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高一期末 被动语态 定语从句 练习题

用所给词的正确时态,语态填空 1._______the window been_______(mend)yet? 2.I don’t know the new bike _ ______already been ________(sell)out. 3.If your homework _________(do)well, you may go to play. 4. Mr. Green ________(seen)growing flowers just now. 5.I_________(tell)to come to a meeting just now. 6.When______your watch ______(repair)?An hour ago. 7._______football _________(play)in your school? 8.What languages__________(speak)in Canada? 9.Must the job___________(start)at once? 10.Both English and French____________(speak)in Canada. 11.Our work had to be ________at once.(finish) 12.This broken motor can____________(repair)here. 13.These young trees_______ _________(plant)in two days. 14.These holes for the trees_______ _______(dig)now? 15.Wait for a minute.The lock___________ (mend)well. 16. It's said that the long bridge______________(build)in two months。 17. The lost boy_____________(not find)so far. 18.Some flowers _____________(water) by Li Ming already. 19.This kind of shoes __________ (sell) well. 20. The food _____________ (smell) delicious. 三、句型转换(同义句) 1. They write the business letters in English.= The business letters ________ ___________in English. 2. Does he often mend his car?=_________his car often____ ____by him/ 3. My brother doesn’t finish his homework every day.=His homework_______ _______by my brother every day. 4. Did you build a new house last year?= a new house _____ ____by you last year? 5. Who did they help yesterday?=Who____________ ____ _____by them yesterday? 6. My sister didn’t buy a new TV set last week.= A new TV set _________ _________by my sister last week. 7. Must I pay for it at once? = _________it ________ __________ ______at once? 8. I can speak a little English. = A little English _________ ________ ________ by me . 9. You may put your sweater here.= Your sweater__________ __________ ___________here. 10. Can I take this book out of the reading room?= Can this book _________ _________out of the reaking room? 11. We will build a new lab in our school next year.= A new lab_________ _______ _________in our school next year. 12. They won’t hold a sports meeting next Sunday.= A sports meeting________ _________ ________next Sunday. 13. Will you plant 10000young trees on the hills next spring? ________10000young trees_______ ________on the hills next spring? 14. The farmers in the village are building a new school now. A new school________ ______ _________by the farmers in the village now. 15. Are the workers making a new kind of machine now? ___ ___a new kind of machine ________ ______by the workers now? 16. They aren’t stopping the traffic now. =The traffic_________ ________ ________by them now. 17. They have built a new bridag over the river already.= A new bridge_______ ______ _______over the river already. 18. Has your father made a kite for you yet?= ___ ____a kite_______ _________for you by your father yet? 19. How long have kept this story book?=How long ________ this story book_______ _________?

20. Mr Green said that he would show us around his farm. Mr.Green said that we ______ ______ ____around his farm by him . 21. Miss Li told us that we would help the farmers pick up apples. Miss Li told us that the farmers_______ ________ ______around his farm by him. 22. Mr Wang told us that they had made a lot of new machines these years. Mr Wang told us that a lot of new machines ________ ___________ ________these days. 23. The old farmer told us that they had’t built new roads yet.=The old farmer told us that new roads ____ _____ _______yet. 24. The old desks need repairing.=The old desks need _______ __________ ___________. 25. The box is too heavy to carry.=The box is too heavy to_________ __________. 26. Li Lei gave me a chemistry book.=I _______ __________a chemistry book by LiLei. 27. Mother told me not to be late. =I______ _________not to be late by mother. 28. I saw mother planting flowers in the garden.=Mother _______ _________planting flowers in the garden.

