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大一高英unit1 《never say goodbye》说课稿

Hello, everyone. It's a great honour for me to have the opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas about the text1 in

unit1 《never say goodbye》 It (

is made up of four parts


Part 1 My understanding of this lesson(说教材)
The analysis of the teaching material: 今天我的说课内容的是大学英语综合教程第一册第一单元 text1部分,本课的理 论和知识是学好以后课程的基础,它在整个教材中起着重要统领的作用

Teaching aims:(教学目标) 1. Knowledge aim: Understand the main idea of the text. 2. Ability aim: Retell the text in their own words. 3. Emotional aim: Make the Ss understand never say goodbye true meaning Key points / Teaching important points:(教学重点) 1. Use your own words to retell the text. 2. Discuss how do you understand the main idea of this text 3.Learn the new words and language point Something about the Ss:(说学生) 1. The Ss have known something about the main idea of this text 2. They are lack of vocabulary. 3. They don’t often use English to express themselves and communicate with others. 4. Some Ss are not active in the class because they are afraid of making mistakes.

Part 2 My teaching theories, methods and aids(说教法

Teaching theories: (教学理念) Before dealing with this lesson, I’ll do my best to carry out the following theories: Make the Ss the real masters in class while the teacher himself acts as director; Combine the language structures with the language functions; Let the students receive some moral education while they are learning the English language. Teaching method:(教学方法) 1,Double activities teaching method activity teaching method 4. Free discussion method 2.Question-and-answer 3.Watch-and-listen activity 5.Pair work or individual work method

Teaching aids:(教学器具) 1. a projector 投影仪3. multimedia4. the blackboard

Part 3. Teaching steps (教学步骤)
I have designed the following eight steps to train their ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially reading ability.

Step 1. Lead-in and preparation for reading Bring in new subject:never say goodbye 1) Have your family ever moved from one place to another? If you have, how did you feel when you were going to be away from the old house for good? 2) Have you ever attended a funeral of knew very well If you have ,what were you thinking when you saw him for the first time? 3) What's your understanding about the title when you see it for the

first time ?( It means: never give in to sadness / bitterness; refuse to give in to the sadness.) Step2 Fast reading Read the passage as quickly as they can. I show the questions on the screen !) What is this narrative text concerned with? 2) What is the message of the text? (Method: Read the text individually, use question—and—answer activity. Purpose: Improve the students’ reading ability. Understand the general idea of each paragraph.) Step 3. Listening(book closed) 1. Listen to the tape of this passage to correct your prunuciation True or false exercise.(on the screen) Train the Ss’ listening ability and prepare for later exercises. Step 4.careful reading Read the passage carefully again and answer some detailed questions on the screen. 1)This text can be roughly divided into three parts. Please try to identify the paragraphs that make up each part? (The first part is from paragraph 1 to 4. The second part is Paragraphs 5 -13 The third part is Paragraphs 14-20) (Further understand the text (Train further reading ability) to find out some different sentences and details of the text.) Step 5. Preparation for details of the text on the screen Step 6. Consolidation 2.

Retell the passage in your own words (I want to knowif my students understand the whole text really and if they master what I mean to tell them in this class. What’s more, I want to let them have the ability of introducing and analyzing expression. At the same time, I will write down the topic sentences on the blackboard according to what the students find, so they can retell it easily.) Step 7. Discussion Do they have the same experience as the writer in the text?what do you act? ( I mean to give them emotional education. )

Step 8. Homework(oral work) Write a short a short passage about the following topics you like 1)The old house is better than the new one 2)Never say goodbye to a dying person 3)Friendship encourages people while sorrow doesn't. ( I want to improve the ability of their writing. At the same time, train the ability of do-it-yourself and looking up the information by themseleves.)

Part 4 Blackboard design(说板书设计) Part 5 Self-examination(自我反思总结)

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