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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修8 unit2

选修 8
Unit 2 Cloning 能力演练
一、语法填空? 语法填空? When I was a kid in Minnesota,watermelon was a kind of delicious fruit.One of my father,s friends Bernie,was a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, 1 had a store in St.Paul.Every summer,when the first

watermelon rolled in,Bernie would call Dad and I to 2 store.We would sit together and bury our faces in the watermelons, 3 (eat)only the

heart,the reddest,juiciest,most seed free,most perfect part of them.? In my father,s opinion,Bernie was a rich man.I always thought 4 because he was such a that 6 was

5 (succeed)businessman.Years later,I realized 7

my father admired about Bernie,s was his style 8

life.Bernie knew when

(stop)working,to get together with

friends,and to eat only the heart of the watermelon.? What I learned ? 9 Bernie is that being rich is a state of mind.Some

of us,no matter how much money we have,will never be free enough to eat only the heart of the watermelon and enjoy life,s small (pleased).? 二、 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? 10

On my birthday this year,I decided to do something very different.I had been 1 so much and I wanted to reach out to bring happiness to ,I bought some flowers and went to a hospital 3 .?

someone else.So,that 2

to present the flowers to whoever needed

I asked the nurses in the hospital,who thought it 4 that I didn,t have anyone in particular to see.stll,they gave me the room number of a (n)? 5 lady,who needed some comfort.? I entered the room with the flowers.The elderly woman looked up,staring at me 6 .She was greatly moved when I told her about my 7 in

being there.She was an amputee(被截肢者)and she explained to me that she was very worried 8 they were going to fit her with a prosthetic leg(假肢).She knew that as she was getting used to the“ 9 ”leg,she would be in 10 .?

Later,in the following two hours,we 11 a lot and both felt very happy.I 12 until it was dark.I will always remember how 13 she was the moment she received the flowers from a and said she had no more 1.A.shown C.given 2.A.week C.hour 3.A.paying attention to 15 14 .She called me her angel

.Imagine how happy I was!? B.told ? D.bought B.afternoon ? D.night B.cheering up ?

C.looking after 4.A.strange C.difficult 5.A.young C.happy 6.A.angrily C.quickly 7.A.purpose C.failure 8.A.unless C.because 9.A.thin C.short 10.A.surprise C.need 11.A.talked C.imagined 12.A.worked C.stayed 13.A.busy C.disappointed ?

D.looking down upon B.lucky ? D.true B.old ? D.strong B.suddenly ? D.confusedly B.experience ? D.trouble B.but ? D.until B.long ? B.pain ? D.sight B.asked ? D.smiled B.stood ? D.rested B.shy ? D.touched

14.A.stranger C.relative C.fear 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解?

B.friend ? B.interest ? D.challenge

阅读理解专题训练( 阅读理解专题训练(九)议论文的阅读? 议论文的阅读? It is difficult for parents of nearly every family to teach their children to be responsible(有责任的)for housework,but with one of the following suggestions,you really can get your children to help at home.? If you give your children the impression that they can never do anything quite right,then they will regard themselves as unfit or unable persons.Unless children believe they can succeed,they will never become totally independent.? My daughter Carla,s fifth-grade teacher made every child in her class feel special.When students received less than a prefect test score,she would point out what they had mastered and declared firmly they could learn what they had missed.? You can use the same technique when you evaluate(评价)your child,s work at home.Don,t always scold and give lots of praise instead.Talk about what he has done right,not about what he hasn,t done.If your child completes a difficult task,promise him a Sunday trip or a ball game with Dad.?

Learning is a process(过程)of trying and failing and trying and succeeding.If you teach your children not to fear a mistake or failure,they will learn faster and achieve success at last.? Ⅰ.根据短文,写一篇 30 词左右的摘要。? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________? Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择最佳选项。? 1.The whole passage deals with ____________.? education ? education ? education ? D.pre ? school education ? 2.The author thinks that____________.? A.there is no way to get children to help at home ? B.the more encouragement and praise you give,the more responsible and helpful children will become ? is very difficult to make children responsible for housework ? D.children can be forced to help with housework ? 3.The article gives us a good suggestion about how to evaluate(评价) your child,s work at home.That is to ____________.? A.praise his success ?

