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我的 v-ing做主语宾语教学能手公开课

Unit 2 Grammar
Verb-ing Form as Subject and Object

Revision 1.什么是主语(subject)? 什么是宾语(object)? 2.什么词可作主语? 什么词可作宾语?


He likes his dog. His dog likes him.



主语 名词




3.动词能否做主语? 动词能否做宾语?
Which are correct?
我喜欢阅读。 I like read. I like reading. 阅读是我的兴趣。 Read is my interest. Reading is my interest.

? 动词不能做主语或宾语。 ? V-ing形式能做主语或者宾语。

I. V-ing form as subject 动词的ing形式作主语

1. Dancing 舞)

is their hobby.(跳

2. Doing exercise is the best way to lose weight.(做 运动)

3. Flying like a bird his dream. (像鸟一样飞)


4. Playing computer games is a waste of time.(玩电脑游戏)

What’s in common?
Dancing is their hobby. Doing exercise is a good way to lose weight.

Flying like a bird is his dream.
Playing computer games is a waste of time.

1. 动词-ing 作主语。 2. 谓语动词用 单数 。

1. V-ing做主语直接位于句首

Learning new words is very




Seeing is believing.

Helping her is my duty. Working with you is a pleasure. 和你一起工作是一种乐趣。

动名词做主语和不定式做主语一样,也可以用it 作形式主语。如: To learn English well isn’t very easy . It isn’t very easy to learn English well.

Helping her is my duty.
It is my duty helping her.

Working with you is a pleasure.
It is a pleasure working with you .

2.用形式主语it,把真正的主语 ing形式移置句尾。
? 动名词做主语和不定式做主语一样, 也可以用it作形式主语,用形容词或 名词作表语。 ? 即常用it be + adj / n. + doing sth ? 常用于下列句型中:

It is no use/good doing sth 做……是没有用处/好处的

It is no use asking for help (求救)

It is/was worthwhile doing 做……是值得的 ? It is worthwhile

seeing the movie


It +is/was +a waste of time doing 做……是浪费时间的

It is a waste of time playing computer games . (玩电脑游戏)

? It is no use asking for help. ? It is worthwhile seeing the movie. ? It is a waste of time playing computer games.

There is no doing...无法…… ;在这一结构中 作主语。

There is no knowing
what will happen between them. (无法知道)

? There is no knowing what will happen between them. ? There is no joking about such matters.


It's no use crying over spilt milk.
覆水难收。 (指泛指 / 抽象动作)

He realized that to go on like this
was wrong.

根据汉语提示, 完成句子。 1. (像这样谈话没有用。) is no use _____________ talking like this . It Talking like this is no use.

2. _____________ Reading aloud (大声朗读) in the library is a bad habit.

-What do you think made Mary so upset? -__________ her new bicycle. A. As she lost C. Losing B. Lost D. Because of losing

完整答句:Losing her new bicycle made Mary very upset.

? ______________ Going to school (上学)is boring.
Going to work (上班)is even more ? ______________ boring. Having money (有钱)and ? ______________ doing nothing (不做事)is my ______________ dream.

Write the sentences.

阅读是一门艺术。 Reading is an art. 爬山真是有趣。

1.直接位于句首做 主语。

Climbing mountains is really fun. 游泳是我最喜欢的运动。 Swimming is my favorite sport. 早起是一个好的习惯。

Getting up early is a good habit.

2. 使用形式主语it,而将动名词句尾。 It’s no use doing … It’s no good doing… It’s a waste of time doing …

It’s no use arguing with her.

It’s no good smoking, you’d better give it up.

It’s a waste of time waiting here.

II. V-ing as object

dream of

The wolf always dreams catching (捉)sheep. of _________

My sister enjoys standing (站)alone _________ on the seashore.

1.The wolf always dreams of catching sheep. 2.My sister enjoys standing on the seashore

1.作 动词+介词 构成的短语的宾语
后面常接动词 –ing 形式作宾语的常用短语有:

(1)喜欢 , (2)花(时间、金钱)做…… (3)忙于做…… (4)梦想, 梦见 (5)值得…. (6)在……有困难

be fond of spend…(in )

be busy (in)
dream of

be worth
have difficulty (in)

2. 作及物动词的宾语
(1)有些动词后只能接动名词作宾语, 常用的有:

admit, appreciate, avoid, consider, enjoy, escape, finish, forgive, mind, suggest, imagine ...

