher. It is called the Official Couch Potato Handbook. Couch potatoes enjoy watching television just as mouse potatoes enjoy working on computers. A computer mouse is the device that moves the pointer, or cursor on a computer screen. The description of mouse potato became popular in 1993. American writer Alice Kahn is said to have invented the term to describe young people who spend a lot of time using computers. Too much time inside the house using a computer or watching television can cause someone to get cabin fever. A cabin is a simple house usually built far away from the city. People go to a cabin to relax and enjoy quiet time. Cabin fever is not really a disease. However, people can experience boredom and restlessness if they spend too much time inside their homes. This is especially true during the winter when it is too cold or snowy to do things outside. Often children get cabin fever if they cannot go outside to play. So do their parents. This happens when there is so much snow that schools and even offices and stores are closed.

Some people enjoy spending a lot of time in their homes to make them nice places to live. This is called nesting or cocooning. Birds build nests out of sticks to hold their eggs and baby birds. Some insects build cocoons around themselves for protection while they grow and change. Nests and cocoons provide security for wildlife. So people like the idea of nests and cocoons, too. The terms cocooning and nesting became popular more than twenty years ago. They describe people buying their first homes and filling them with many things. These people then had children. Now these children are grown?up and have left the nest. They are in college. Or they are married and starting families of their own far away.Now these parents are living alone without children in their empty nests. They have become empty nesters. 16.Which of the following was first used? A.Couch potato. B.Cocooning. C.Mouse potato. D.Nesting. 17.________refers to a person who spends much time on computer. A.A couch potato B.A nester C.A mouse potato D.An empty nester 18.Why can most people easily get cabin fever in winter? A.Because they are addicted to computer games. B.Because they would like to play outside. C.Because it is so cold that they couldn't go outside. D.Because they are too busy at work or school. 19.What's the passage mainly about? A.How to get rid of cabin fever. B.How people become nesters or empty nesters. C.How to spend your leisure time. D.The origin of some words. B German researchers said older people tend to be portrayed negatively in society. Although they are often described as wise, they are also shown as being slow and forgetful. “Living in a youth centered culture, they may appreciate a boost in selfesteem.That's why they prefer the negative stories about younger people, who are seen as having a higher status in our society,” said Dr Silvia KnoblochWesterwick,of Ohio State University. Knobloch ? Westerwick and her co ? author Matthias Hastall, of Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany, studied 276 German adults, including 178 aged 18 to 30 and 98 between 55 and 60. Their findings are published in the journal Communication. All the adults in the study were shown what they were led to believe was a test version of a new online news magazine.They were also given limited time to look over either a negative or a positive version of 10 pre?selected articles. Each story was also paired with a photograph depicting(描绘) someone of either the younger or the older age group. The researchers found that older people were more likely to choose to read negative articles about those younger than themselves. They also tended to show less interest in articles about older people, whether negative or positive. But younger people preferred to read positive articles about other young people. According to Knobloch?Westerwick, older people's preference for negative news about their

younger counterparts can be explained by their place in society. “Everybody likes a self?esteem boost. For young people, though, it's almost automatic. Youth is considered important in society,” she said. After reading the articles, the participants completed a questionnaire designed to measure levels of selfesteem. Unlike their younger counterparts, the selfesteem of older people rose after they read a negative article about younger people. Although the study was done in Germany, KnoblochWesterwick believes nationality and the national characteristics are not important. 20.What do older people think of themselves, according to the text? A.They are behind the times. B.They are always forgetful. C.Their selfesteem is challenged in a youth centered culture. D.They should have a higher status than the young in society. 21.What can be learned from the study? A.The old enjoy reading negative stories about the young. B.The old are interested in negative articles about other old people. C.The old are likely to read positive articles about other old people. D.The young like reading negative articles about other young people. 22.According to KnoblochWesterwick, if a similar study were done in other countries, ________. A.the result would be unreasonable B.the result would be quite different C.the findings would be completely the same D.much the same result would be found Ⅲ.书面表达 是一个致力于消除家长和孩子之间沟通障碍的网站。假设你叫 David,是 一名中学生, 在该网站兼职。 请你针对 Katherine(一位高考考生的母亲)提出的问题写一篇回复。 要点:1.劝 Katherine 不要焦虑,并说明原因; 2.站在学生的角度给她建议。 要求:1.词数:120 左右。 2.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:family ties 亲情

Katherine 20:00 Jan. 21st, 2012 Dear Sir or Madam, With the college entrance exam drawing near, I am getting more and more anxious about my son's studies. However, I am always wondering what I can do to help him. Could you please give me some suggestions? David 9:30 Jan. 22nd, 2012 Dear Katherine, ____________________________________________________

____________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________ I hope what is suggested above will bring out an easier time in your family during your son's preparation for his college entrance exam.

