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An Earthquake

Wenchuan earthquake

In Tangshan, in 1976.
Do you know when and where another biggest earthquake happened in China in the 20th century?


Read the text quickly to find out

Structure of the text
Part Before the earthquake (Paragraph 1 ___) During the earthquake 2-3 (Par.____)
After the earthquake (Paragraph 4 _______)

Events Strange thingswere happening _________ both in the countryside and in the city of Tangshan but no one noticed __________ them. The earthquake ________ the destroyed city and _______ the people. shocked
Soldiers were sent to dig out to bury those trapped and _______ the shelters dead; _______ were built for the homeless and ______fresh water was taken to the city.

What strange things happened before Tangshan Earthquake?

: Before the earthquake
Things water in the well well walls chickens and pigs mice fish sky sound What happened rose and fell deep cracks, smelly gas too nervous to eat ran out of, looking for places to hide jumped out bright lights sound of planes heard even no planes cracked and burst

3:42 greatest 1.At _____ am, the __________ earthquake of the 20th century began . Steam 2._______ burst from holes in the ground. Para. 3.Hard hills of the rock became rivers of dirt ____. Bricks 2-3 4.________ covered the ground like red autumn leaves. (During dams 5.Two _______ and most of the bridges fell. the useless quake) 6.The railway tracks were now ________pieces steel of _______. Sand 7.______ now filled the wells instead of water. 8.Water,food,and electricity __________ were hard to get.


Para. 2-3

of the nation felt the earthquake .

1/3 15 2/3

? A huge crack that was



kilometres long and

metres wide cut across houses. terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins.

? of the people died or were injured during the earthquake.

? The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000 .
?All of the city’s hospitals, 75% of its factories _ and buildings and 90% of its homes were gone.

☆ The army organized teams to dig out

:After the earthquake How the army helped the people in Tangshan?
those who were trapped and to bury those who were trapped.

☆ Miners were rescued from the coal
☆ ☆
mines. were built for survivors Shelters
Fresh water was taken to the city.

whose homes had been destroyed.

True or false questions:
1. The chickens didn’t eat because they were full. F

2. One third of the people died or were injured during the earthquake. F
3. Such a great number of people died because the quake happened while they were working. F 4. Rescue workers built brick houses for survivors whose homes had been destroyed. F
5. Water was needed because dams and wells were useless.


Read the text carefully again and choose the best answer. 3. What does “them” in the sentence “No wind, however, could blow them away.” (in Paragraph 3) refer to? A. Red autumn leaves. B. Bricks on the ground. C. Bodies of dead animals. D. Sand in the wells.

1. The title “A night the earth didn’t sleep” means _______. A. the earth was awake all night long B. people on the earth couldn’t fall asleep that night C. the earth shook like crazy that night D. animals on the earth would not sleep that night

injured bury pipe rise rescue ruins well shocked

a thin metal piece 1.The sun rises in that carries water the east and sets in worried or greatly 1.Wewest frightened the were shocked at her hurt 2.Heavy rains raised aarrival. to store water to deep place the river stage. drink 2.The failure was a the part of a building left great shock to him. after the rest has been damaged put something under the earth go up help to get someone out of danger

Retell the story
____________ Strange things happened in Tang Shan. For a few days, water in the wells _____________. rose and fell From the ______ of wells __________come smelly gas cracks out. Mice, chicken, pigs and even fish became nervous ________. At 3:00 am, everything began to ______.It seemed that the world was shake at an end One-third felt _________. _________ of the nation ____ it. ___________cut across the city. The city lay A huge crack _______. in ruins

Two-thirds of the people _____ or died ___________. Then later that afternoon, were injured another big quake ______ Tang Shan. shook People began to wonder ___________________________. But all how long the disaster would last hope ____________. _______ came to was not lost Soldiers help those ________. Slowly, the city survivors began to _____________. breathe again

Tang shan’s new look

Suppose there would be an earthquake, what should we do to keep ourselves safe?



Write a story about the Tangshan Earthquake according to the reading. Discover some useful expressions and structures.


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