Jack said that he wouldn't mind __

for us.
A. to wait B. wait

C. waiting

D. waited


可接动名词又可接不定式 ,但意 义不同。
I like to run now.(现在想跑) I like running.(一向喜欢) 补充:like, hate, love, prefer, attempt, begin, start, continue, intend等等

go on doing 继续做原来做的事
go on to do 接着做另一件事

mean doing 意味着要做某事
mean to do 想要做某事 stop doing 停止做某事 stop to do 停下来(别的事)开始

try doing 试着做某事 try to do 努力做某事 be used to doing 习惯于做某事 be used to do 被用来做某事 forget doing 忘记做过某事

forget to do 忘记去做某事

【考例】 — Let's have a rest. — Not now.I don't want to stop __________ yet.(MET 1985) A. study C. for studying B. to study D. studying

Exercise 1
Translate the following sentences into Chinese. 1. Learning English is very interesting.

2. Smoking may cause cancer. 吸烟会致癌。

3. Can you imagine living alone on an island? 你能想象单独生活在一个岛上么?

4. I suggest bringing the meeting to
an end. 我建议结束会议。

5. He admitted taking the money.

6. It is worthwhile spending much money on education. 在教育上多花钱是值得的。

Exercise 2

Let's have a competion

Group 1

Group 2

Group 1
1. In some parts of London,missing a bus means _______for another hour. A. waiting wait C.wait be waiting

2.One learns a language by making mistakes and _______them. A.correct B.correcting C.correct correct 3.Mr. Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to _______some schools for poor children. A.set up B.setting up C.have set up D.having set up

4.——You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. ——Well, now I regret _______that. do be doing have done D.doing

5. Keep on ____ and you will

A. a try B. try

C. tried

D. trying

6. It took the workmen only two hours

to finish _______ my car.
A. repairing B. repair

C. to repair

D. repaired

Group 2
1. Though it sounds a bit too expensive, it is worth ______. A. being bought B. buying C. to buy D. buying it

2. Have you forgotten __$1000 from me last month? Will you please remember ___ it tomorrow? A. borrowing; to bring B. to borrow; bring C. borrowed; bringing

D. borrowing; bringing

? 3. She is very busy ____ her papers. She is far too busy ____ callers. A. to write ;to receive B. writing ;to receive C. writing ;receiving D. to write ;for receiving

4. Once the heart stops _____, death follows at once.

A. beating

B. to beat

C. being beaten D. to be beating

5. Jack said that he wouldn't mind __ for us.
A. to wait B. wait

C. waiting

D. waited

6. We are now busy _____ for the examination. A. to prepare B. preparing C. prepared D. being prepared

Review what we have learned today.

Exercise Make3 sentences to talk about one of your
classmates, using the verbs and phrases. be fond of 喜欢 suggest 建议 spend…(in ) 花(时间、金钱)做…… admit建议 be busy (in) 忙于做…… finish 完成 dream of 梦想, 梦见 enjoy喜欢 be worth 值得…. consider考虑 look forward to 期望、盼望 avoid避免 have difficulty in 在……有困难 mind 介意 prevent…from 阻止……做某事 practice练习 devote…to 献身于/致力于……

No smoking ( =No smoking is allowed (here) ).

No parking.

用于布告形式的省略 结构中。


Write the sentences.

他不喜欢喝酒。 他充分利用时间练习唱歌。


动名词作动词宾语 Keep march gifts. (保留三月礼物) Keep (on) smiling! Dr Yuan enjoys listening to violin music. Excuse my interrupting you. He often practises playing piano after school.

Would you mind my opening the door? The goal is to avoid damaging the environment. They know they risked being punished. We consider buying a new car. I can’t help laughing when I hear his singing.

You should give up smoking. She imagined being famous. Have you finished reading? How do you think of riding bicycle? I suggest going there by bus.

Advocate 提倡,主张 complete完成 , admit 承认, 一些只跟动名词作宾语的动词, 即 V+ -ing bear 忍受, etc
懂得欣赏, 克制想象

Understand appreciate deny imagine
喜欢实践, 逃避抵抗

Enjoy practise avoid escape resist

Mind excuse dislike pardon
支持建议, 推迟考虑

Favour suggest delay consider
情不自禁地错盼, 完成? 冒险

Can’t help

miss look forward to



一些只既跟动名词作宾语,也能跟不定式作宾语 的动词, 即 V+ -ing| +-to do

forget mean

go on regret

try begin love

continue start hate


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