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Issue 22 122 44 75 84

Issue 22 122 44 75 84
Claim: The best way to understand the character of a society is to examine the men and women that the society chooses as its heroes and role models. Reason: Heroes and role models reveal a society’s highest ideals. The speaker claims that it is the best way to understand a society when taking a close scrutiny to its heroes and role models for the very reason that the heroes and role models reveal the society highest ideals. I agreed with the speaker when it is applied to the field such as social spiritual. When it comes to fields like sports, movie and other popular culture, it is not suitable to assert that. At first I want to define the term highest ideals as ideals that help improve the society and human being. Take the heroes in the field of social spiritual for example. Without Dr. King, the black may still have to sit only in the back of the bus; without Gauhdi, India and Pakistan may still be colony of the Great Britain. From them we see what the American society in the 1960’s view as cherish ideals—equality, fairness and democracy and what the Indian people desire most—independence, dignity and peace. These social spiritual heroes who lead their people to achieve peace independence and equality by means of non-violence definitely fit the reason the speaker asserts that they reveal the highest ideals. Things varied when we take a close scrutiny to the popular culture. The sports heroes are admired for their remarkable skills and accomplishments which are not necessarily what the society views as highest ideals. Although sports heroes do stimulate people to seek their dreams, these cannot directly deal with what the society suffers most—like war, famine and colonization. What’s more, as we all know, there is always love affair, drug using and gambling about some or a group of famous football players exposed to the public on TV. Admiring them for their performance and skills on court has little to do with what we view as highest ideals. And another illuminator is the popular singers. It is obvious that talent and artistic skills have gradually given way to sex appeal. Additionally, we interpret people differently according to our value system, which will lead to the circumstance that who we view as heroes now may not be viewed heroes in the very society they live. Richard the lionheart, the British king who led the crusade to Jerusalem, was highly honored just because the medieval monkish chroniclers gave him a good press for promoting the crusade despite that a crusade to Richard is like a sweet shop to a kid.



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