定语从句关系词专项练习 用正确的关系词填空
1.This is the place____ __ John was born? 2. He is the only person ___ __ I want to talk to. 3 . Is this problem ___ ___the teacher explained last week? 4.The high building ___ ___ stand four policemen is the police station. 5.My mother will give Mary a model plane___ ___ she will like to play. 6.The film brought the hours back to me____ __ I was taken good care of in that far away village. 7. There are times__ ____ I wonder why I do this job. 8. After living in London for thirty years。Mr Smith returned to the small town___ ___ he grew up as a child. 9.They had a long talk about the persons and things___ ___ they both knew. 10.That is the very book_____ __ I am looking for. 11.Who is the scientist____ __ is going to give us a talk on space this Sunday? 12.I don't like the way___ ___ you speak to your teacher. 13.Could you tell me when to get the book____ ___ I want to read? 14.The days___ ___ we spent in Tokyo together will never be forgotten. 15.A pen friend of mine____ ___ I often receive letters asked me for some Chinese coins. 16. Don't forget the day__ ____ you were admitted to Beijing University. 17.Perhaps this is the only shop___ ___ you can get such cheap goods. 18.I can still remember the place__ ____ my brother and I used to sit in the evening. 19. _______ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan. 20.All __ ___ is needed is a supply of oil. 21.He was seriously ill when he was a child, __ ___ made him lose his sight. 22.In the dark street, there wasn’t a single person __ ___ he could turn for help. 23.He told the same story __ _____ I told. 24.The best work is that _ ____ Tom has done. 25. The first thing __ ___ we should do is to water the flowers in front of the room.. 26. Any girls __ _ __ knew him were teachers. 27. The house fell and hurt a woman and her dog ___ were just passing by. 28.That is the hotel __ _ __ we stayed last year. 29. This is the reason __ ___ we made Mr Li headmaster of our school. 30.The student who does well in his lesson is the monitor __ _ _ is very modest and studies hard.

被动语态的答案 二.1.Has mended 2.has sold done 4.was seen 5.was told 6.was repaired 7.Is played 8 are spoken started 10 are spoken 11.finished repaired 13.will be planted 14.are being dug 15.will be mended 16.will be built 17.has not been found 18. have been watered 19.sells 20.smells 三.1.are written 2.Is mended 3.isn’t finished 4.Was built 5.was helped 6.wasn’t bought 7.Must be paid for 8.can be spoken 9.may be put taken 11.will be built 12.won’t be held 13.Will be planted being built 15.Is being made 16.isn’t being stopped 17.has been built 18.Has been made 19.has been kept 20.would be shown 21.would be helped 22.had been made 23.hadn’t been built be repaired carried 26.was given 27.was told 28.was seen 定语从句答案:

26. that 当先行词被 any, all, no 等修饰时,关系代词用 that。 27 . that 当先行词包括人和物时,关系代词用 that。 28. at which 介词加关系代词的用法, 介词的选用应根据从句谓语动词和先行词的搭配来决定。 29. why 在 reason 后的限制性定语从句(一般没有非限制性定语从句)可由 why 引导。在现代 英语里 why 也可省略。 30. that 一个句子中有两个定语从句,其中一个关系代词用 who,另一个宜用 that。

1.Where . 先行词是地点,关系副词在定语从句中作状语。 2. that 先行词被 the only, the very, the last 等修饰时,关系代词常用 that。 3. the one 缺少先行词,故选 A, 作宾语的关系代词省略。 4. in front of which 介词+关系代词引导定语从句。 5. with which play with 是一个固定结构,故选 with which。 6. when 先行词为时间名词 hours,在定语从句中作状语。 7. when 先行词为时间名词 times,在定语从句中作状语。 8. where 先行词为地点名词,在定语从句从中作状语。 9. that 先行词包含人和物,关系代词只能用 that。 10. that 先行词被 the very 修饰,关系代词只能用 that。 11.that Who 引导的特殊疑问句中含有定语从句关系代词只能用 that , 以免重复。 12.that 或 in which 或不填 way 为先行词时,关系代词用 that 或 in which 或不填。 13.that 或 which 或不填 关系代词在定语从句中作宾语,指物,可以用 that 或 which 或不填。 14.which spent 是及物动词,关系代词 which 作其宾语。 15. from whom receive a letter from sb.收到某人的来信,先行词为人,故选 from whom。 16.when 先行词为时间,在定语从句中作状语,表示何时进入北大。 17.where 先行词为地点,在定语从句中作状语。 18. where 先行词为地点,在定语从句中作状语。 19. as As 引导的定语从句在句中的位置比较灵活,可置于句首,亦可置于句中,亦可置于句尾。 as 常作宾语或构成 as 加 be 动词加过去分词的结构,或构成 as 加 be 动词加表语的结构。as 引导的 定语从句在句中修饰的是整个句子。 20. that 在定语从句中,当先行词为 all, anything, nothing, everything, little, much 等不定代词时,关 系代词用 that, 而不用 which。 21. which which 引导非限制性定语从句并指代前面的主句。Which 的这种用法和 as 有区别, which 常用作行为动词的主语且由它引导的定语从句只能置于句尾。 22. to whom 介词加关系代词的用法, “turn to sb for help”为固定结构。 23. as 先行词由 same 或 such 修饰时,关系代词用 as。 24. which 先行词为 that 时,关系代词用 which。 25. that 当先行词由序数词或形容词的最高级修饰时,关系代词用 that。



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