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lesson1 a matter of taste

Unit 6


A Matter of Taste

Task 1 lead-in




Leonardo da Vinci


Task 2 Chinese paintings

Xu Beihong

Qi Baishi

Chen Yifei

Task 3 Reading

A. Extensive reading

What kinds of work were the artists in the text famous for?
horses Xu: racing _____________________
Simple pictures of everyday life Qi: ______________________ Portraits of beautiful women. Chen:___________________

Task 3 Reading Intensive Reading

1. Xu Beihong A. What did he develop? The tradition of combining poetry with painting
B. Why is Racing Horse so attractive?

running at high speed 1.________________________.

black ink showing the moving 2.________________________.

hair on the horse’s mane and tail 3.________________________. Different shades of grey showing the sweat of the horse

2. Qi Baishi
A. What did he first paint during 1902 and 1909?


B. What did he change to later?

Simple pictures of everyday life
C. What does his painting give audience?

Much guessing and imagination

3. Chen Yifei
A. Of his paintings, which is very valuable?

Soft portraits of beautiful women

B. How is his painting, Poppy? Tell in details.

sitting alone A young woman1._________________ deep in thought 2._________________ Hand holding a fan 3._________________ Hand positioned 4._________________
above her knees

Task 4 Thinking What are the similarities(相似) of the three painters about their painting?
1.Paintings in detail. 2.About everyday life. 3.Realistic. 4.Chinese ink painting. 5.…

Task 5 main idea Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi and Chen yifei were famous artists in China, and they were good at painting things, animals or people from everyday life in details and in Chinese ink.

Task 6 words and expressions

abstract exhibition shade youth typical emphasize promote combine A with Fix A on B

straight admission sweat valuable elegant detail

1.Across this painting, we can see a horse running at high speed 2.He travelled across the country .. 3. Qi … painting often leaves the audience guessing and makes them use their imagination. 4.A young woman sits alone and is deep in thought. Her hand holding the fan is elegantly positioned above her knees

exhibition had 1.I was told that an _____________ been on last week, but what were exhibited ____________ was unknown. (exhibit)

It is typical of him to help others.
3.进行英语写作时,直奔主题是很有必要的。 (straight) It is necessary for us to go straight to the point when we are writing an English article.

4. He was not ______________ admitted to enter the theater. 5. His admission ___________ to the club was still under discussion. (admission) 6. 据报道,一颗很有价值的钻石昨晚被盗了。 A.It is reported that a diamond of great value was stolen last night. B.It is reported that a valuable diamond was stolen last night.

7. 进行文章阅读时,要舍细节,抓重点。 (detail) When reading a passage, we should skip the details and get to the main point.

8. 她对她的计划作了详细的解释。 (detail) She explained the plan in detail.

elegant vase is placed on the 9. An __________ desk, making the whole room more beautiful. 10. The girl was dancing to the music, which impressed her elegance audience with great ____________. (elegant)

作谓语 11. A.The girl fixed _____ her eyes on the bird, feeling rather excited. B.Her eyes ______ fixed on the bird, the girl felt rather excited. 作非谓语,表被动 Fixing her eyes on the bird, the C._______ girl felt rather excited. (fix) 作非谓语,表主动


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