课时作业(十五) Ⅰ.1.D 句意: 按照传统风俗, 西方人在 4 月 1 日可以开他人的玩笑。 tradition 传统。system 系统;history 历史;habit 习惯。 2.B 这是一个同位语从句。that 引导的从句作 news 的同位语,解释 news 的具体内容, 且从句的意义完整。 3.D go ahead 常用来表示许可,意思是“尽管做好了;大胆去做吧”。 4.C 考查固定短语的含义。句意:在我们组,除了汤姆没有人能在如此短的时间内完 成这个艰巨的任务。better than 比??好;rather than 而不是;other than 除了;more than 多 于??,不止??。空格前的 no person 表明是要将汤姆除外,故选 C。 5.C 考查词组与分词用法。be impressed with?对??留有深刻印象;feet 与 measure 存在着主动的关系。句意:我对他那两只量起来接近有一英尺八英寸的大脚留有深刻印象。 6.D 考查非谓语动词。句意:对你们产品的质量印象不佳,我当然不会建议其他人购 买。impress sb with sth 表示“给某人留下深刻印象”,I 与 impress 之间是逻辑上的动宾关系, 故用过去分词短语作状语。 7.B 考查动词时态和语态。第一空用主动表被动;第二空表示“如果布被铺展在桌子 上”。句意:如果布被铺展在桌子上会好量。 8.B 考查非谓语动词。作主语,要用动名词形式,由语境可知,这里指的是太平湖被 青山环绕,所以用 being done 结构。 9.C 考查动词的语态。此处 health 与 measure 之间为动宾关系。句意:记住:较好的健 康以步行来衡量。多走路,的确感觉不一样! 10.A 考查介词。within“在??里;在??之内”,后常接表示某个特定范围的名词。 within a month 在一个月内。 11.D 考查短语辨析。句意:随着职业生涯的即将结束,阿姆斯特朗开始期待同家人一 起在海滩度过一段日子。in view 看得见;in range 在射程内;in reach 能力所及;in sight 看得 见,在望,临近。 12.A 考查动词词义辨析。confirm 证实(有某事);证明;prove 证明(某事的真假、正误 等);sign 写下;签字;announce 宣布。句意:他说将接受这份工作,因此我们就要求他以书 面的形式加以确认。 13 . D 考查 副 词辨 析。 由 句 意 “ 地球 表 面大约 有 75% 被 水所 覆 盖”可 知 答 案。 approximately 大约。 14.A 考查倒装结构。not until 用于句首,主句应用部分倒装结构。句意:直到离开了 家他才开始知道家庭对他有多么的重要。 15.D 句意:尽管她的腿受伤了,她还是爬上了楼梯。in spite of“尽管;不顾”,为介 词短语,其后只能接名词性短语、代词或 what 引导的句子。manage to do sth“想方设法做成 某事”。 Ⅱ.A 本文着重介绍了英语中一些词的来历。 16. A 细节理解题。 由第二段第一句 Robert Armstrong, an artist from California, developed the term“couch potato” in 1976 可知,couch potato 是在 1976 年第一次被使用,因此 A 项正确。 第三段第三句 The description of mouse potato became popular in 1993.告诉我们 mouse potato 在 1993 年才流行,倒数第二段告诉我们 cocooning 和 nesting 是 20 多年前才开始流行的。 17. C 细节理解题。 由第三段第一句 Couch potatoes enjoy watching television just as mouse potatoes enjoy working on computers.可知答案。 18.C 细节理解题。由第五段第三句 This is especially true during the winter when it is too

cold or snowy to do things outside.可知答案。 19.D 主旨大意题。根据本文主要内容可知答案。 B 研究人员发现,在当今以年轻人为中心的社会中,老年人的自尊受到挑战。因此,在一 项调查中,老年人更倾向于关注那些反映年轻人消极面的信息,以增强自尊。 20.C 推理判断题。根据文章第二段中的 Living in a youth centered culture,they may appreciate a boost in selfesteem.可推知答案。 21. A 细节理解题。 根据文章第六段中的 The researchers found that older people were more likely to choose to read negative articles about those younger than themselves.可知答案。 22.D 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段中的信息?believes nationality and the national characteristics are not important.可知答案。 Ⅲ.One possible version: David 9:30 Jan. 22nd, 2012 Dear Katherine, I don't think you should be so anxious about your son's studies. The college entrance examination is important, but it is not the only challenge we'll have to face. As a senior student myself, I think there are several things you can do for your son. First of all, get to know what he is interested in and help him set a proper goal. Besides, believe in him and encourage him to believe in himself. Lastly, please spare some time to listen to him. The more he communicates with others, the less pressure he'll have. I hope what is suggested above will bring out an easier time in your family during your son's preparation for his college entrance exam.


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