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高中英语Unit 2 Working the land:学时1高频单词

1.__________________vt. & vi. 斗争;拼搏; 努力 2.__________________n. 饥饿;欲望 →__________________vt. & vi. (使)饥饿 →__________________adj. 饥饿的

3.__________________adj. 引起烦恼的;令人 不安的→__________________adj. 扰乱的;精 神失常的→__________________vt. 扰乱;打扰 4.__________________vt. & vi. 使变大;伸展 →__________________n. 扩大;膨胀 5.__________________vt. & vi. 循环;流传 →__________________n. 循环;环流 6.__________________n. 战役;战斗;较量; 斗争

7.__________________n. 自由;自主 →__________________adj. 自由的;免费的, 无偿的→__________________adv. 自由地,随 意地 8.__________________vt. & vi. 配备;装备 →__________________n. 装备 9.__________________vt. & vi. 输出;出口 →__________________n. 输出;出口;输出品; 出口产品→__________________n. 进口品;进 口货物→__________________v. 进口;输入

10.__________________n. 国籍 →__________________n. 国家;民族 →__________________adj. 国家的;民族的 →__________________adj. 在全国范围内的 11.__________________ vt. 使迷惑;使为难 →__________________adj. 糊涂的;迷惑的 →__________________adj. 令人困惑不解的 →__________________n. 混乱;迷惑 12.__________________vt. 遗憾;惋惜

13.__________________adj. 化学的;关于化 学的→__________________n. 化学 →__________________n. 化学家;药剂师 14.__________________n. 发现;发觉 →__________________vt. 发现;发觉 →__________________n. 发现者 15.__________________ v t. 减少;减免 →__________________n. 减少;减轻 16.__________________n. 评论;议论

[答案] 1.struggle 2.hunger hunger hungry 3.disturbing disturbed disturb 4.expand expansion 5.circulate circulation 6.battle 7.freedom free freely 8.equip equipment 9.export export import import 10.nationality nation national nationwide 11.confuse confused confusing confusion 12.regret 13.chemical chemistry chemist 14.discovery discover discoverer 15.reduce reduction 16.comment

考点1 struggle vi. & n. 斗争;拼搏;努力;挣 扎 【课文如是】 ...,for whom he has struggled for the past five decades.(课本P10) struggle to_do sth. 艰难地做某事,挣扎着做 某事 struggle for 为……而斗争 struggle with(against) 与……作斗争,同…… 搏斗

【典例填充】 1.The wounded man __________ __________ __________ __________.那个受伤的人挣扎着 站起来。 [答案] struggled to his feet 2.She is__________ __________ __________ __________a family __________very low income.她靠着非常微薄的收入艰难地供养一家人。 [答案] struggling to bring up;on 3.They had to __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ weather and dangerous animals.为了生存,他们必须与

【即学即练】 The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle__________. be heard have heard C.hearing D.being heard [解析] struggle to do...竭力做……,I 与hear 是 动宾关系,故用to be heard,故选A。 [答案] A

考点2 expand vi. 扩大,增强,增加 vt. 使变大,使增强,阐述 【课文如是】 Dr. Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of the fields.(课本P10) 【比较网站】 expand,extend,spread,stretch expand 展开,扩大,不仅指尺寸的增加,还可指 范围和体积的扩大。

extend 伸出,延伸,指空间范围的扩大,以及长 度、宽度的向外延伸,也可指时间的延长。 spread 伸开,传播,一般指向四面八方扩大传播 的范围,如传播(疾病)、散布(信息)等。 stretch 伸展,拉长,一般指由曲变直、由短变长 的伸展,不是加长。

【典例填充】 1.The bird __________ __________ __________ __________ __________.那只鸟在飞行前先张 开翅膀。 [答案] expanded its wings before flying 2.The __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________in the 1960s.在20世纪60年代,这个镇上的人口迅速增 加。 [答案] population of the town expanded rapidly


equip vt. & vi. 装备;配备;使有准备;使有资格

【课文如是】 He therefore gives millions of yuan to equip others for their research in agriculture.(课本P10) ?equip...with... 用……装备 ? ?equip...for sth./to do sth. 为了……而装备 ?well/poorly equipped 设备精良的/较差的 ?
?equipment n. ? ? ?a piece of equipment ?

