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2009 高考英语阅读表达模拟训练(二)
(1) ) Work is a very important part of life in the United States. When the early Protestant immigrants(新教徒移民) came to this country, they brought the idea that work was the way to God and heaven. This attitude, the Protestant Work Ethic(道德规范), still influences America today. Work is not only important for economic benefits, the salary, but also for social and psychological need, the feeling of doing something for the good of the society. Americans spend most of their lives working, being productive. For most Americans, their work defines them: they are what they do. What happens then, when a person can no longer work? Almost all Americans stop working at age sixty-five or seventy and retire. Because work is such an important part of life in this culture, retirement can be very difficult. Retirees often feel that they are useless and unproductive. Of course, ; but leaving one’s job, whatever it is, is a difficult change, even for those who look forward to retiring. Many retirees do not know how to use their time or they feel lost without their jobs. Retirements can also bring financial problems. Many people rely on Social Security checks every month. During their working years, employees contribute a certain percentage of their salaries to the government. Each employer also gives a certain percentage to the government. When people retire, they receive this money as income. These checks do not provide enough money to live on, however, because prices are increasing very rapidly. Senior citizens, those over sixty-five, have to have savings in the bank or other retirement plans to make ends meet. The rate of inflation(通货膨胀) is forcing prices higher each year. Social Security checks alone cannot cover these growing expenses. The government offers some assistance, Medicare and welfare, but many senior citizens have to change their life styles after retirement. They have top spend carefully to be sure that they can afford to buy food, fuel and other necessities. American society is only beginning to be concerned about the special physical and emotional needs of its senior citizens. The government is taking steps to ease the problem of limited income. They are building new housing, offering discounts in stores and museums and on buses, and providing other services such as free courses, food service, and help with housework. 1. What’s the general idea of this passage? (Please answer within 10 words.)
Translate the underlined sentence in the first paragraph into Chinese.
3. Please fill in the blank with proper words or phrases. (Please answer within 10 words.)
4. Which sentence in the passage is the closet in meaning to the following sentence? Retirees will have many economic difficulties after retiring.
5. What other suggestions would you give to the government to take steps to ease the problems of limited income of the senior citizens? (Please answer within 30 words.)
(2) ) Chat rooms and messaging can be great fun,but remember, you never really know who you are talking to online. It could be someone trying to trick you,some kind of weirdo(古怪的人) ,or someone really dangerous. Here are some tips to help you keep safe: ● Never use your real name in chat rooms—pick a special online nickname. ● Never tell anyone personal things about yourself or your family—like your address or telephone number ,or the school or clubs you go to. That goes for sending them photos as well(that way if you don’t want to hear from them again, you only have to log off. ) Remember, even if somebody tells you about themselves,never tell them things about you. ● If you arrange to meet up with someone you’ve only spoken to once, remember that they might not be who they said they were,so only meet people in public places and take along an adult—they should do this too, because they don’t know who you really are either! ● Never respond to nasty(淫秽的)or rude messages,and never send any either! If you feel suspicious or
uncomfortable about the way a conversation is going,or if it’s getting really personal,save a record of it and stop
the conversation. That way you can show someone and ask what they think. ● Be careful with any email attachments or links that people send you,they might contain nasty images,or computer “viruses” that could ruin your PC. So if you don’t know who it's from , . 6.What is the best title for the passage?(Please answer within 10 words.)
7.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? There are a lot of people of all ages who seek for better health through exercise.
8.Please fill in the blank in the second paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (Please answer within 10 words.)
9.What is the author’s purpose in writing the last paragraph?(Please answer within 30 words.)
10.Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese.
答案与解析: 1. Americans’ attitudes towards work and retirement. 解析:该题为主旨概括题,结合文章整体内容判断,本文讲述的是在美国人民对工作和退休的态度。 2. 工作的重要性不仅是因为它可以获得经济利益,如工资,而且它也是社会和心理上的需要,一种为 社会做贡献的心理。 解析:注意 not only…but also 的翻译。 3. some people are happy to retire/this is not always true 解析:根据上下文的逻辑关系可以得出正确答案。 4.Retirements can also bring financial problems. 解析:economic difficulties 在这儿指的是 financial problems。 5. The government can decrease their expenses or increase their income. For example, they can encourage the retirees to teach young workers their rich experiences to make much money. 解析:本题为开放性问题,答案要符合题目要求,而且要合情合理。 6.Surfing Safely Tips for Young People (评分要求:根据与文章整体内容的相关程度酌情给分。 ) 7.It could be someone trying to trick you,some kind of weirdo,or someone really dangerous. (评分要求:要求准确找出以上的句子。 ) 8. don’t open it. (评分要求:要求给出的答案要保持与上下文的连贯性,而且与参考答案的意思相近。 ) is important never to tell anyone personal things online,because it is not a real world on line,where you may be cheated if you’re not careful enough.(The answer may vary if reasonable) (评分要求:要求给出的答案要合情合理) 10.如果你安排了与网友见面,当心对方言中有假,所以只在公共场所和有大人陪同的情况下与之见面。




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