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山东德州 2014 届高考英语一轮复习完形填空加强训练 48
1.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最
佳选项。 This is a story that can teach us a good lesson. One day, a man in rags begged from door to door along the street. With an old wallet in his hand, he was asking for a few coins to buy something to eat. He kept complaining about his bad fortune and kept had so much money were never 37 and were always desiring more. 38 and to wear, I would not want 36 why those who

“As far as I’m concerned, if I had only enough to anything more."

Just at that moment Goddess Fortune, who came down the him, “Hi, I have wished to 40

39 saw the beggar and said to 41 and I will pour

you for a long time. Now, open your

my gold into it. But I will do that only on this gold; but every piece falling upon the “I see.” said the beggar. “Then you should 43

42 : All that falls into the wallet will be pure shall become dust. Do you understand?”

44 !It’s obvious that your wallet is a/an

45 one, so don’t load it

too heavily,” said the Goddess Fortune. The excited beggar could hardly 47 46 to have gold. He quickly opened his wallet, and a

of yellow coins was poured into it. The wallet grew heavier and heavier. “Is that enough? Isn’t it cracking?” asked Fortune. “Never 48 .It’s still strong enough now.” answered the beggar. 49 . “Ah, if 51 just a

The wallet was filled with so many coins that the beggar’s hands began to only the golden stream would handful or two.” “There! It’s full. The wallet will will 53 52 50

forever! Just a little more,” said the beggar, “

.” warned the Goddess, but the beggar requested, “ It

a little more, just a little more.” 54 fell upon the ground and

One more piece was added and the wallet split. The became dust. The greedy beggar had now 36. A. showing 37. A. relaxed B. explaining B. satisfied 55

but his broken bag. C. proving C. worried D. wondering D. depressed

38. A. learn 39. A. street 40. A. praise 41. A. coat 42. A. occasion 43. A. hand 44. A. look out 45. A. small 46. A. stand 47. A. stream 48. A. stop 49. A. spread 50. A. pour 51. A. take 52. A. flow 53. A. attract 54. A. present 55. A. nothing

B. watch B. bridge B. forgive B. pocket B. suggestion B. feet B. look after B. empty B. wait B. piece B. request B. close B. end B. add B. burst B. permit B. food B. anything

C. eat C. yard C. help C. box C. situation C. ground C. look up C. worn C. breathe C. pair C. fear C. loose C. dry C. lend C. disappear C. include C. treasure C. everything

D. play D. forest D. comfort D. wallet D. condition D. street D. look down D. full D. think D. variety D. insist D. shake D. melt D. send D. change D. hold D. metal D. something

The car, running along the well-lit road now sank in darkness. I broke the 36 on purpose,

37 that the driver was too tired to drive. “When do you go back home in the evening?”“9 o’clock after this 38 .”“Then when do you come out in the moming?”I 39 another question.“9

o’clock, too-just as if I worked at an office.”His taxi, what I 41

40 surprised me, because every time I ride a

from the driver are only complaints that they have to work from morning till 42 by the police, or that their leaders are seated to be a section chief as I was before. 46 a passenger. So I earn two or

night, it’ hard to earn money they’re often s lazily, 43

the fruits. But this driver told me,“I find it 44 45. It’ fortunate that I hardly drive s 47

I like driving just for

three thousand yuan a month with ease. Yes, I never

an empty taxi. If it goes southward, I

go northward. If it goes along a 48 , I turn into a narrow street…” His words showed his 49 with his life and the pride he 50 in his job. Such feelings are

so rare among people nowadays as oxygen in high 51 . As an ancient saying goes,“Neither joy in material 52 nor grieve (悲痛) over personal setbacks.”How many people nowadays can show high ideals by 53 living and go far with a calm mind? I couldn’ help feeling 54 when t finding such a state of mind in a stranger on a cold 55. 36. A. window 37. A. on condition 38. A. night 39. A. threw out 40. A. character 41. A. suffer 42. A. detected 43. A. keeping 44. A. exciting 45. A. freedom 46. A. without 47. A. foIlow 48. A. route 49. A. inteIligence 50. A. made 51. A. buildings 52. A. gains 53. A. special 54. A. angry 55. A. morning B. stillness B. for fear B. trip B. gave away B. confidence B. request B. ordered B. tasting B. disappointing B. pleasure B. with B. admire B. path B. satisfaction B. held B. mountains B. concerns B. happy B. content B. night C. silence C. in belief C. cycle C. made up C. attitude C. benefit C. fined C. enjoying C. tiring C. hobby C. behind C. envy C. railway C. competition C. caught C. standard C. supports C. simple C. dangerous C. moment D. quietness D. in order D. process D. led to D. easiness D. hear D. seized D. choosing D. amazing D. company D. beside D. meet D. highway D. honesty D. took D. heaven D. loss D. original D. curious D. Season

