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2015-2016高中英语 unit3 section3《Using Language》练习 新人教版选修8

Unit 3

Section Ⅲ

1.There are many________(精力充沛的) and ambitious people in our company. 2.Strong________(水流) can be very dangerous for swimmers. 3.They provide financial and________(实际的) help for disabled students. 4.He sees local history as an________(延伸) of family history. 5.Students will gain________(能力,技能)in a wide range of skills. 6.He turned as someone t______him on the shoulder. 7.Don't worry! He is said to be in a s______condition in hospital. 8.You'd better avoid being a______with such dishonest people. 9.The book was translated into many v______and sold all over the world. 10.A copy should be sent to the P______Department for our files. 答 案 : 1 . dynamic/energetic 5.competences 6.tapped 2 . currents 3 . practical 4 . extension

7.stable 8.associated 9.versions 10.Personnel

Ⅱ.用所给短语的适当形式填空 错误! 1.This song ________ memories of my children. 2.I like to go to the opera ________. 3.When he retired,he began to ________ painting. 4.________ the heavy rain,we put off our sports meeting. 5.He was too lazy to clean his house so it was always ______. 6.Smoking can ________ lung cancer. 7.On receiving the assignment,we ________ to work at once. 8.I often ________ my old friend when I see the photo. 9.Hard work ________ success. 10.This book ________ love and marriage. 答案:1.called up and then 3.take up 4.Because of a mess 6.contribute to 7.set out 8.think of 9.leads to with Ⅲ.句型转换 1.Bell made his first invention when he was eleven years old. Bell made his first invention ______ ________ ________ of eleven. 2.The snakes were so fast that I couldn't catch them. The snakes were ________ fast for me ________ catch. 3.There appears to have been many mistakes in my paper.

It ________ ________ there are many mistakes in my paper. 4.The snake that was trapped in a gap was struggling at times. ______ in a gap,the snake was struggling every ________ and ________. 5.He got up early in the morning in order to catch the first bus. He got up early in the morning ________ ________ he could catch the first bus. 答案 the age 2.too;to 3.appears that 4.Trapped;now;then that Ⅳ.完形填空 (2015·浙江卷) Since finishing my studies at Harvard and Oxford,I've watched one friend after another land high?ranking,high?paying Wall Street jobs.As executives(高级管理人 员)with banks,consulting firms,established law firms,and major corporations, many are now __1__ on their way to impressive careers.By society's __2__,they seem to have it made. On the surface,these people seem to be very lucky in life.As they left student life behind,many had a __3__ drink at their cheap but friendly local bar,shook hands with longtime roommates,and __4__ out of small apartments into high buildings.They made reservations at restaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine __5__ a college year's monthly rent.They replaced their beloved old cars with expensive new sports cars. The thing is,a number of them have __6__ that despite their success,they aren't happy . Some __7__ of unfriendly coworkers and feel sad for eight?hour workweeks devoted to tasks they __8__.Some do not respect the companies they work for and talk of feeling tired and __9__.However,instead of devoting themselves to their work, they find themselves working to support the __10__ to which they have so quickly become __11__. People often speak of trying a more satisfying path,and __12__ in the end the idea of leaving their jobs to work for something they __13__ or finding a position that would give them more time with their families almost always leads them to the same conclusion:it's __14__.They have loans,bills,a mortgage(抵押贷款)to __15__, retirement to save for.They recognize there's something __16__ in their lives, but it's __17__ to step off the track. In a society that tends to __18__everything in terms of dollars and cents,we learn from a young age to consider the costs of our __19__ in financial terms.But

what about the personal and social costs __20__ in pursuing money over meaning? These are exactly the kinds of costs many of us tend to ignore—and the very ones we need to consider most. 文章大意:本文讲述了金钱不能代表一切,享受高薪的人并不一定幸福。 1.A.much C.seldom 答案: D B.never D.well 副词词义辨析。根据上文 I've watched one friend after another land

high?ranking,high?paying Wall Street jobs.可知我的朋友都有了很好的工作。故这里 意为“他们作为银行,顾问公司等的高级管理人员,在令人钦佩的职业生涯中走得很顺利 (well)”。 be well on one's way 意为“在??的路上进展顺利”。 much “很多”; never“从 不”;seldom“很少”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 D。 2.A.policies C.experiments B.standards D.regulations

答案:B 名词辨析。由上文可知“我”的朋友们在很多领域担任要职,有很好的工作。 故这里意为“从社会的标准 (standards) 看来,他们似乎很成功”。policy“政策”; experiment“实验”;regulation“规则,规章”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 B。 3.A.last C.second B.least

