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非谓语动词练习题 2
( )1.(2005·湖北十堰市)—What about going to the net bar this weekend? —I’d love to, but my mother often lets me_____ there. go B.not to go C.go D.not go ( )2.(2005· 泰州市)Your father is sleeping. You’d better______. A.not to wake him up B.not wake him up C.not wake up him D.not to wake up him ( )3.(2005· 上海市)tom likes cars. He enjoys_____model cars of all kinds. A.collects B.collecting collect D.collected ( )4.(2005· 上海市)The heavy snowstorm made the mountain climbers_______halfway. Make sb do A.stop stop C.stopping D.stopped ( )5.(2005· 四川省)Jim spent three years (in )_____Chinese before he came to China. A.learned learn C.learning ( )6.(2005· 长沙市)My mother asked me_______in bed. A.not read B.not to read C.not reading ( )7.(2005· 北京市)Before 2008 we will finish____the Olympic Park. B.built C.building build ( )8.(2005· 河北省)We have worked for three hours. Now let’s stop_______a rest. A.had B.have have D.having ( )9.(2005· 吉林省)—Bob speaks chinese quite well. —Yes, so he does. He practises______Chinese every day. A. speaking B. speak C. speaks D. spoke ( )10.(2005· 辽宁省)—Is Wei Fang good at singing? Yes, she is. We often hear her______in the next room. sing B.sings C.sing D.sang ( )11.(2005· 陕西省)—Look! This sweater is beautiful. —_______? A.Why not trying it on B.Why not try on it C.Why not try it on D.Why not trying on it ( )12.(2005· 北京市)The headmaster told us______ at the Science museum on time. A.arrive B.arrives arrive D.arriving ( )14.(2005· 武汉市课改区)Mother asks me_____computer games before finishing my homework. A.not play play C.not to play not play ( )15.(2005· 南京市)On her way home, Lucy saw a thief______in a shop. She stopped_______110 at once. steal;call steal;call C.stealing;to call d.stealing;calling ( )16.(2005· 南宁市课改区)The box is too heavy for me____.

A.carrying B.carries C.carry carry ( )17.(2005· 山东省临沂市)—would you like to drink some juice? —thanks.______, but I have drunk a lot of tea. A.I’d love to B.I think so C.I’m afraid not D.I don’t think so ( )18.(2005· 湖南省岳阳市)—Tom, have you seen your brother? —Oh, I saw him______ basketball on the playground on my way home. play B.plays C.playing d.played ( )20. He didn’t feel like _______ out for a walk, because he had caught a cold. A. to go B. goes C. gone D. going ( )21. You’d better _______ at home all the time. It’s bad for your health. A. don’t stay B. no to stay C. not stay D. not staying ( )22. The students are busy _______ ready for the exam now. A. getting B. get C. got D. to get ( )24. --- I’m too busy _______ to my family. --- Why not call them instead? A. writing B. to write C. written D. write ( )26. It’s too hot today. Why not _______ your coat? A. take on B. to take off C. take off D. taking off ( )27. Boys, don’t forget _____ the windows before you leave the classroom. A. closing B. closed C. to closing D. to close ( )28. Would you please _______ any noise? The baby has just fallen asleep. A. make B. to make C. not to make D. not make ( )29. --- Would you please try _______ late again? --- Sorry, I won’t be late again. A. not to be B. to be not ( )30. We can’t help crying after _______ the sad news. A. hear B. heard C. hearing D. to hear ( )31. --- Would you mind _______ for a few minutes? --- No, not at all. A. wait B. to wait C. waited D. waiting ( )32. Have you read this book? It’s worth _______. A. to read B. read C. reading D. to be read ( )33. Mr Wang would like me _______ my classmates a talk. A. to give B. giving C. gives D. give ( )34. It’s very nice _______ you to _______ me about it. A. for; tell B. of; say C. to; speak D. of; tell ( )35. The son wants his mother _______ him up at six o’clock every day. A. to ring B. ring C. rings D. ringing ( )36. Tell the boy _______ out of the window. A. not to look B. to not look

C. don’t look D. not look )37. Did you hear her _______ in the next room just now? A. singing B. sing C. to sing D. sang ( )38. Remember _______ the lights when you leave the office. A. to turn off B. turning off C. turn off D. to turning off ( )39. You’d better not spend more time _______ computer games. A. for playing B. in playing C. to play D. plays ( )41. My sister is interested in _______ in her free time. A. watch TV B. reading books C. listening music D. plays basketball ( )42. I have caught a cold and I don’t feel like _______ anything. A. to eat B. eating C. ate D. eats ( )43. --- Mother is good at _______ cakes. --- So she is. A. to make B. making C. make D. makes ( )44. I saw him _______ into the small store. A. went B. going C. to go D. has gone ( )45. I didn’t go to the park yesterday because my mother asked me _______ my sister at home. A. to look at B. to look for C. to look after D. look like ( 1. Sometimes we make her _______ (drive) the tractor on the farm. 2. Li Lei is asking his uncle, an English teacher, _______(help) him think of a foreign name. 3. --- Hi! Li Hong. I didn’t see you at the party. --- Oh, I was busy _______(get) ready for the coming exams. 4. The old men enjoy _______(listen) to the singing of the birds in the park. 5. Why did you keep your brother _______ (wait) for a long time that evening? 6. I kept the door _______(close) when I left home. 7. When they met again, they were too excited _______(say) a word. 8. Through the window, I saw some boys _______(play) basketball. 9. He didn’t finish _______(write) the book until last week. 10. --- How long did it take you _______(do) your homework yesterday? --- About half an hour. 11. Let me _______(help) you _______(water) the flowers. 12. My watch doesn’t work. I needs _______(repair) it. 13. _______(take) good care of the vegetables, and they will grow better. 14. How much time did you spend _______ (watch) TV last night? 15. I prefer _______(read) books at home rather than _______(go) shopping on Sundays.

16. I often hear people _______(say) “_______(see) is _______(believe)”. 17. Though he often made his deskmate ______(cry). 18. You don’t need _______ (worry) about your friend. He is safe at home. 19. Would you please _______(make) a little more room for the old woman? 20. Excuse me for _______(come) in without being asked. 22. Mr Black gave up ______(smoke) only a few years ago. He looks very healthy now. 23.My mother made me ______(do)homework all the time until I finish ______it.(do) 24.Please help me______(clean)my room.I am busy ______(wash) my clothes. 25.I enjoy ______(take) a walk.Would you like ______(go) with me? 26.I didn't feel like ______(listen) to music. 27.My brother looks forward to _____(go) shopping on Sundays. 28.You like ______(stay) at home.Why not ______(go) out to play? 29.My car is broken. I need _______(mend) it. 30. You’d better _______ (noy stay)at home all the time. 31.It is important for us _______(learn) English. 32.My mother suggests ________(visit) our uncle every week. 33I can't stand _______(study) together with you ! 34.The workers want us ________(work) together with them. 35.I prefer ____(read) rather than ______(watch) TV. 36. They still have no ideas how _______ (solve)the problem. 37.Would you mind _______ (wait)for a few minutes? 38. Tell the boy _______(not look) out of the window. 39. Go on _______(do)the other exercise after you have finished this one. 40.I really don’t know which_______(choose).



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