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Advice from grandad

Lead in
What things do you think is important in your life ?

Lead in
What can we do to keep healthy?

Lead in
Does your father smoke? If so ,do you think it is good or bad?


If you were James’ grandfather,what would you write in the letter?


Advice from Grandad

Fast reading

What ’s the main idea of each paragraph of the text? Finish Organization on your newspaper

Careful reading


What are the three different ways of becoming addicted to cigarettes? (Para. 3)


physically ________addicted to nicotine


addicted through_______ habit
________ mentally addicted


Summing up: Once we begin smoking, we’ll be accustomed to it, and it will have bad effects on us.

Careful reading

Task2 (Para. 4)

1. What are the harmful effects of smoking?

2. Who /What organ is affected by smoking?

Who/what is effected smokers smoking couples babies __________ non-smokers breath & clothes fingers _________ sporting Smokers

harmful effects do damage to their _____and_____ heart lungs be more difficult to become________ pregnant

be smaller or even be_________ abnormal Health is also affected smell ________ terrible
become yellow _________ breathless quickly

Who/what is harmful effects effected smokers do damage to their heart and lungs smoking be more difficult to become pregnant Summing up: couples babies be smaller or even Smoking is harmful to be allabnormal of non-smokers Health is also affected us. So we should advise breath & others smell to stopterrible smoking. clothes fingers become yellow sporting breathless quickly Smokers

Careful reading


What are the suggestions of stopping smoking?

The suggestions of stopping smoking
1. Prepare yourself. ____ ____ Decide on a day to quit; Make a list of the benefits ______ you’ll get; Throw ____ ______ away your last packet of cigarettes. feel ____ like smoking, 2. Be determined. When you ____ remind yourself that you are a non-smoker. 3. Break the habit. ____ ____ Instead of smoking a cigarette, do something else. 4. Relax. If you feel nervous, do not ____ _____a reach for cigarette. Do some relaxation exercises. 5. Get help if you need it. If you feel _________, desperate you might like to talk to a doctor or chemist. 6. Keep trying. Do not be disappointed ___________. Do not feel _________. ashamed Just try again.

Post reading


Please discuss net addiction in groups.

1. Why are people addicted to the Internet? (Group1) 2. What bad effects does it have? (Group2) 3. What advice do you have on stopping it? (Group3)

Write an article about net addiction in reasons, bad effects and advice on quitting it.
[写作内容] 以约120词对用青少年网瘾现象进行议论,内容包括: (1)造成青少年网瘾的原因 (2)网瘾会给青少年的学习和生活带来什么影响 (3)建议青少年应该如何戒除网瘾

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