答案:A 考查语境理解。根据前文 As they left student life behind 和后面的 shook hands with longtime roommates 可知这里在描述当他们离开学生生活时候的场景,即他们 会在当地的热情待客的廉价酒吧喝最后的(last)一杯酒。least“最少的”;second“第二 的”;best“最好的”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 A。 4.A.cycled C.slid B.moved D.looked

答案:B 动词词义辨析。由上文 As they left student life behind 可知这里在讲 述他们离开学生生活的情景,故这里意为“他们从小公寓搬(moved)出,住到高建筑里”。 cycle“循环”;slide“滑”;look“看”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 B。 5.A.shared C.equaled B.paid D.collected

答案:C 考查语境和动词词义辨析。根据后文 They replaced their beloved old cars with expensive new sports cars.可知这里在讲述他们离开校园生活后的情景,在对比离 开校园前后的生活。这里意为“他们会预定酒店,在那里一瓶酒的价格和大学时期一个月的 租金相等(equaled)”。share “分享”;pay “支付”;collect “收集”,均不符合文意。 故正确答案为 C。

6.A.advertised C.admitted

B.witnessed D.demanded

答案: C 动词词义辨析。 根据前文 On the surface, these people seem to be very lucky in life.可知这些人在表面看起来很幸运。根据本段内容可知这里是在转折。本句意为“问 题是,他们中的许多人都承认(admitted)尽管他们成功,但他们并不开心”。advertise“通 知”;witness“目击”;demand“要求”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 C。 7.A.complain C.hear B.dream D.approve

答案:A 动词词义辨析。根据前文 they aren't happy 可知本段内容在说他们不开心 的事情。 故这里意为“一些人抱怨(complain)同事的不友好”。 dream“梦想”; hear“听到; 听说”;approve“同意”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 A。 8.A.distribute C.applaud B.hate D.neglect

答案:B 动词词义辨析。根据前文 they aren't happy 和 feel sad 可知本段内容在 说他们不开心的事情。故这里意为“一些人会对八小时的工作时间都致力于他们讨厌(hate) 的任务感到难过”。distribute“分配”;applaud“赞同”;neglect“忽视”,均不符合 文意。故正确答案为 B。 9.A.calm C.warm B.guilty D.empty

答案:D 形容词词义辨析。根据前文 they aren't happy 可知本段内容在说他们不开 心的事情。and 连接两个并列的成分,故画线处应和 tired 意思相近。本句意为“一些人不 尊重他们为之工作的公司,感到累和空虚(empty)”。calm “冷静的”;warm “温暖的”, 不符合文意。 guilty “愧疚的”, 这里不能推断出他们感到愧疚, 只是对自己的工作不满意, 故不正确。故正确答案为 D。 B.government D.project

答案:C 名词词义辨析。结合前文可知,这些华尔街的工作者们会花高价去餐厅,买很 贵的车, 他们并不是因为热爱而投入到工作中, 而是用工作来支撑这种生活方式(lifestyle)。 government “政府”;project “项目”,不符合文意。family“家庭”,本文并没有提到 工作对家人的意义,“来支撑家庭”不符合文意。故正确答案为 C。 11.A.accustomed C.unique 答案:A B.appointed D.available 考查语境理解。accustomed “习惯的”;appointed“指定的;约定的”;


街的工作者们并不是因为对工作的热情而工作,而是用工作来支撑一种生活方式,这种方式 他们已经习惯(accustomed)了,A 项符合文意。故正确答案为 A。 12.A.yet C.instead B.also D.rather

答案:A 副词词义辨析。由前文可知,华尔街的工作者们外表光鲜,但实际上很多人并 不开心。结合空格处前半句“People often speak of trying a more satisfying path”可 知,很多人想要尝试新的生活方式,而后文中提到 “always leads them to the same conclusion. . .They have loans,bills. . .” 可知,最终他们的期望落空,前后句之间是 转折关系,yet “然而”符合文意。also“也”;instead“相反”;rather“宁可”,均不 符合文意。故正确答案为 A。 13.A.let out C.give up B.turn in D.believe in

答案:D 动词短语辨析。由前文可知,很多人不喜欢自己的工作,外表光鲜却过着空虚 的生活,他们尝试更令人满意的途径也就是他们想要为一些自己坚信(believe in)的东西而 努力,或者换一份能够有更多时间与家人相处的工作。let out“释放”;turn in“上交; 归还”;give up“放弃”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 D。 14.A.fundamental C.impossible B.practical D.unforgettable

