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I. 单词

1. act (戏剧的)一幕;vi.表现,行动

2.vacation (美)假期;休假

3. curtain 窗帘, (舞台上的)幕布

4. surprise 使吃惊,使惊奇

5. bend 弯腰,屈身, (使)弯曲

6. touch 触摸,接触

7. explain 解释,说明

8. mess 混乱,杂乱,一团糟

9. sink 水池,水槽,洗碗槽

10. garbage 垃圾

11. can 罐子,金属容器

12. leave 使??处于某种状态,听任

13. charge 负责,掌管

14. adult 成年人

15. reason 原因,理由

16. trust 信任

17. behavior (美)行为,举止

18. unpunished 免受惩罚的

19. teenager (13-19 岁的)青少年

20. fault 过错,错误

21. scene (戏剧中的)一场,场面,景色

22. mad 狂怒的,疯狂的

23. hard 苛刻的,严厉的

24. rude 粗鲁的,无礼的

25. punish 惩罚

26. explanation 解释,说明

27. grown-up 成年人

28. cash 现金

29. truly 真诚地,真实地

30. grandparent 祖父(母)

31. boring 令人厌倦的,乏味的

32. mark 分数,标志,记号

33. test 测验,检验

34. upset 心烦的,苦恼的, (使)心烦/苦恼

35. mix 混合,

36. score 得分

37. interest 使。 。 。感兴趣

38. silly 傻的,愚蠢的

39. sincerely 真诚地

40. column 专栏,栏目

41. insist 坚持,坚持认为

42. cafe 咖啡馆,小餐厅

43. chat 聊天,闲谈

44. valuable 宝贵的,珍贵的,贵重的

45. period 时间段,时期,阶段

46. argument 争论,辩论,论点,论据

47. freedom 自由

48. relationship 关系

49. mainly 主要地,大体上

50. suggest 建议,暗示,使想起

51. fight 争吵,争论,打架,争斗

52. crazy 发狂的,疯狂的

53. spare 空闲的,多余的

54. selfish 自私的

55. unloving 缺乏爱心的

56. forbid 禁止


1. turn up 到达,出现

2. a waste of 浪费

3. no more 不再 4. spare time 业余时间

5. force sb. to do sth.强迫某人做某事

6. can’t wait to do sth 迫不及待要做某事

7. do with 处理,处置

8. be supposed to 应该??,应当??

9. be (in) a mess 乱糟糟

10. leave sb. in charge 让某人负责,掌管

11. go unpunished 不受惩罚

12. go out (灯)熄灭

13. not...any more 不再,再也不

14. go on diets 节食

15. in secret 秘密地

16. in no time 立刻,马上

17. put on weight 体重增加

18. as a matter of fact 事实上

19. in the long term 从长远角度看

20. along with 连同. . . ;随同. . .

21. be hard on 对??要求严格

22. now that 既然,由于

23. stay up 不睡觉,熬夜

24. after all 毕竟

25. mix up 弄混

26. as though 好像,似乎

27. Internet cafe 网吧

28. at present 目前,当前

29. side effect 副作用

30. fall out (头发的)脱落

31. have one’s arm crossed 双臂交叉

32. even if 即使

33. be proud of 以. . .骄傲

34. take/follow/accept one’s advice 接受意见

35. keep in mind 记在心上

36. make a difference 有影响,有关系,

37provide sb. with sth/ provide sth for sb.提供

38. insist on doing sth 坚持做某事

39. forbid sb. from doing sth 禁止某人做某事

40. to one’s surprise 使某人吃惊的是


1. Mom and Dad arrive back from vacation a day earlier than expected. 爸爸和妈妈外出度假,比孩子们预计的时间提前一天返回家中。

2. You weren’t supposed to come home until tomorrow. 你们不是应该明天才回来的嘛!

3. The money with which you were to buy dog food is gone, but Spot looks so hungry! 让你们用来买狗食的钱已经用完了,可是斑点看上去还是那么饿!

4. This is not a family where bad behavior goes unpunished! 这个家可不是一个对不良行为听之任之的地方!

5. Eric sits on his bed, who has his arms crossed and looks angry. 埃里克坐在床上,瞧着双臂交叉,一脸怒气的丹尼尔。

6. I feel like we have to punish him or he won’t respect us. 我觉得我们得惩罚他一下,要不然他会不尊重我们。

7. We didn’t think you would let the house get so dirty. 我们原本以为你不会把屋子搞得这么脏兮兮的。

8. I still wish we could go and see a film tomorrow though! 但我还是希望明天能去看场电影。

9. If you kept your room looking tidy, then it wouldn’t take you so long to clean it up. 假如你让房间保存整洁,你就不必花很长时间去打扫它。

10. Recently he has been refusing to do his homework, and instead insists on wasting his time watching DVDs and listening to foreign music. 最近他就是不做家庭作业,而是把时间浪费在看 DVD、听外国音乐 上。