B.promise him a trip ? C.give him a punishment ? D.promise him a ball game ? 4.The author advises readers to____________.? A.learn from himself,for he has a good way of teaching ? B.take pride in Carla,s fifth-grade teacher ? as what Carla,s teacher did in educating children ? D.follow Carla ? s example because she never fails in the test ? 5.Having read the last paragraph,we can conclude that _________.? A.pride goes before a fall ? B.practice makes perfect ? pains,no gains ? D.failure is the mother of success ?

一、? 1.解析:关系代词考查定语从句。? 答案:who 2.解析:考查物主代词。? 答案:his 3.解析:考查非谓语动词做状语。? 答案:eating

4.解析:考查 it was because...句型。? 答案:it 5.解析:形容词 successful 修饰名词 businessman。? 答案:successful 6.解析: 考查宾语从句中 what 引导的主语从句, what 作 admired 的宾 语。? 答案:what 7.解析:style of life:生活方式。? 答案:of 8.解析:考查疑问词和动词不定式连用。? 答案:to stop 9.解析:learn sth.from sb.为固定搭配。? 答案:from 10.解析:形容词 small 修饰名词 pleasures。? 答案:pleasures 二、? 1.解析:根据后面的 I wanted to reach out to bring happiness to someone else 可知作者认为自己被给予了很多,因此也想把幸福带给他人。? 答案:C 2.解析:根据倒数第二段的 Later,in the following two hours...和 until it was dark 可知,作者应该是下午去的医院。? 答案:B

3.解析: 根据第二段 needed some comfort 可知答案。 cheer up “使…… 高兴” 。? 答案:B 4.解析:护士们认为到医院看望病人,却不知道看谁,很奇怪。? 答案:A 5.解析:根据下一段中的 The elderly woman...可知这是一位上了年纪 的病人。? 答案:B 6.解析:老人不认识作者,所以看到她进来,就“疑惑地”盯着她。 答案:D 7.解析:作者告诉老人自己来的目的。? 答案:A 8.解析:老人感到担忧的原因是要安假肢,因此用 because 表示原因。 答案:C 9.解析:安装的假肢是老人的“新”腿。? 答案:D 10.解析:be in pain“痛苦的,受苦的” 。在适应假肢的过程中,会受 很多苦。? 答案:B 11.解析:根据 two hours 和 both felt very happy 可知这两个初次见面 的人在一起聊得很开心。?

答案:A 12.解析:作者一直陪着老人在医院呆到很晚。? 答案:C 13.解析:how touched 表示多么感动。? 答案:D 14.解析:收到一个“陌生人”的花。? 答案:A 15.解析:作者的行为感动了她,她不再“害怕” 。? 答案:C 三、? Ⅰ.? The passage discusses how every family can teach children to be responsible for housework.Letting children believe they can

succeed,evaluating them correctly and teaching them not to fear a mistake or failure can make them help at home. Ⅱ.? 1.解析:本文一开头就点击题目——家庭教育。? 答案:C 2.解析:本文倒数第二段可说明问题,在教育孩子问题上,表扬和 鼓励是必不可少的。? 答案:B 3.解析:倒数第二段有这样一句话, “Talk about what he has done

right,not about what he hasn ? t done.”? 答案:A 4.解析:本文第三段肯定了 Carla 老师 的教学方法,第四段第一句告诉你“You can use the same technique when you evaluate your child,s work at home.”? 答案:C 5.解析:A 的大意为“胜不骄、败不馁” 。B 为“熟能生巧” 。C 为 “不劳无获” 为“失败乃成功之母” 。D ,故 D 为答案。? 答案:D



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