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Book1 Module2 My New Teachers reading学案

Book1 Module2 My New Teachers Period1 Vocabulary and Reading
学习目标 1.通读课文,理解文章大意。 2.掌握课文中重要的单词和词组。 3.学会描述自己的老师。 课前预习 1.精力充沛的_____ 3.有组织的____ 5.不正确地 7.感激 9.翻译 ___ 12.解释 14.没关系,不重要 16.犯错误 1

8.讲笑话 自主学习 Reading ___ _____ 2.聪明的____ __________ 4.印象___ ______ ____


___ 6.立刻,立即 _________8.科学的 ___ 10.确切地 11.也许 _

____ 13.确保,保证 15.避免做 ____17.取得进步 _____

1. Fast reading (read the text quickly and match the column 连线
Chinese English Physics Mrs Li Mrs Chen Mr Wu most popular kindest students most afraid of

2. Listen to the tape then fill in the blanks.
They say that first __1__ are very important. My first impression of Mrs. Li was that she was ___2___and shy. I think perhaps she was, as it was her first lesson with us. But now, after two weeks, the class really likes working with her. She’s kind and ____3___, and she explains English grammar so clearly _4__ even I can understand it!-She avoids__5_ you feel stupid! I’ve always hated making mistakes or pronouncing a word incorrectly when I speak English, but Mrs. Li just smiles, so that you don't feel completely stupid! I think maybe she goes a bit too slowly for the faster students, but for me it’s wonderful! I feel I’m going to ___ 6_________ with her.

交流展示 Careful reading (read the text carefully then fill in the blanks) Teachers` name Subjects Appearance (外貌) Personality (性格) Teaching Her teaching is so well________and clear. During scientific experiments, she______________exactly what is happening. He talks_________and________and ________his hands when he gets excited. He’s really ____________ and tells _____when he thinks we are getting bored. 合作探究 Conclusion(总结) 1.We can describe a teacher from the following five aspects(方面) 1.______________2.______________3._____________4.________________ 5.__________________ 2.Retelling (try to retell the text according to the table---oral practice) 当堂检测 Finish the cloze test. My first impression of Mrs. Li was that she was ______________. But now, after two weeks the class really likes _______________. She is _____and_______ and _______ English grammar so clearly that I can ____________. She ______ making you feel stupid. I feel I’m going to ____________ with her. Mrs. Chen is very ____ and ______ and doesn't smile much. But her teaching is so well _________ and clear. So most of us really _________ her. I think I’ll ________ the exam with Mrs. Chen teaching me. Mr. Wu, who teaches us ________ _________ is a ____________ man. He is really amusing and __________ when we are getting ______. So we won’t ___________ in his class and he is already very_______ with us. I like the three of them. IV. Discussion What kind of teacher would you like to have? Explain why. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ V. Homework Write a description of your new teachers at Senior High.

Mrs Chen

Mr Wu


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