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西江中学高中英语学案系列 高一英语必修三导学案 Unit1 Festivals around the world (4th period) 编号: yybx-3-1-4 主备人:李玉萍 审核人:高一英语备课组 年级:____________ 班级:____________ 姓名:____________
Learning aims: To understand the passage. Difficult points: Understanding some language points. Step1.Translate and remember the following words and expressions. 1. turn up _________ 2. keep one’s word________ 3. hold one’ s breath_________ 4. apologize______________ 5.obvious_____________ 6. set off ___________ 7. remind____________ 8.drown__________ 9.sadness____________ 10.wipe___________ 11.weep____________ 12.forgive_________ 13.magpie____________ 14.Valentine’s Day______________ Step2.Read the passage and tell the following sentences true or false. 1.Hu Jin with her friends was laughing at Li Fang on Valentine’s Day. ( ) 2. Zhinü and Niulang are separated by the Milky Way. ( ) 3. People want the weather to be fine on Qiqiao Festival because they ( ) hope that Niulang and Zhinü are able to meet. Step3. Read the passage again and choose the best answer. 1. Why was Li Fang heart-broken? ( ) A. Because he lost his job. B. Because he didn’t see Hu Jin. C. Because Hu Jin laughed at him. D. Because he was not as good as Hu Jin. 2. What did Li Fang bring for Hu Jin? ( ) A. Nothing. B. A rose C. Some books and chocolates. D. Some roses and chocolates. 3. What program did the manager of the coffee shop and Li Fang watch? ( ) A. A sad love story B. A happy love story. C. An interesting story. D. A humorous story. 二.Language points Step1.learning about language points 1. permission n. 许可;允许 (1)ask for permission _________ with permission 允许 without permission ____________ (2)permit vt.允许;许可 n.执照;通行证;许可证 permit sb. to do sth.____________ permit doing sth. 允许做某事 2. apologize v.道歉 apology n.道歉;辩白 apologize to sb. for (doing)sth. make /offer an apology to sb. for(doing) sth. 因(做)某事向某人道歉 accept / refuse an/ one’s apology 接受/拒绝某人的道歉 3. forgive (forgave, forgiven) vt. & vi. 宽恕;饶恕;原谅 forgive sb. for (doing) sth. 原谅某人(做)某事 4. remind vt. 提醒;使想起
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__________________ 提醒某人某事;使某人想起某事 remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事 remind sb. that… 使某人想起… ;提醒某人… … 5. turn up (1) 出现;露面(2)调大(音量等) turn around 转身;回头 turn down 调低(音量,热量等) ,拒绝考虑,拒绝(某人) turn out 结果变成 turn to sb. for help 向某人求助 6. _______________ 守信用;履行诺言 break one’s word 失信;食言; 失约 7. hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 draw/ take a deep breath 深呼吸 out of breath ____________ 8. set off= set out.(1)出发;动身. “出发去某地” (2)燃放(爆竹等)_________________ set off for+地点 出发前往某地 9.It is/ was obvious that … 很明显… … Step2.Do exercises 1.(1) We can’t take photos here ______________(未经许可). (2) 他的父亲不允许他吸烟.___________________________________. (3) Smoking is not __________ (准许)in the cinema. 2.(1) I must ______________________(向她道谦)for what I have done. (2) Victor apologized for __________to inform me of the change in the plan. A. his being not able B. him not to be able C. his not being able D. him to be not able 3. (1) He _______me for _____his notebook. 他原谅我弄丢了他的笔记本。 (2) Mary did do some bad things about me, but I have ______her for that. A. regretted B. freed C. relaxed D. forgiven 4.(1) 这张照片使我想起我的爷爷。__________________________________. (2) 我经常提醒他要努力学习。_________________________________. (3) In our childhood, we were often ______by Grandma to pay attention to our table manners. A. demanded B. reminded C. allowed D. hoped 5. (1) It is already 9 o’clock. He should _______ (出现)at any time。 (2) We agreed to meet at 10 at the bus stop, but he ____________ so far. A. didn’t turn up B. hasn’t turned up C. hasn’t turn off D. hasn’t turned out 6. (1) Please leave _________ for me with my secretary if you get news of what happened. A. a word B. words C. message D. word (2) You can depend on him. He always _____________. A. have words with others B. breaks his word C. keeps his words D. keeps his word 7.(1) 他做了一次深呼吸。_______________________________. (2) I was ____________________ after running. 跑步之后我上气不接下气。 (3) We all ________when the result was announced. A. held our breath B. took breath C. got our breath D. out of breath 8. We will _____ _____ _____ _____tomorrow. 我们明天动身去日本。 9. It was ____________ that he was lying. 很显然他在撒谎 10.(1) 他喜欢音乐,我也喜欢。_________________________________. (2) 她不喜欢唱歌,我也不喜欢。__________________________________. (3) Tom is clever. He studies hard. __________________.汤姆聪明且努力学习,他的确如此。
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