During Christmas break from college, a young man wanted to borrow his father's car to drive

to a New Year's Eve __16__ to be held in Vermont. The father was __17__ about the son hitting one of the roadblocks that people set up all over the place on New Year's Eve. The __18__ that was reached was that the son would be allowed to use the car, but he would not drink at all. So he drove to Vermont, got completely __19__ and attempted to drive home. On the way home he hit a roadblock. He was told to __20__ the car and stand in a line of people that were being given the infamous sobriety (not drunk) __21__. However, the policeman __22__ him out. He was __23__ standing off to the side while the others were __24__ the police officer how well they could walk a __25__ line, etc. At 7:00 a.m., his father got up to answer the __26__. There were __27__ policemen there. They asked him if he was the __28__ of that red FIAT. He replied, "Yes, I am," One of the policemen asked him if he was driving the car the evening before and he said that his son had been the driver. When the young man __29__ himself in front of the policemen, he knew he was in some sort of __30__. Upon questioning, he __31__ that he was driving the car, but when asked if he had been __32__, he said, "No!" When the policemen asked if he could see his car, he was unable to remember the __33__. He said that it was in the garage. And when the four of them walked out to look at the car,instead of looking at the car he had driven the __34__ before, they saw a __35__ car parked there. 16. A. party 17. A. sure 18. A. suggestion 19. A. excited 20. A. stop 21. A. punishment 22. A. gave 23. A. considered 24. A. showing 25. A. long 26. A. telephone 27. A. two B. meeting B. worried B. condition B. tired B. get out of B. test B. made B. required B. explaining B. straight B. call B. many C. concert C. curious C. conclusion C. drunk C. drive C. education C. missed C. suggested C. asking C. calm C. doorbell C. four D. sports meeting D. anxious D. agreement D. pleased D. get into D. talk D. found D. left D. telling D. direct D. question D. one

28. A. manager 29. A. stood 30. A. trouble 31. A. believed 32. A. driving 33. A. drive 34. A. day 35. A. similar

B. father B. found B. test B. told B. hurting B. test B. morning B. familiar

C. student C. put C. danger C. admitted C. missing C. time C. afternoon C. police

D. owner D. took D. accident D. said D. drinking D. line D. night D. damaged

4.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
Life became hard when I was 14. My mother and I moved to New York to 36 my father, who’d moved there to find and only visited us 38 37 work when I was three years old. He had a job at a restaurant

every couple of years.

Before I moved, I knew that people in the US spoke English. But honestly, I didn’t stop to analyze the 39 when I was 40 to leave. Just like I assumed I could easily become a doctor

or a lawyer. I assumed that I had the skills to learn English in a few weeks. When I 41 in the US and started 8th grade at Ditmas Middle School in Brooklyn, everyone was speaking a(n) 42 language I couldn’t understand. I 43 that life had subtitles, like in foreign movies. School was such a serious place here. Sometimes I felt like I was in a geek (呆子) class. The teachers were always 44 my moves so I couldn’t even throw a paper ball at a classmate’s head. And the worst thing was having to read 45 . 46 after almost seven months of complaining about everything, I realized that complaining 48 in this new 50 didn’t change things. 47 just made my life worse. If I was going to

concrete jungle, I had to 49 . I began to learn English by reading newspapers on my own

school. After about four months, I started enjoying reading the crime and sports stories. After six months of studying, my teachers 51 my improvement and moved me into a more 52 53

English class. I could go to the store and ask for things that I wanted to buy without frustration. For the first time I felt like I was living on earth again I 55 understand people. 36. A. find 37. A. good-looking 38. A. once 39. A. case 40. A. packing B. join B. well-dressed B. other B. condition B. trying C. see C. better-paying C. each C. situation C. managing D. help D. highly-thought D. only D. state

54 .I didn’t hear foreign talk.

