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Eton college

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》Introduction 1 》》Management 2 》》》Teaching Features 3 》》》》Famous people 4 》》》》》Learning 5

The breif introduction
location:Near Windsor in England, north of Windsor Castle. Founged:In 1440 by Henry The Sixth status:It is a most famous noble school .The boys in here almost come from royal and aristocratic or rich famous British famliies .it famous for its " The Cradle of Elites"and "Gentleman culture" 1

School Management
Firm Dress:uniform of black tailcoat and waistcoat,falsecollar and pinstriped trousers

There are many sports almost every afternoon such as The Boat Race,The wall game,The field of game and so on. 2

Educational features
High quality teachers. Eton has a large number of high quality teachers. This is the foundation of high reputation.

The unique textbook made in Eton.
The students have enough ability to learn more knowledge. So every December they have to take part in"Eton assessment"

Class grouping
The system subject to the student's score hobby arrage diffent class. To avoid the herb teaching and respect student's talent.

Eton College

Eton College

Excellent Graduates
It was once developed 20 British prime ministers ,Cultivated the poet Shelley, economist John Maynard Keynes, and it is also the school of princes William and Harry . Every year about 250 of graduates, more than 70 into the Oxford or Cambridge, 70% into other famous schools around the world.

there is no doubt that the school has becoming the first choice of the children come from royal and nobility families.

The prime minister also studyed here

Now he is the youngest prime minister in Britian


威灵顿公爵(Arthur Wellesley) 贝尔 格里尔斯(Bear Grylls) 查尔斯 菲利普 阿瑟 乔 治(Charles Philip Arthur George) 乔治 奥威尔:(George Orwell) 伊恩 兰开斯特 弗莱明 (Ian Lancaster Fleming)

Comparing with the English education, chinese education still has a long way to go. Not only in academic, but also in educational conceptions.

So,what can we learn from it?What are the differences ?

That is all


Eton College, the school that taught David Cameron,...

Eton College, the school that taught David Cameron, the Conservative leader, is renowned for its excellence. Indeed, 175 of its boys gained the top grad...

7b 周考一(U1-U2)77班

)38. How many students are there in a class in Eton College? 41. ___ 42. ___ 43. ___ B 44. ___ 45. ___ 阅读下面短文, 简要回答所给问...


伊顿公学(Eton College)是英国最著名的贵族中学,排名全球第一。一年学费在 3 万多英镑。 不过如果你以为伊顿公学是世界上最昂贵的中学的话,那你就错了。 瑞士...


Eton College 乔丁汉女子学院 The Cheltenham Ladies' College 温切斯特学院 Winchester College 哈博戴斯阿斯克男校 Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School 圣玛丽学校· ...


伊顿公学(Eton College)坐落在离伦敦 20 英里的温莎小镇,是英国 最著名的贵族中学。地处白金汉郡的泰晤士河河畔,与女王钟爱的温莎宫隔岸相望,伊顿公 学是一座...


在西方国家,民办学校表现非常活跃,地位相当重要,如哈罗公学(Harrow School)、伊顿公学(Eton College)、威斯敏斯特公学(Westminster School)、加拿大 学院(Upper ...


Eton College 私立 温莎和梅登黑德 男校 261 16 乔丁汉女子学院 The Cheltenham Ladies' College 私立 格鲁斯特郡 女校 261 17 温切斯 特学院 Winchester College...


1883 年 6 月 5 日生于英格兰的剑桥,14 岁以奖学金入伊 顿公学(Eton College)主修数学,曾获托姆林奖金(Tomline Prize)。毕业后,以数学及古典文学奖学金...


‘s School 80% 女校 535 8 Winchester College 78% 男校 680 9 Eton College 76% 男校 1260 10 Malvern St James 75% 女校 360 11 Saint Swithun‘s ...


29. Eton College ___ (found) by Henry VI in 1440. 30.Real friendship is more ___ (value) than money. 31. The young men tried to enter a nig...

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