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必修5 Module 2 A Job Worth Doing

必修 5

Module 2

A Job Worth Doing

A.联想记忆法 1.contract n. 合同;契约→sign a contract ________ 与……签合同 2.available adj. 可获得的→be available ________ 可用于…… 3.satisfying adj. 令人满意的→be satisfied ________ 对……感到满意 4.temporary adj. 暂时的;临时的→________adj. (反义词)长久的,永久的;永恒的 5.respect vt. & n. 遵守;尊重;尊敬→show respect ______ 尊敬…… 6.suffer vi. 遭受(痛苦)→suffer________ 因……而受苦→________n. 痛苦 B.构词记忆法 1.volunteer n. 志愿者;v. 自愿做→________adj. 自愿的 vt. 指挥→_______n. 经理;导演;指挥(官员)→_______n. 方向;指挥,指导 3.qualified adj. 合格的;称职的→________n. 合格;称职 4.apply vi. 申请→________n. 申请→________n. 申请人 5.require vt. 需要→________n. 需要 6.demand n. & v. 要求;需要→________adj. 要求高的;要求极严的;难满足的 Ⅱ.重点短语 1.________ particular 尤其;特别 2.________ average 平均 be particular ________ sth. 挑剔 ________ (the) average 高于/低于平均水平

3.________... for granted 认为……理所当然 take ________ for granted that... 认为……是理所当然 4.have an effect ________ 对……有影响 response ________ 作为……的回应 6.take ________ 占好位置以备…… 7.pass ________ 经过 Ⅲ.单词拼写 1.Tyler has agreed a sevenyear ________ (合同) with a Hollywood studio. 2.Much work was done by the ________ (志愿者) in the exposition. 3.We rely on new sources of energy to meet our ________ (需要). 4. You might want to consider _______ (暂时的) work until you decide what you want to do. 5.I joined the company in 1995 on a ________ (薪水) of $22,000 a year. 6.You will be informed when the book becomes __________ (可获得的). 7.I am ________(满意的)with her answer. come ________ /take effect 生效 ________ a response to 对……做出反应 take ________ 拿走 pass ________ 传递

8.Unfortunately,the injury left him with a ________(长久的) limp. 9.In the past few drivers ________ (遵守) the rules. 10.The price of the houses has actually ____________ (加倍) over the past few years. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.(2013· 河南省中原名校联考)The woman teacher, together with her pupils, was crossing the street ______ a heavy truck drove toward them. A.unless B.once C.until D.when

2.Unemployment in some western countries is on the increase. A growing number of young people, ________, are finding themselves out of work. A. in case B. in short C. in particular D. in total

3.(2013· 浙江省龙湾中学月考)The shop owner promised me that he would inform me as soon as the product became ________. A.approachable B.affordable C.available D.accessible

4.My father ________ the shopkeeper 400 yuan for that new bike. A. asked B. charged C. sold D. offered

5.The position, however, ________ you are applying, is not quite a wellpaid one. A. that B. for which C. which D. to which

6.Prisoners have legal rights, but ________ these rights are not always respected. A. in the practice B. in a practice C. in practice D. in practices

7.—Is there anything you'd like for dinner? —No, nothing ________. A. in place B. in favour C. in particular D. in turn 8.Nowadays, many people walk to work ________ Copenhagen Conference calling for living a lowcarbon lifestyle to cope with global warming. A. in relation to B. in response to C. in addition to D. in opposition to 9.Don't take ________ for granted that he will keep his promise. A. one B. it C. this D. that

10.(2013· 河南五校联考)After recovering from his illness, he was advised to ________ gardening as a hobby. A.take away B.take off C.take up D.take down

11.The experience of working as________volunteer in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games had________profound effect on my life. A.a;/ B.a;the C./;a D.a;a

12. Don't take______for granted that others around will help you out when you are in trouble. B.that D.those

13.Lily wants to read this novel as well, so when you________,please give it to her. A.finished B.will finish C.have finished D.are finishing

14 .My father was against my plan for a trip during my holiday________my mother approved of my decision. A.since B.while C.if

15.Knowing that her neighbour had just sold their car because of financial problems, Daisy________to drive them to the station. A.added B.applied C.offered D.referred

16.Judy laughed________his jokes though she thought they were not amusing at all. response to addition to honour of favour of

17.According to traffic regulations, you are required________a seat belt while driving. A.wearing be worn wear D.being worn

18.All the candidates are excellent,but I like the last one________—his experience is just what we need at the moment. brief total advance particular

19.You can't imagine what difficulty I had________my oral English when I was a freshman. improve B.improving C.improved D.improve

20.I was about to go to bed________the man living in the next room knocked on the door. A.while B.when C.that D.which

21.(2013· 山西长治中学月考)—This book by Tony Garrison is of great use for our course. —But I think this latest one is ________ worth reading. A.better B.more C.most D.very

22.(2013· 江西名校联考)In my hometown there are several places of historic interest ________ many people can pay a visit to enjoy the ancient culture. A.from which which which which

23.In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book,it was a ________for everyone to stand up. A.signal B.chance C.mark D.measure

24.It is important that food is made ________to the disaster areas. A.precious B.available C.convenient D.suitable

25.(浙江大衢中学期中考试)—I hear that Mary is ________ to stay with us for a few days. —That's great. A.maybe B.possible C.likely D.probable


In order to make use to learning materials, the Students' Union of our school are planning an activity. The schoolleavers are called on to give away our used books, newspapers or magazines to the student in the lower grades. The idea, that is intended to encourage a lowcarbon lifestyle,is praised and supported by the teachers and students. The activity will be hold on the first floor of the school library and so it will last for eleven days, from June 10 to 20. As student, I am strong for the activity because it is very meaningful and helpful. year in the future. I hope this activity would continue every


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