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I Warming Up

? Do you like travelling?

? Where have you been?
? Can you tell your partner something about it?

Which kind of transport do you prefer to use?

on foot

by bus by bike by plane / by air

by car

Warming Up
Suppose you have four days, discuss where you might go in pairs. Remember to ask the following questions: ? Where are you going on holiday? ? When are you leaving? ? How are you going to…? ? How long are you staying ? ? When are you arriving in /at…? ? Where are you staying? ? When are you coming back?

Look at the pictures and try to guess the names of the rivers.(教师先出示相 关河流图片。) Yellow River 杨子河;长江 'j??ksi Yangtze Mekong Nile nail尼罗河


valley waterfall glacier plain平原


II Pre-reading
China Laos Myanmar

Thailand Cambodia
Can you list the countries that the Mekong 越南 flows through?


III Reading
1. Read the text quickly and answer the following questions: ? Who are Wang Kun and Wang Wei? ? What is their dream? ? Who are Dao Wei and Yu Hang?

? What do you think they will see when they travel along the Mekong River?

? Who are Wang Kun and Wang Wei? They are brother and sister. ? What is their dream? Their dream is to take a long bike trip. ? Who are Dao Wei and Yu Hang? They are Wang Kun and Wang Wei’s cousins. ? What do you think they will see when they travel along the Mekong River? I think they will see glaciers, rapids, deep valleys, waterfalls and a delta.

2. Read the text again, and fill in the following chart:

Their dream To take a long bike trip Wang Wei’s _________________________ suggestion Their preparations _________________________ Why a difficult journey? Wang Kun believes… _________________________

1.they must start in __________ where the river begins. 2.that they don’t need to_______ much. is _____________ to start in Qinghai. 2.that ______________ is very important.

Wang Wei believes…

Their dream

To take a long bike trip To find the source and begin there Both of them bought expensive bikes, got their cousins to join them and researched in the atlas in the library

Wang Wei’s suggestion
Their preparations

Why is it such a It begins at an altitude of more difficult than 5,000 metres where it is hard journey? to breathe and very cold

Wang Kun believes…

1.they must start in __________ Qinghai where the river begins. 2.that they don’t need to prepare ______________ much.

Wang Wei believes… is ___________________ to too cold and high start in Qinghai. 2.that ______________ using an atlas is very important.

3. Read the text and the notes P80-82 No.1-9 carefully, and find some difficult sentences in the text.
4. Discuss Wang Kun’s and Wang Wei’s attitude to the trip in groups, and finish Exercise 3 on page 19.

Wang Wei’s Positive. She wants to organize it attitude as it was her idea. Wang Kun’s attitude My attitude Less positive as he wants to organize it and thinks he can do that better than his sister. It sounds a wonderful trip and I would love to be able to do a trip like that myself one day.

IV Retelling
Wang Kun and his sister after graduating thought of the idea bought bicycles journey begin middle school got the chance to cycle the Mekong River

got sb. interested in at an altitude of

change one’s mind


in the library

V Homework
1. Read the text again, underline the important words and phrases and find out the difficult

sentences for you.
2. Finish SB P20 Ex. 1-3. 3. Retell the text using your own words.



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