装备,设备?不可数名词? 一件设备

【典例填充】 1.We'll have to __________ __________ __________ __________a new computer, won't we? 我们办公室应该备有一台新电脑,不是吗? [答案] equlp our office with 2.Our school has been given __________ __________ __________.我们学校有了一些赠 送的新设备。 [答案] some new equipment

【即学即练】 Every classroom in this modern school is__________with a new TV set. A.equipped B.installed C.fixed D.placed [解析] 句意:在这个现代化的学校里,每个教室 都配备了一台新电视。install 安装,设置;fix 安 装,修理,B,C,D三项都不能用于be+ v .ed with 这一结构中。 [答案] A

考点4 regret vt. 遗憾;惋惜 n. 遗憾;懊悔 【课文如是】 His father says that he has never regretted sending his son to study abroad.(课本 P13) regret doing/having_done sth. 后悔做了某事 regret to_do sth.(常和tell,say,inform 等词连用) 对将要做某事表示遗憾 regret that 从句 遗憾…… regret sth. 为某事后悔/遗憾 with great/deep regret 很遗憾

【典例填充】 1.I __________ __________ __________ __________Mr. Smith is not at home.很抱歉, 史密斯先生不在家。 [答案] regret to say that 2.He __________ __________ __________ __________earlier.他后悔没有早点来。 [答案] regretted not having come 3.I __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________to sell your house.你竟然被迫出售房屋,让我甚感遗憾。

【即学即练】 —Robert is indeed a wise man. —Oh,yes.How often regretted__________his advice! take B.taking C.not to take D.not taking [答案] D



考点5 reduce vt. 缩减,减少;降低,使……陷 入某种地步 【课文如是】 A healthy soil reduces disease and helps crops grow strong and healthy.(课本 P14) reduce sth. to... 减少到…… reduce sth. by... 减少了…… reduce sb. (from sth.) to sth. 降职 reduce sb. /sth. (from sth.) to sth.= be_reduced_to... 使某人或者某物陷入某种(通 常指更坏的)状态或状况中。(常用于被动语态中)

【典例填充】 1 . H e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __________almost__________a skeleton.他瘦 得几乎变成了一个骨头架子。 [答案] is reduced;to 2.She reduced her weight__________6 kilos/__________50 kilos.她把体重减轻了6公斤/ 减轻到50公斤。 [答案] by;to

【即学即练】 —Look! There are so many people in that shoe shop. —They are buying shoes.The prices of many kinds of shoes have been__________. A.went down B.risen C.turned down D.reduced [答案] D

考点6 confuse vt. 使迷惑,使混乱,混淆 【课文如是】 It is important to explain this again or we will confuse the students.(课本P13) 【家谱追踪】 confused adj. (人感到)糊涂的, 迷惑的 be/get confused about... 对……感到困惑 confusing adj. 令人迷惑的 confusion n. [U][C] 不确定,困惑

【典例填充】 1.People were__________by a lot of information. 人们被大量的信息搞糊涂了。 [答案] confused 2.I__________her__________her sister because they were so alike. 我把她和她妹妹弄混了,因为她们长得太像了。 [答案] confused;with 3.The instructions on the box are very__________.

【即学即练】 —What do you think of her speech last night? —Just so so.She gave us too much information, so that everyone got__________. A.confused confuse C.confusing be confused [解析] 考查非谓语动词。get confused 为被动语 态结构,get 相当于助动词be。 [答案] A

1.The wounded young man__________on his feet and__________through the snowstorm. A.dragged;flew B.pulled;went;struggled D.stood;fought [答案] C

2.In order to prevent A (H1N1) flu __________to other districts,the government has taken many measures. A.extending B.spreading C.expanding D.stretching [解析] spread 传播,一般指向四面八方扩大传 播的范围,如传播(疾病)。 [答案] B

3.(2010年浙江嘉兴模拟)The laboratory was well__________for atomic research. A.offered B.equipped C.provided D.supplied [答案] B

4.How I regretted__________hard at school, __________led to the failure in my career! A.not to study;which B.not having studied;that C.not having studied;which D.not to study;that [解析] 考查regret 一词的用法及非限制性定语从 句。句意:我多么后悔在学校时没好好学习,这 导致了我事业的失败。regret not doing sth. 后悔 没有做某事。which 引导非限制定语从句而that 不能引导非限制定语从句。

5.Though the man was badly hurt in the accident,he was still__________and could think clearly. A.awake B.aware C.conscious D.confused [解析] 考查形容词词义辨析。conscious 神志清 醒的;awake 醒着的;aware 意识到的,知道的; confused 糊涂的。句意:尽管这个人在事故中受 伤严重,但他仍然神志清醒,思维清晰。 [答案] C


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