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2015高考英语一轮限时特训:3-3 The Million Pound Bank Note(人教版)

[基础知识· 夯实] Ⅰ.单词拼写 根据汉语注释及首字母提示写出下列单词的正确形式。 1. The boys w______ around the town with nothing to do. 2. It is not his f______. He did it for your benefit. 3. The story of his a______ attracted

many people's attention. 4. There were black ________ (污点) all over the clothes. 5. The man out of work is still________ (寻找) for a job. 答案:1. wandered 2. fault 3. adventure 5. seeking Ⅱ. 选词填空 bring up;on the contrary; by accident;take a chance;as for 1. As a boy, his parents left him and he________by his grandfather. 2. He seems to be giving the impression that he didn't enjoy himself in Paris.________, he had a wonderful time. 3. After the girl got off the bus that evening, she hit a lamppost________. 4. ________whether you should be changing your job-only you can decide. 5. Under the rules of the game, you really never know what will happen in the future. You have to________! 答案:1. was brought up 2. On the contrary 3. by accident 4. As for 5. take a chance Ⅲ.单句语法填空 1.—I failed my driving test. —______ ______(别在意);they say the best drivers always fail the first time. 答案:Never mind 解析:句意:——我驾照考试失败了。——没关系,人家都说最好的驾驶员第一次总会失败。 never mind“没关系,不用担心”,有安慰对方的意思。 2.I read through the first page of the book and ________(发现) a spelling mistake. 答案:spotted/found 解析:此处表示发现了一个拼写错误,spot“注意到,发现”,相当于 find。 3.The new rule has come into effect that at no time ______ smoking ______(permit) in public places. 答案:is; permitted 解析: 考查倒装句。 at no time 意为“决不”, 位于句首时构成部分倒装。 smoking 为从句主语, 和 permit 之间存在被动关系,故用被动语态。 4.After losing $20,000 on my last business, I'm not ______ ______ ________(冒险) this time. 答案:taking a chance 解析:句意:上一次生意我损失 2 万美元,这次我不能冒险了。take a chance“冒险”,此处为现在进 行时。 5. What impressed me most about the movie were the ________(场景) filmed in New York. 4. spots

答案: scenes 解析:句意:这部电影给我印象最深的是在纽约拍摄的场景。scene“片段;场面”。 6. “I don't think it is my ________(过错) that the computer went wrong. I just turned it on, and that's all, ” said the boy. 答案:fault 解析:考查名词。句意:我认为电脑坏掉不是我的过错。我开机后,它便如此。fault“过错;失误; 过失”。 7. Born into a family with three brothers, David was______ ________(教育)to value the sense of sharing. 答案:brought up 解析: 考查动词短语。 句意: David 出生在一个有三个兄弟的家庭, 受到要重视分享的教育。 bring up“养 育,教养”。 8.-Please________ ________(说明) your disgraceful conduct during the ball! -I'm sorry. I was totally out of my mind. 答案:account for 解析:首句句意:请解释一下在舞会中你那丢人的举动。account for“解释,说明”。 9.He found his son________(surround) by letters and papers and ________(look) very worried. 答案:surrounded; looking 解析:动词的过去分词充当宾补,表示被动;动词的现在分词充当宾补,表示主动。 10.I had just finished my job________ 答案:when 解析:句意:昨天我刚完成工作,老板就让我打扫房间。when 在这里相当于 and then,had just done...when...“刚做完??这时??”为固定句式。 [实战能力· 提升] Ⅳ.完形填空 [2014· 山西省五校高三联合测试] Brandon Craggs was born with cerebral palsy (大脑性麻痹). Doctors told his parents that the boy would always be too __1___to take part in sporting events, __2__ major competitions. But the youngster from Wolverhampton has proved doctors ___3__ by winning a major championship. Mum Helen who works as a technician said Brandon had always been extremely __4__ and that his __5__ resulted from his never giving up. She said, “He had problems with his fine movement and had weak __6__. We were really sad when we were told by doctors that he might never walk __7__ and they warned us he would be clumsy when __8__ sports. But we did exercise his weak ankles and he __9__ the orthopaedic boots (矫形靴) everyday for around three years. His dad has always loved __10__ and when Brandon was five he would walk around behind his dad. Brandon had his first __11__ when he was seven and just absolutely __12__ it. “Brandon was recently crowned winner of the Wolverhampton Schools Championship—__13__ the golfers who were five years his senior. After years of physiotherapy(物理疗法) he can now walk without problems - although he does __14__ from hearing issues in both ears. Michael said his son's recent win was __15__.“I gave up my membership at a local golf so I could __16__ more time with him. He has had a lot to __17__in the past and he still has to go my boss asked me to clean the room yesterday.

