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单句改错集锦 (一) 1. The ship changed its course because of there was a storm. 2. I had opened the door before he had not time to knock. 3. There are much many more people than I expected. 4. Would you please to open the window? 5. We wish to improve our work better. 6. You will have to pay me for &10 a week for your meals. 7. Many problems still remain unsolved. 8. I had to return the book back to the library in time. 9. I had not hardly left the house when it began to rain. 10. He began to see things more clearly and more clearly. 11. The more careful you are, the more fewer mistakes you will make. 12. Having been told many times, but he still couldn’t understand it. 13. This coat doesn’t fit for him. 14. Why not to go and ask for his advice? 15. The nice car was belonged to the young lady. 16. They are like playing football very much. 17. He is too young not to join the army. 18. Today was my first time visit to an American family. 19. People in different parts of the world learn to understand one with another. 20. He works much more harder than before. 21. We practise singing for three times every week. 22. He had known Joan for two years before he married with her. 23. I never knew a ride down a river could be so much exciting. 24. Though he is rich, but he works hard. 25. I never buy anything unless it is not really needed. 26. I asked her to tell me that how much it cost. 27. I don’t smoke because my wife won’t let me to. 28. If they will come, please let me know. 29. You nee

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