D. arranging

41. A. reached 42. A. strange 43. A. hoped 44. A. staring 45. A. texts 46. A. Although 47. A. It 48. A. live 49. A. adapt 50. A. for 51. A. made 52. A. modern 53. A. even 54. A. if 55. A. could

B. entered B. unusual B. wished B. looking B. newspapers B. Even if B. They B. study B. adopt B. in B. noticed B. advanced B. ever B. though B. should

C. got C. standard C. expected C. checking C. English C. But C. I C. survive C. adore C. after D. at

D. arrived D. foreign D. demanded D. watching D. poems D. Since D. Things D. continue D. admire

C. concerned D. remember C. difficult C. some C. ever C. would D. convenient D. any D. because D. might

Don’t shoot butterflies with guns. Can you 36 someone running after a butterfly with a gun in his hands? Won’t such

stupidity make you burst out laughing? But wait. Stop and consider how often you might have done something 37 .

A hen, Henny-Penny, lived in a forest with many other animals and birds. One fine, sunny morning, she was busy looking for cackle (咯咯叫) with wings flapping 40 38 39 in the ground. Suddenly she let out a frightened . A dry leaf had fallen down on her, and she went

at whoever she met, “Run, run for your lives; the sky is falling.” The other creatures

stopped whatever they were doing. Some ran behind Henny-Penny, screaming warnings with her, while others We all have 41 42 the unfounded story that the sky was falling. people like this hen. The rest of us are like the other foolish creatures 43 for themselves. They shoot butterflies with guns.

who didn’t stop to verify (证实) the

They just will not think for themselves. Why don’t people think for themselves? Often because of laziness, or because they don’t want to be Walking through life 45 44 for their way of thinking.

is more dangerous than crossing a busy road with eyes closed.

Our thoughts should lead us towards the light of wisdom and sense. Our thinking should be high, 46 us to the ranks of the sensible. We have been blessed with reasoning, sensitive minds. Let 47 of our own minds. Don’t let your mind be enslaved by

us make use of them and be

someone else. Stop, think and then go ahead.

36. A. suggest 37. A. different 38. A. trees 39. A. in delight 40. A. screaming 41. A. recite 42. A. come across 43. A. impact 44. A. desperate 45. A. speechlessly 46. A. declining 47. A. masters

B. imagine B. extraordinary B. worms B. in cheer B. staring B. edit B. searched for B. process B. good B. hopelessly B. raising B. slaves

C. recall C. unusual C. nests C. in fear C. praising C. spread C. looked after C. advantage C. regretful C. mindlessly C. wiping C. authors

D. prevent D. similar D. leaves D. in amazement D. criticizing D. print D. cared about D. truth D. responsible D. homelessly D. smoothing D. employees

There is a small shop about 200 meters from where I live that sells groceries, meat and other basic necessities. About 10 years ago, there was a beggar who would go into the shop every day and ask the owner for a__36__. The owner, __37__he would love to help, simply didn’t have any jobs 38 , so he kept refusing the man’s office. to give the homeless

This situation continued 39 for a few months, until the owner 40 man a job which 41

sweeping outside the shop. Every single day from 5 a.m, the homeless

man was there doing the very 42 he could for the owner, making it the community’s favourite, even though it did 43 him pennies. 44 , the owner saw how good a job the man was doing

and gave him a job working 45 a cashier. He was watched closely to make sure that he didn’t 46 any of the money received from the sales. He was still homeless after all. The homeless man did a/an 47 job as a cashier for over 2 years, and did such a good job that he was promoted to

48 the finances for the whole shop. To my 49 , this was the arrangements up until 2 years ago, when the owner 50 . In his

will, he only had one

51 to give the whole shop to the now stable, “homeless” man. Now, I 52 , with his own business that is

could walk into that shop and see him working as hard as still 53

and active 10 years after getting his job as a sweeper.