for regular audiograms(听力敏度图) to monitor his hearing loss. It's unbelievable to think about where we have gone from __18__ he was just a few months old. We are both very proud of what he has __19__.” Mick Woodhouse, organiser of Penn Golf Course, where Brandon __20__ and won, added, “Brandon is a delightful guy and very good player.” 1.A. clumsy C. active 2. A. rather than C. let alone 3.A. right C. clever 4.A. powerful C. determined 5.A. illness C. failure 6.A. legs C. ankles 7.A. carefully C. weakly 8.A. playing C. working 9.A. carried C. brought 10.A. music C. golf 11.A. lesson C. fortune 12.A. avoided C. praised 13.A. winning C. helping 14.A. benefit C. learn 15. A. available C. unbelievable 16.A. spend C. waste 17.A. laugh at C. look for 18.A. where C. when 19.A. needed B. comfortable D. lazy B. as usual D. such as B. wrong D. brilliant B. changeable D. careful B. mistake D. success B. arms D. hands B. normally D. disappointedly B. watching D. studying B. wore D. took B. volleyball D. basketball B. business D. operation B. refused D. loved B. beating D. saving B. suffer D. prevent B. uncomfortable D. unacceptable B. pay D. ruin B. deal with D. pick out B. how D. whether B. achieved

C. showed 20. A. competed C. fought 尔夫球冠军!

D. matched B. trained D. attended

[文章大意] 本文是一篇记叙文。被医生诊断为不能正常走路的小男孩最终凭着自己的毅力成为了高

1.A。根据第二段的“they warned us he would be clumsy when __8__ sports”可知答案为 A。 2. C。 从上句中的“too__1__ to take part in sporting events”可以推知, 男孩连进行体育运动都困难, “更 不用说”参加重大比赛。故答案为 C。let alone“更不用说,更谈不上”。 3.B。上文中提到医生说 Brandon Craggs 不能参加比赛,而根据空后的“by winning a major championship”可以断定,医生的看法是“错误的”(wrong)。 4.C。从下文的“never giving up”可推知,此处表达的是他的意志非常坚定。故答案为 C。 5.D。从上文中的“winning a major championship”可知,此处指他的“成功”,所以要用 success。 6. C。 根据第 8 空后面的“But we did exercise his weak ankles”可知, 他的“脚踝”有问题。 故答案为 C。 7. B。 根据医生的判断“He had problems with his fine movement”可以推知, 他走路不正常。 故答案为 B。 8.A。医生警告我们当他做体育运动的时候会非常笨拙。故答案为 A。 9.B。根据空后的“the orthopaedic boots(矫形靴)”可知,此处要用 wore。 10.C。从该段最后一句的“the golfers who were five 的是高尔夫球。 11.A。在 Brandon 7 岁的时候上了第一节高尔夫球课,并完全爱上了它。故选 A。 12.D。参见上题解析。 love“爱,喜欢”,符合语境。 13. B。 冠军是通过“打败”年长他五岁的选手赢得的。 所以此处要用 beating。 win 常常表示“赢得(比 赛)”。 14.B。从下文中的“go for regular audiograms(听力敏度图)to monitor his hearing loss”可知,他还有 听力问题,所以此处要用 suffer from,表示“遭受(疾病,悲伤等)”。 15.C。Michael 对他儿子取得的成绩感到自豪,觉得“难以置信”,故要用 unbelievable。 16.A。与儿子一起度过(spend)更多的时间。 17.B。在身体不健康的情况下 Brandon 还能取得那么好的成绩,这就可以说明他在过去的时间里克 服了很多困难,所以要用 deal with,表示“处理,解决”。 18.C。从后面的“he was just a few months old”可知,此处是指他的年龄,故应该用 when。 19.B。我们都很满意他所取得的成就。achieve“取得”,符合语境。 20.A。根据“won”可知,Brandon 参加了比赛,故答案为 A 项。compete“参加比赛”。 Ⅴ. 阅读理解 [2014· 宁夏银川市高三年级模拟考试] As a kid, I was always around animals and I always enjoyed it.After my senior year of high school, we started leaving this farm. Then I went away to Rhode Island School of Design to become an architect. After about twoandahalf years, I found that was not quite what I wanted to do. I felt I wanted to be an architect and had a hobby farm. But why not just have a farm and make it my career? years his senior”可知 Brandon 的父亲喜欢

