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Unit 4 Astronomy-Warming up & reading[课件]

Module III Unit 4

I. Warming up

1.What’s the meaning of the word the of stars; “science Astronomy ”? the scientific study of stars and planets. 2. What words will you think of when we talk about this topic? star, planet, the sun / moon / earth, solar system
恒星 行星 太阳 月球 地球 太阳系

3. How many planets are in the solar system?

Scientists now think Pluto is too small to be called a planet.

4. Do you know the correct order of their distance to the sun? nearest to the sun?

farthest to the sun?

5. The names of eight planets. ? Mercury 1) 水星 ? Venus 2) 金星 ? Earth 3) 地球 ? Mars 4) 火星 ? Jupiter 5) 木星 ? Saturn 6) 土星 ? Uranus 7) 天王星 ? Neptune 8) 海王星

6. Put them in correct order on P25. Uranus
Venus Mars




II. Pre-reading

1.Have you ever asked your mother, “Mom, where do I come from”? 2. Nearly everybody has this or that puzzles: How do human beings come into being? How does the earth come into being? 3. In China, there are two legends about these puzzles. Do you know the names?

Big Bang

III. Fast-reading

1.Do you believe in such stories? Are they based on science? 2. In this unit, we’ll learn something more scientific. 3. What’s the title of the text? 4. From the title, we can predict that the text may tell us the origin of life on the earth.

5. Which question are you interested in in this text? 1) How old is the earth? 2) How does the universe begin? 3) Is there any water in the Mars? 4) When did dinosaurs disappear? 5) Which animal is the most important one on the earth? 6. Do you know which paragraph you can find out the answer?

7. Conclude the main idea of each paragraph. 1) A widely ______ _____ of the universe. theory about the origin 2) The formation of the ______. earth 3) The __________ importance of water for life. 4) The development of ______ plants andanimals _______ on the influence earth. humans and their /_____ 5) The arrival of _______ effect on the earth. Ex.1 on P27 8. The main idea of Reading1. The text mainly tells us the _________ formation of the earth and the ___________ development of life on it.

Detailed reading
This text can mainly divided into two stages

Stage 1 : The development of the earth

(para 1—3)
Stage 2 : The development of life (para 4—5)

Stage 1: The development of the earth (1) After the Big Bang, what was the earth like? a cloud of dust a solid globe

(2) What happened next? exploded with fire and rock produced water vapour and gases

(3) What did the water vapour and gases form?

the earth’s atmosphere

(4) What appeared as the earth cooled down?

water is important for the beginning of life on the earth.

Water appeared

Why is water so important for the beginning of life?
Because water allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases into oceans and seas.

Stage2 The development of life

1.What life developed after water appeared? small plants appears in water

2.What life developed in water next? Shellfish and all sorts of fish

3.What about the life on land? green plants began to grow on land insects appeared

4. What life developed next on land?
amphibians on land and in the water forests

5.What life developed after forests appeared?
reptiles appeared dinosaur developed

6.What life developed after dinosaurs? mammals on land

7. What life developed after mammals? small clever animals

1.Who are the small clever animals with hands and feet? 2. Are they taking care of the earth well? Why?

Because they are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which prevents heat from escaping from the earth into space.

The earth may become too hot to live on .

Can you fill in the blanks?


shellfish and all 2 sorts of fish 4 insects 5 amphibians 7 8 9 10

1 small plants in water

3Green plants on land

6 forests

reptiles dinosaurs mammals humans

Can you put the order of development of life into a time line?
8 1. Insects and amphibians appeared. 3 3. The earth became a solid ball. 9 5. Reptiles appeared. 2 7. The earth was a cloud of dust 6 9. Shellfish and other fish appeared. 12 11. Clever animals with hands and feet appeared 10 2. Dinosaurs appeared. 4.Small plants grew on the water. 7 6. Plants began to grow on dry land. 4 8. Water appeared on the earth 1 10. The universe began with a “Big Band”. 11 12. Mammals appeared. 5

Ex.2 on P27

Ex.5 on P27

How life began on earth is one of the biggest puzzles that scientists found hard to solve. What other puzzles are hidden in the passage?
How does the universe(earth) form? Why did the earth cool down? Why did water disappear on other planet? How did the dinosaur disappear ?

Post reading After reading the passage, discuss the following questions.
1. Why was the earth different from the other planets? Because the water remained on the earth. 2. Why is it wrong to show films with dinosaurs and people together? Because dinosaurs died out long before human beings developed on the earth.

Post reading

3.What problem is caused by human beings?
Because plants provide oxygen for animals to breathe.

4.What problem is caused by human beings?
Human beings causes global warming.

? After the “big bang”, the earth was still just a clouddust of _______,it exploded _______loudly with fire and rock, in time to produce which were _____ carbon the_________, water vapour and other water gases. Then ________ began to appeared on the earth.

The small plants in water are considered ____________ to be the earliest lives on the earth. The O2 shellthey supplied encouraged the lives of____ -fish and fish Slowly green plants grew on __________. land animals land, which were followed by __________ amphibians When the plants like insects & ________. forests ______ reptiles appeared. Then grew into______, dinosaurs _______ developed but disappeared later, which made the rise of a totally different mammal possible, and finally humans animal,______, _____ spread all over the world.

As a student, what little things can we do for the earth?

solar energy

plant trees

prevent desertification

save water recycle rubbish

purify air

1. Read the text again and find
out your difficult points. 2.Finish the exercises on p53-56.


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