From this story, we can probably get the inspiration: work hard and give everything your best

effort, even if it isn’t your future. 36. A.coin 37. A.although 38. A.sufficient 39. A.again 40. A.offered 41. A.meant 42. 43. A.give 44. A.Suddenly 45. A.for 46. A.lose 47. A.honest 48. A.guard 49. A.knowledge 50. retired 51. A.thought 52. A.ever 53. A.big 54. A.ideal 55. A.pessimistic B. home B.unless


situation, it very well may turn out to be


some day in the

C.job C.because C.adequate C.weekly C.planned C.included C.better C.owe C.Quietly C.spend C.fantastic C.provide

D.meal D.if D.available D.daily D.failed D.trained D.less D. Eventually D.kind D.manage

B.effective B.often B.agreed B.involved B.least B.earn B.Fortunately B.with B.pocket B.loyal B.raise B.mind B.became old B.purpose B.necessary B.current B.promising

C.disappointment C.passed away C.request C.expected C. shabby C.own C.lasting D.gave up D.suggestion D.required D. popular D.messy

1.36-40 DBCAC
41-45DDCAC 46-50 BACDA 51-55 BBDCA

2.36-40 CBBAD 41-45 DCCCB 46-50 AADBD 51-55 BACDB
36. C too…to… 表示“太……而不能”,选 C 项,作者有意打破沉默,以免司机因为疲劳而 出问题。 37. B 四个短语的含义:A“条件是”,B“害怕,唯恐”,C“相信”,D“以便”。语境表示害怕司 机开车会太疲劳而有意和他攀谈,因此选 B 项。 38. B 这个故事发生在晚上,司机说他送完我这趟就回家,由此判断选 B 项,表示“出行”。 A“夜晚”,C“循环”,D“过程”都不符合语境。 39. A 问了第一个问题之后,我接着对他发问。用 throw out 表示“随口说出”,如 throw ont one’ s suggestion“说出某人的建议”。B“赠送,泄露”,C“编造,虚构”,D“导致,造成”。 40. D 从这个司机的回答看,他不像别的出租车司机那样辛苦,他如此自在,这让“我”感到 十分诧异。这里用 easiness 表示“自在,自如”。 41. D 我每次坐出租车的时候,从司机那儿听到的都是抱怨,说他们要从清早工作到深 夜……这里用 hear 表示“听见,听到”。 42. C 赚钱很难,而且经常被警察罚款。从语境和选项看,出租车司机应是被警察“罚款”, 所以选 C 43. C 或者埋怨说,领导懒洋洋地坐在办公室里享受他们的劳动果实 44. C 从下面的叙述可知,这个司机觉得他原先那种日子很无聊,让人觉得很厌烦,因此选 C 项。 45. B 从前面的叙述可推知, 这个人觉得当出租车司机很惬意: 他每天不用早起, 不用晚归, 而且自己每个月能赚到足够的钱。 46. A 这里用 hardly…Without 的双重否定表示肯定的含义:很幸运,我几乎从来没有拉过空 车。 47. A 从下文叙述判断选 A 项,从来不跟在跑空车的出租车后面,这样的车向南开,他就开

车往北去。 48. D 与下文的“狭窄的街道”呼应,这里选 D 项表示“公路”。 49. B 从前文这个司机的叙述看,他很满意自己开出租车的生活,因此选 B 项。 50. D 从搭配看,这里用 take prid en 表示“以……自豪”。 51. B 从生活常识可知,高山上的氧气稀薄,因此选 B 项。 52. A 就像一句老话所说的,“不以物喜,不以己悲”,不以物质的收获为喜,不以个人的挫 折为痛苦。 53. C 就像这个司机这样的境界,过一种简单而有思想的生活。simple 与前面的 high 相对, 符合语境。 54. D 此情此景,不禁让我感到不寻常。A“愤怒的”,B“满意的”,C“危险的”都不符合语境。 55. B 文章开头就暗示了故事发生的时间是晚上。

3.16-20 ABDCB

21-25 BCDAB

26-30 CADBA

31-35 CDADC

4.36-40 BCACA

41-45 DDBDB

46-50 CACAC 51-55 BBDDA

5.36-40 BDBCA 41-45 CADDC 46-47 BA

6.36—40 CADDB 41—45 BABDC 46—50 BADAC 51—55 CADAB



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