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高考英语作文常用词汇 高频词

高考英语作文常用词汇 学校 Campus 校园, facilities 设施, theme 主题, goal 目标, preference 喜好, course 当然, routine 常规, passionate 充满活力, enthusiastic 充满热情, ambitious 有事业心, 熬通宵, 课外 Interview 采访中, community service 社区服务, part-time job 兼职工作, pocket money 口袋里的钱, spare time 工作之余, tempting 诱人的, popular 流行的, 社会现象 policy 政策, atmosphere 气氛, dialogue 对话, beauty 美丽, civilization 文明, culture 文化, nutrition 营养, housing 住房, privacy 隐私, standard 标准, Skin deep 皮肤深层, superficial 肤浅的, stylish 时尚的, fashionable 时髦的, 经济 progress 进步, growth 成长, prosperity 繁荣,

confident 自信, easygoing 随和, boring 无聊, participate 参与, concentrate 集中力量, focus 突出重点, attract 吸引, distract 分散, inspire 启发, sit up all night

challenging 具有挑战性的, corrupted 损坏的, Volunteer 义工, waste time in 浪费时间, relax 放松身心, get away from 摆脱,

common 常见的, effective 有效的, determined 确定的, represent 代表, lead 领导, direct 指导, have a positive/negative effect on 有 正/负面影响, affect the lives of 影响生活, spare no efforts to 不遗余力地转......, turn sth. into reality 变为现实, take much action to 采取太多的行动, take measures to 采取措施,

luxury 豪华, biotechnology 生物技术, income 收入,

increasing 增加, Optimistic 乐观, pessimistic 悲观, financial 金融, rapid 快速, decrease 减少, 环境 coast 海岸, climate 气候, atmosphere 大气, species 物种, Environmental 环境, ecological 生态, 城市 subway 地铁, tunnels 隧道, skyscrapers 摩天大楼, suspension bridges 悬索桥, theatres 剧院, Crowded 拥挤, in harmony 和谐,

boom 热潮, continue 继续下去, come to a stop 停下来, get laid off 下岗, encourage flourish 鼓励蓬勃发展,

endangered 濒危, Pollute 污染, protect 保护, preserve 保存, establish 建立,

private 私营, Construct 兴建, rebuild 重建, relocate 搬迁, tear down 拆除, flood 洪水, blueprint 蓝图,

以 Make、get 的搭配和动词短语为例来示范一下一个单词应该掌握到什么 程度: Make “做,制造” 一些搭配: make tea 沏茶 make bed 铺床 动词短语: 1. make it 成功,实现 We were surprised that he made it at last.

make suggestion 提建议 make faces 做鬼脸

2. make sense 有道理 Does your sentence make sense? 3. make the most of 充分利用 It is wise to make the most of the weekend. 还有 make friends with 交朋友, make a fool of sb.开某人的玩笑, make room for sb.腾地方给某人,make way 让路,make (full)use of 充分利用;等等 注意,make up 有五种常用意义,分别是: 1 组成;2 化妆;3 编造;4 和解;5 弥补。 注意理解下面一篇小文: My family is made up of my parents and me. Mom, quite into her own look, makes up 5 times a day. When asked how she looks, Dad usually makes up some lies. But sometimes mom can tell and have fight with dad. Soon afterward they will make up, because dad always makes up for her by doing some chores.

原因和结果:reason (for) , result; cause (of) , effect; consequence 异同点与优缺点:difference , similarity; advantage/benefit , disadvantage 功能:function 观点与态度:opinion , view (on/about) , viewpoint , idea ;attitude to/towards 评论、评价:comment (on) , remark (on/upon) , assessment 表方式、方法:means , way , method (of) ; solution , approach ( to doing sth. ); take measures to do sth. 目的:purpose , aim , goal 积极和消极:positive ,negative; optimistic 建议: advice [u] , suggestion , tip 概括、总结: summary , conclusion 特点: feature , characteristic 种类:kind , type , category , class 精神上与身体上: mentally , physically 影响 : influence , impact , effect (on ) 情形 ,状况 : situation,condition 建立:build , create , establish , found 出现:appear ,occur(red) 实现,完成:reach , realize , accomplish 必要,必需 : must /necessity 方面,项目条款:item / aspect 材料 : materials 知识消息:knowledge / information 日程计划 : schedule / agenda 百分比:percentage 性别 :sex 年龄 : age

满意 :satisfaction 忧虑,担忧,焦急 : concern (不)熟悉 :familiar /unfamiliar 个人,个人的: individual 细节 :description , detail 文化 : culture 责任 : (take) responsibility 贡献 : (make) contributions to 重要 : value importance significance 比较 : contrast comparison 时期 : period / time 存在 : existence exist 花费 : cost / expense 人口 : population 天气与气候 : weather[u] / climate [c] 位置 : location 主题 : theme 背景 : setting,background 情节 : plot 高潮 : climax 结尾 :ending 反对者与支持者:supporter , opponent Get “取得,成为” 1. get (the message) across 传达 The teacher got his idea across to student by drawing a picture. 2. get ahead of 领先 If you want to get ahead of others, work harder. 3. get away from 远离 I wish I could get away from school. 4. get away with 被放过,不受惩罚 You can never get away with cheating. 5. get on with 相处 The twins get on well with each other. 6. get by 凑合,勉强维持 The cats cannot get by without food in winter. 7. get hold of 抓住,得到 I didn’t get hold of the question in the test. 8. get into/out of the habit 养成/改掉习惯 It takes nothing to get into a bad habit, but take a lot of things to get out of it. 9. get over 克服(情绪),从……恢复 I haven’t never gotten over from the shock that I failed the mid-term exam. 10. get rid of 摆脱 I just want to get rid of the bad moods.



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