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2013 各地高考英语试题单选汇编 定语从句
69.(2013 安徽卷) Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012, ____ made one of the Chinese people’s long-held dreams come true. A. it B. that C. what D. which 70. 2013 湖南卷) ( Happiness and success often come to those _____ are good at recognizing their own strengths. A. whom B. who C. what D. which 71.(2013 江西卷)He wrote a letter ______ he explains what had happened in the accident. A. what B. which C. where D. how 72.(2013 重庆卷)John invited about 40 people to his wedding, most of_______are family members. A them B. that C.which D. whom 73.(2013 山东卷)There is no simple answer, _____ is often the case in science. A. as B. that C. when D. where 74.(2013 山东卷)Finally he reached a lonely island _____ was completely cut off from the outside world. A. when B. where C. which D. whom 75. (2013 陕西卷) is often the case with children, Amy was better by the time the doctor arrived. A. It B. That C. What D. As 76. (2013 新课标卷 2) When I arrived, Bryan took me to see the house____ I would be staying. A. what B. when C. where D. which 77.(2013 辽宁卷)He may win the competition, _____he is likely to get into the national team. A. in which case B. in that case C. in what case D. in whose case 78.(2013 江苏卷)The president of the World Bank says he has a passion for China, he remembers starting as early as his childhood. A. where B. which C. what D. when 79.(2013 北京卷)Many countries are now setting up national parks animals and plants can be protected. A. when B. which C. whose D. where 80.(2013 浙江卷)The children, ______ had played the whole day long, were worn out. A. all of what B. all of which C. all of them D. all of whom 81.(2013 浙江卷)The museum will open in the spring with an exhibition and a viewing platform ______ visitors can watch the big glasshouses being built. A. what B. where C. when D. why 82. (2013 四川卷)Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment they live. A. what B. which C. when D. where 83. (2013 福建卷)The book tells stories of the earthquake through the eyes of those ____ lives were affected. A. whose B. that C. who D. which 84. 2013 天津卷) have launched another man-made satellite, ( We is announced in today’s newspaper. A.that B.which C. who D. what

定语从句: 69-70 DB

71-75 CDACD

76-80 CABDD

81-84 BDAB



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