答案:C 考查语境理解。结合后一句“They have loans,bills,a mortgage”可知, 尽管他们想要放弃在华尔街的工作,想要过自己喜欢的生活,但由于贷款账单等等问题,想 要换工作的想法最终是不可能的(impossible)。fundamental“根本性的”;practical “实 用的”;unforgettable“难忘的”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 C。 15.A.take off C.put off B.drop off off

答案: D 动词词组辨析。 take off “起飞; 脱下”; drop off“减少; 睡着”; put off“延 期”;pay off“偿还;付清”。结合空格前的“loans,bills,a mortgage”可知,此处意 为“他们还有贷款和账单要偿还(pay off)”。故正确答案为 D。 16.A.missing C.sinking B.inspiring D.shining

答案:A 考查语境理解。结合前文所述,这些华尔街的工作者们虽然过着外表光鲜的生 活,然而他们却不开心,有些人想要“leaving their jobs to work for something they believe in or finding a position that would give them more time with their families”, 却最终失败。因此可推知,此处意为“他们意识到在他们的生命中,有些东西缺失了 (missing)”。inspiring“鼓舞人心的”;sinking“下沉的”;shining“闪烁的”,均不

符合文意。故正确答案为 A。 17.A.harmful C.useful B.hard D.normal

答案:B 形容词词义辨析。由前文可知,这些人想要离开华尔街的工作,追求自己想要 的生活的努力最终因为很多原因而以失败告终。故可以推知此处意为“虽然他们发现自己的 生命中缺少了某些东西,但是想要脱离现状去追求却很难(hard)”。harmful“有害的”; useful“有用的”;normal“正常的”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 B。 18.A.measure C.digest B.suffer D.deliver

答案:A 考查语境理解。结合后半句中的“in terms of dollars and cents” 即“以 美元和美分计算”, 可推知此处意为“在一个倾向于用美元和美分来衡量(measure)一切的社 会中”。suffer“遭受;忍受”;digest“消化”;deliver“配送”,均不符合文意。故正 确答案为 A。 19.A.disasters C.campaigns B.motivations D.decisions

答案: D 名词词义辨析。 结合这一段第一句 “In a . . . everything in terms of dollars and cents” 可 知 , 此 处 意 为 “ 我 们 很 小 的 时 候 就 学 会 了 以 金 钱 来 衡 量 我 们 的 决 定 (decisions)所带来的得失”。disaster “灾难”;motivation“动力”;campaign “运动; 战役”,均不符合文意。故正确答案为 D。 20.A.assessed C.covered B.involved D.reduced

答案: B 动词词义辨析。 前一句提到“我们很小的时候就学会了以金钱来衡量我们所做 出的决定会带来的得失”,由后句开始的 But 一词可知前后两句形成对照关系。故可推知, 后句意为“那么,为了追逐金钱超过追求人生意义本身而涉及到的(involved)个人代价和社 会代价”。assess“评估”;cover“覆盖,涵盖”;reduce“减少”;均不符合文意。故正 确答案为 B。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 Studying for any standardized test can be stressful,especially when English is your second language.Sometimes that stress can drive you to try the most unusual strategies for acing the test,and it can even tempt you towards unethical approaches to beating the test.But trust me,there's only one way to“beat” the test. When I stayed in the US to advance my education further,getting a satisfactory GRE score proved a difficult challenge.My first practice test score was atrocious, especially for the verbal section.

A friend of mine recommended memorizing 5,000 words that were likely to show up in the verbal section.It might not make sense,but I was willing to give it a try.A few months after studying the words,it was time for me to take the actual test to see if I had made any progress.Sadly,my results showed the opposite—my test score actually dropped. That's when someone recommended to me another way to beat the GRE.Apparently, students who had taken the test were memorizing the questions and then posting them online. A look at one of these websites and I could have access to questions and answers that might end up on my actual test. The question?sharing website my friend was offering me was really

attractive. Thank goodness the first page I came to was completely in Korean, a language I don't speak at all.I couldn't have used the site even if I wanted to.At that point the thought of getting caught by the ETS crossed my mind,and I realized how much worse that would be than getting a low score. Then I decided to stick to a more traditional method—constant and

regular practice.I started reviewing the methods I was learning in my GRE class and working on practice tests.And guess what? These approaches eventually proved to be effective.I started to see a steady progression in my test scores.I learned to use strategic educated guesses when I was thrown a question I didn't know,and was able to finish each section in the given time. 文章大意:很多留学生备考 GRE 这样的考试时会误入歧途。作者经过一番尝试,找到了 攻破考试的秘诀——反复练习。 1.What does the author mean to say in the first paragraph? A.Beating the test is unethical. B.Students might prepare a test in a wrong way. C.Students need enough confidence to take a test. D.Some standardized tests are unfair to foreign students. 答案:B 推理判断题。由第一段的“and it can even. . .beating the test”和下文 描述作者在备考的过程中,也经过了反复尝试,走过弯路,还差点误入歧途可知,B 项正确。 2.The underlined word“ atrocious” in paragraph 2 probably means________. A.very bad C.rather hard 答案:A B.astonishing D.very average