一、单项选择 1. ______ two exams to worry about, I have to work really hard this wee kend. A. With B. Besides C. As for D. Because of [来源:Z|xx|k.Com] 2. ______John has arrived, we can begin. A. If B. As soon as C. Now that D. Now this

3. The students shared their experiences through their website, in the ho pe more [来源:学&科&网 Z&X&X&K]

teenagers would help pass down their local culture. A. which B. that C. where D. as

4 . He’s got himself into a dangerous situation ________ he is likely to lo se control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D why

5 . Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happ ened to _______. A. be put up. B. give in C. be turned on D. go out

6 .We asked teacher to explain _________. A. us t he word. B. us of the word. C. the word to us. D. the word for us. 7 . The children were left __________ of a neighbor when they went on holiday.

A. in charge B. in the charge C. under charge D. at charge. 8 . . ----He has turned on all the lights in the building. That’s waste of ele ctricity. ---- It’s not his____. He just did what he was told to. A. mistake. B. wrong C. fault D. shortcoming. 9. The teacher came in, ________ by some students. [来源:学科网] A. followed B. following C. was followed D. to follow 10. Don’t punish him again. ________, he is only a small child. A. After all B. In all C. First of all D. Above all 11. I have two bikes; _______ are broken. A. all of them B. both of them C. all of which D. both of which 12. We need water and air, _________ we can’t live. A. with which B. with whom C. without which D without whom 13. The reason ____ he explained was ______ he was ill and un able to go to school. A. why; that B. why; because C. which; because D. which; that 14. Premier Wen Jiabao said the suggestions on improving the quality of milk industry are supposed to careful consideration.

A. determine B. decide C. deserve D. desire 15. difficulties we may come across, we’ll help one another to overco

me them. A. Wherever B. Whenever C. However D. Whatever


Are you a man or a mouse? When people ask this question they want to know 16 you think you are a 17 person or a coward( 懦

夫 ). But you will never really know the answer to this question 18 you ar e tested in real life. Some people19 they are brave but when they come f ace to face with real 20 , they act like cowards. Others think of themselve s as cowards, but when they meet danger, they act like 21. Lenny had always thought of himself as a 22 person. He got worried befo re examinations. He worried about his job and his health. All he wanted in life was to be safe and healthy. 23 , on January 15th, 2002, a plane crashed into the Potomac River in Washington. Lenny went to th e river to see what was happening. He saw a woman in the 24 water. Len ny did not feel afraid. He kept very 25 and did a very courageous thing. He jumped into Potomac, 26 to the woman, and kept her head 27 the water. Seventy-eight people died that day. Thanks to Lenny, it was not 28 . When you are in a very 29 situ ation and feel afraid, the body automatically ( 自 动 地 )

produces a chemical in the blood. This chemical is called adrenalin( 肾 上 激 素 ). 30 adrenalin in the blood system, you actually feel stronger and stro nger and are 31 to fight or run away. However, when you are absolutely t

errified, the body can produce too much adrenalin. When this 32 the mu scles become very hard and you find you 33 move at all. You are paralyze d( 使 无 能 为

力 ) with fear. This is 34 when we are very frightened, we sometimes say we are ?petrified’, this word comes from a Greek word ?petros’, which m eans ?stone’. We are 35 frightened that we become stonelike. 16. A. how 17. A. bra ve 18. A. when 19. A. realize 20. A. life 21. A. soldiers ZXXK] 22. A. useful 23. A. So 24. A. fresh B. brave B. Therefore B. poisonous C. nervous C. Then C. warm D. terrible D. Actually D. ice-cold D. excited D. swam D. from C. seventy-eight D. seventy-ni B. neither B. real B. until B. find B. question B. mice C. whether C. hard C. after C. think C. mouse D. either D. certain D. once D. agree D. danger D. cowards [ 来源 : 学科网