It's an exciting business.I think a lot of people don't realize what's involved with dairy farming(乳牛场).We took several trips to some progressive farms in New York when we first started. And it really changed my attitude to what you could do. You can be a successful businessperson with a lot of challenges. And those challenges are part of what makes it very exciting - it's not just milking cows. There's nutrition and finances and a lot of big daytoday decisions. Well, land is the biggest obstacle. Securing enough land is what we need to do. We don't just need the land for the animals; we also need it to distribute the manure from the cows. And there's a real balance there, a real recycling. You give the feed to the cows, the cows give you milk, but they also give you a lot of manure. And the best thing to do is to put it back on the land. You need 2 acres per cow basically. The land that we rent is beautiful and the land that we own is beautiful.You get half a mile off the road and you're looking back at scenery across the valley.It's impressive.You get the rows of grass and the cows in the distance. 1.What major might the author choose when he studied at university? A. Compute Science. C. Architecture. A. Taking trips around the farm to enjoy life. B. Milking cows, nutrition and decisions. C. Playing with the cows around the farm. D. Designing architect for the dairy farm. 3.Which of the following is the biggest challenge for the author? A. Huge amount of money. B. Quantities of workers. C. High qualified milk cows. D. Securing enough land. [文章大意] 经营农场让作者把对动物的喜爱和所学的建筑知识结合在一起。 1.C。细节理解题。根据文章第一段中的“Then I went away to Rhode Island School of Design to become an architect.”可知,应选 C 项。 2. B。 细节理解题。 根据文章第二段的“it's not just milking cows.”和“There's nutrition and finances and a lot of big daytoday decisions.”可知答案为 B 项。 3.D。细节理解题。根据文章倒数第二段中的“Well,land is the biggest obstacle. Securing enough land is what we need to do.”可知土地是最大的障碍,故选 D 项。 Ⅵ.书面表达 每逢假期,清华、北大等多所国内知名高校都会迎来大批游客。不少高校为了限制客流不得不采取收 费、规定开放日等各种措施,但这些闭门措施却引来不少争议。 请你以“Should universities limit the number of visitors?”为话题,写一篇英语短文,陈述你的观点, 并给出合理的解释。 注意:词数 100 左右。 One Possible Version B. Language and Literature. D. Science of Animals.

2.What work is included in the dairy farming according to the text?

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly popular for tourists to visit famous universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University during the holidays. However, some universities decide to limit the number of visitors,which has caused heated argument in China. I think the number of tourists should be limited. Here are my reasons: first of all,there are too many tourists wandering through the school yard, teaching buildings, or even the library,which has a negative effect on the students who are absorbed in learning. Second,with so many tourists coming, it is harder for security guards to keep order. Third, universities are designed to provide education rather than tourism service. In summary, universities should limit the number of tourists to ensure a good learning environment.


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