词 义 猜 测 题 。 由 第 二 段 中 的 When . . . GRE score proved a difficult


3 . When one friend of the author recommended memorizing 5,000 words , the author________. A.felt grateful C.rejected the advice B.felt cheated D.doubted the advice

答案:D 推理判断题。由第三段中的 It might not make sense,but I was willing to give it a try.可知,D 项正确。 4.What is probably the only one way to“beat” the test according to the author? A.Practice. C.The question?sharing website. B.Training centre. D.Memorizing possible questions.

答案:A 细节理解题。由最后一段中的 Then I decided to stick to a more traditional method—constant and regular practice。可知答案。其他选项与文章所述不符。 Ⅵ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 A worker who was very poor found some work as a fisherman's helper.He was paid a few fish a day,and this kept his family__1__(live).One day he caught a pretty little fish.Suddenly the fish spoke to him,“Just moments ago I__2__(play) with my friends.Now I'm in your hands.My parents and playmates must be worrying about me.Please throw me__3__into the water!” The worker quickly threw the fish back into the water,“All right,go along and play__4__.” When the worker's boss saw this, he became very angry. So the poor worker walked__5__(sad) home. He was walking home,__6__he saw a Monster (怪物) coming toward him.The worker told him his story.I'm going to do you__7__favor.I'll let you keep this cow for three years.She'll give you good milk, and you'll never go__8__(hunger).But when three years have passed,I'll come and ask certain questions.If you answer correctly,the cow will be yours.__9__ I'll take it away.Three years have passed.The Monster stood silently at the door for some time,and then told him,“You've answered correctly.A kindness is__10__lost,even if you throw it into the water.” 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 答案: 1. alive 根据语境可以知道他只能通过帮别人打鱼来养活家庭。 alive 做形容词, “活 着的”。 2.was playing 从后文中可以知道乞求工人让它回去和它的伙伴去玩,故鱼被抓住的 时候正在和它的伙伴玩。 5.______ 10.______

3.back 鱼说“请把我扔回水里去吧。”throw back“扔回去”。 4.again 工人把鱼扔回水里是希望它接着和伙伴们玩。 5.sadly 老板很生气,所以可怜的工人难过地回了家。 6. when when 在此引导时间状语从句, 表示“当??的时候”。 be doing sth when. . . 表 示“正做着某事的时候,另外一件事情突然发生”。 7.a do sb a favor 是一个固定短语,表示“帮某人一个忙”。 8.hungry 由于怪物给了他一头奶牛,故他和家人就不会挨饿了,此处 go hungry 表示 “挨饿”。 9.Or 根据上下句的意思可知表示转折,or“否则,要不然”。 10.never never 为副词,“永远不,从不”。本句话的意思是:善良永远都不会失去, 即使你把它扔进水里。 Ⅶ.短文改错 阅读短文,文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删 除或修改。增加:在缺词处加一个漏词符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。删除:把多余 的词用斜线(划掉。修改:在错的词下画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误仅限 1 词;2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 Last summer I went to London for a holiday.I spend just a week there.While I was staying there,I visited much places of interest but had lots of friendly talks with all kinds of people.I found a very interested thing there.One of my Chinese friend living in London has told me that many English families doesn't like to buying new television sets.There are many shops where can lend people TV sets.The shops often filled with a great many people.Here they can borrow a set very easy,and it costs them only a little money.Then it can be taken home and used for long. 答案: Last summer I went to London for a holiday.I spend just a week there.While spent I was staying there,I visited much places of interest but had lots of friendly many and talks with all kinds of people.I found a very Chinese interested thing there.One of my interesting

friend living in London has told me that many English families doesn't friends don't

like to buying new television sets. There are many shops where can lend people buy that/which TV sets.The shops ∧ often filled with a great many people.Here they can borrow are a set very easy ,and it costs them only a little money.Then it can be taken home easily

and used for long.


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【成才之路】2015-2016学年高中英语 unit2 section3 Using Language练习 新人教版必修2 - Unit 2 Ⅰ.单词拼写 Section Ⅲ 1.You'v...

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