C. heroes( 英雄)

25. A. nervous 26. A. went 27. A. in

B. calm C. frightened B. helped C. spoke C. above B. a mistake

B. under

28. A. an accident ne 29. A. dangerous

B. comfortable

C. different

D. favorable

30. A. With 31. A. afraid 32. A. gets 33. A. needn’t 34. A. where 35. A. really 三、阅读理解

B. Without B. unable B. disappears B. can’t

C. For C. ready

D. Like D. anxious D. goes

C. happens

C. mustn’t D. shouldn’t D. why D. so

B. how C. because B. very C. such


Six people were travelin

g in a compartment (

厢 ) on a train. Five of them were quiet and well behaved( 举 止 文 明 ), but the sixth was a rude young man who was causing a lot of trouble to the other passengers. At last this young man got out of the station with his two heavy bags. No ne of the other passengers helped him, but one of them waited until the rude young man was very far away, and then opened the window to him, “ You left something behind in the compartment!” Then he closedthe window again. The young man turned around and hurried back with his two bags. He w as very tired when he arrived, but he shouted through the window, “ Wh at did I leave behind?” As the train began to move again, the passenger who had called him bac

k opened the window and said, “ A very bad impression!” 36. Of the six passengers in the compartment ___. A. five of them were rude and badly behaved B. one of them was rude and badly behaved C. five were always causing trouble on the train D. only one was quiet and well behaved 37. When the rude young man got off the train ___. A. he left his two bags behind B. he was thrown out thro ugh the window C. the other five passengers didn’t help him D. one of the other passengers opened the window for him 38. The young man hurried back because ___. A. he found he had left something on the train B. he found he had left his bags on the train C. he heard a passenger calling him by his name D. he heard a passenger shouting to him that he had left something behi nd 39. The passenger who had called him back wanted A. to punish him for his bad behavior B. to have a word with him about his behavior C. to help him with his behavior D. to return him the things he had left on the train


A thief entered the bedroom of the 30th President of the United States, who met him and helped him escape punishment. The event happened in the early morning hours in one of the first days w hen Calvin Coolidge came into power, late in August, 1923. He and his fa mily were living in the same third-floor suite( 套

房 ) at the Willard Hotel in Washington that had occupied several years b efore. The former President’s wife was still living in the White House. Coolidge awoke to see a stranger go through his clothes, remove a wallet and a watch chain. Coolidge spoke, “ I wish you wouldn’t take that.” The thief, gaining his voice, said, “ Why?” “ I do n’t mean the watch and chain, only the charm( 表

坠 ). Take it near the window and read what is impressed on its back,” the president said. The thief read, “ Presented to Calvin Coolidge.” “ Are you President Coolidge?” he asked. The president answered, “ Yes, and the House of Representatives ( 众 议 院 )

gave me the watch charm. I’m fond of it. It would do you no good. You w ant money. Let’s talk this over.” Holding up the wallet, the young man said in a low voice, “ I’ll take this a nd leave everything else.”

Coolidge, knowing there was 80 dollars in it, persuaded the young man t o sit down and talk. He told the Pre sident he and his college roommate had overspent during their holiday a nd did not have enough money to pay their hotel bill. Coolidge added up the roommate and two rail tickets back to the college . Then he counted out 32 dollars and said it was a loan(借款). He then told the young man, “ There is a guard in the corridor.” The youn g man nodded and left through the same window as he had entered. [ 来 源:Z|xx|k.Com] 40. What caused the thief to meet the President A. He knew the president had lots of money. B. He knew the president lived in the suite. C. He wanted to be a rich businessman. money. 41. Why did Calvin Coolidge live at the Willard Hotel in those days? A. Because the former president was still in the White House. B. Because the former First Lady hadn’t left the White House. C. Because the First lady liked to liv e there. D. Because he liked there. 42. Coolidge counted out 32 dollars______. A. in order not to be killed by the thief D. He wanted to steal some

B. in order to be out of danger C. so as to help the young student overcome his difficulty. D. because he had no more money. 43. The young man’s roommate went back to college _____. A. by air B. by water C. by bus D. by train

44. Which of the following might happen afterwards? A. The young man repaid the 32 dollars. B. The thief w as put into prison. C. The President told many reporters the thief’s name. D. The President ordered the young man to repay the money. 四、单词拼写 45.How much did the bookstore owner c_______ you? 46. Teaching the children with disabilities is a c______________ job. 47.The only_________________(解释) for his behavior is that he’s mad 48. No one can go u________________ if he breaks the law. 49 . I _____________( 真 诚

地)hope that you will be successful next time. 50. This tool is ______________(贵重的)for doing electrical repairs. 51.Students are f___________ to smoke in school. 52. He ____________(后悔)that he had been careless. 53. Where are you planning to spend your v__________ next summer.. 54.They are having a heated a_________( 争

论) over whether smoking is bad for the health.

第四部分 任务型阅读(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 请认真阅读下面短文, 并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里 填入一个最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填 1 个单词。 Blood Drive at Civic Center The local university blood center had a blood drive today at the Civic Center auditorium.Almost 300 people showed up,but about 50 were turned away for various medical reasons.Fifty others left because the lines were moving so slowly.The event concluded at 6 p.m.,three hours after the scheduled close.It was a long day for everyone—administrators,nurses,and donors.But there were plenty of chairs and tables, and many people brought their own books, magazines, or newspapers. The first thing the donors had to do, of course, was fill out the donor registration and screening form.When they finished filling out the form, they waited until a nurse called them to her desk.The average adult body contains 8 to 12 pints of blood.Donors can give one pint at a time.It takes your body 2 to 4 weeks to replace this amount.Most donors filled up the pint bag within 5 to 10 minutes. Before leaving,the donors received a sheet of instructions including: Do not lift any heavy objects for 12 hours.Leave your pressure bandage on for 2~3 hours.Do not smoke for at least 30 minutes.Avoid alcohol for the rest of the day.Do not do any labor activity for 24 hours. “I wish I could hug and kiss all the volunteers that are here today,”said Martha,the blood center donor recruiter.“Many donors underestimate the importance of what they’re doing.They think it is no big deal,but it is a big deal.Their blood is actually saving lives,helping other people to live,which will lead to a more harmonious society.We cannot thank them enough for that,nor can the recipients.” Title:Blood Drive at Civic Centre 71.________ The Civic Centre auditorium Number of people who donated Approximately 72.______. blood ●73.________ in the medical test. Reasons why part of the people present didn’t give blood ●Waiting too long. Process ●Fill out the donor 74.______ and

screening form. ●Wait for their turns to give blood. ●Give blood. 75.______ of blood one person gives One pint at a time. ●Don’t lift heavy things within 12 hours. ●Leave the pressure bandage on for 2~3 hours. ●77.________ smoking for not less than 30 minutes. ●Don’t perform any laborious activity for a 78.______ day. Enthusiastic,positive and concerned. ●Saving other people’s lives. ●Contributing to a more harmonious society.

76.________ for people who have given blood

People’s 79.______ towards the blood drive 80.________ of donating blood

第五部分 书面表达(满分 25 分) 假如你叫李华, 从新浪网站上看到下面的调查统计表, 感触颇深, 决定在某英文论坛上发表一篇日志, 反映这一现实, 并简要分析原因, 呼吁教育部门及家长们改变目前的局面。 注意:1.语言连贯,准确,可适当发挥; 2.词数 150 左右。

_______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________

_________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________

Key I. 单选 1--5.ACBAD 6--10.CBCAA 11--15. BCDCD IV.完形填空

16-20 CABCD 21-25CCCDB 26~30 DCDAA 31~35CCBDD 阅读理解 (A) BCDA (B) DBCDA 单词拼写: 56-65 c harge challenging explanation unpunished sincerely valuable forbidde n regretted v action argument 71 . Place/Where 72.200 73.Failing 74.registration 75.Amount 76.Instructions/Tips/Suggestions/Advice 77.Avoid 78.whole 79.attitude(s) 80.Importance/Meaning/Significance 参考范文 As you can see from the chart,Chinese students only have 12 minutes for physical activities every day.The students in South Korea have 42 minutes and the students in the US have 72 minutes.Why is there such a big difference? The reasons lie in the following.Almost all of the Chinese students’ time is spent in studying in schools and their parents make them concentrate on studying as soon as they get back home.Thus , there is little time left for them to get any exercise. In my opinion,both the Education Department and parents are responsible for giving the students more time to do physical activities.The truth is that students can learn not only from books but also through activities.



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