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第一部分(客观题,共 60 分) PART ONE Read the following unfinished statements or questions carefully. For each unfinished statement or question, four suggested answers marked [A], [B], [C] and [D] are given. Choose the one which you think best completes the statement or answers the questions. (60 points, 2 point for each) 1. The British Isles are made up of _____ . A. three large islands and hundreds of small ones B. three large islands and dozens of small ones C. two large islands and hundreds of small ones D. two large islands and dozens of small ones 2. In Britain, ____ formally appoints important government ministers, judges. A. the Queen B. the Prime Minister C. the Lord President of the Council D. the Speaker of the House of Commons 3. Christianity was first brought to England by ____. A. the Romans B. the Celts

C. the Anglo-Saxons D. the Danes 4. ______ is the oldest of all the parties in Ireland. A. The Irish Labour Party B. The Progressive Democrats C. Fianna Fail D. Fine Gael 5. The Romans led by Julius Caesar launched their first invasion on Britain in ______. A. 200 B.C. B. 55 B.C. C. 55 A.D. D. 410 A.D.

6. When Wales was brought under the English Crown, the title of “Prince of Wales” was born by _____, the eldest son of the reigning monarch. A. Richard I C. Edward I B. Henry III D. Edward II

7. Christmas Day, December 25th, celebrates the ____ of Christ, and is the great Christian festivals. A. birth C. Crucifixion B. death D. Resurrection

8. British recorded history begins with the ___ invasion. A. Roman C. Anglo-Saxon B. Viking D. Norman

9. In the United Kingdom, ministers are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of ___. A. the Speaker C. the Duke of Edinburgh B. the Lord Chancellor D. the Prime Minister

10. In England no females were allowed to vote in national elections before ___. A. 1918 B. 1920 C. 1928 D. 1945

11. The two very important crops in Britain are ___. A. barley and corn C. barley and oats B. wheat and rice D. wheat and barley

12. In Britain, a ____ is held when a Member of Parliament dies, retires or resigns. A. civic election C. popular election B. by-election D. general election

13. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ——Prince Charles, Prince of _____, is the heir to the throne. A. England C. Wales B. Scotland D. Northern Ireland

14. In Britain, the Speaker is a member who is acceptable to all shades of opinion in _______. A. the Privy Council C. the Supreme Court B. the House of Lords D. the House of Commons

15. Australia, which is one of the world's developed countries, has become rich through _____. A. manufacturing industries C. service industries B. farming and mining D. forestry and fishing

16. With regard to its size, Australia is _____ country in the world. A. the third largest C. the fifth largest B. the fourth largest D. the sixth largest

17. Australia is the world's largest exporter of _____. A. wheat B. wool C. meat D. dairy products

18. The main feature of Australia's trade is that ______. A. it is mainly with developing countries and Great Britain B. it has had a deficit on visible trade C. it has had a surplus on invisible trade D. it has involved the exchange of raw materials for finished products 19. It is assumed that the first Europeans who reached Australia’s shores were _____. A. the Dutch C. the Germans B. the English D. the Spanish and Portugese

20. The head of state of Australia is ______. A. the Governor C. the Prime Minister B. the President D. the Queen of England

21. Politically, Australia is divided into _____states and two territories. A. four B. five C. six D. seven

22. Among the five Australian cities with a population of over a million only ___ lies on the Western coast. A. Sydney C. Melbourne B. Brisbane D. Perth

23. Apart from Britain, the Queen is also the head of state of the following countries EXCEPT ______. A.Australia C.New Zealand B.Canada D.South Africa

24. In New Zealand, nearly three-quarters of the population (including more than 95 percent of the Maori) live in ____. A. South Island C. Stwart Island B. North Island D. the Chatham Islands

25. The natural disasters in New Zealand may include ______. A.earthquakes, volcanoes and flooding B.volcanoes, flooding and heavy snows C.earthquakes, flooding, and heavy snows D.volcanoes, heavy snows and earthquakes 26. New Zealand’s highest peak is ___ in the mountain range called the central Southern Alps.

A. Mount Ngauruhoe C. Mount Cook

B. Mount Tongariro D. Mount Taranaki

27. ______ is the capital of New Zealand. A.Auckland C.Toronto B.Wellington D.Montreal

28. New Zealand consists of two main islands: _______. A. North Island and South island B. Steward Island and Long Island C. West Island and East Island D. Victorian island and Tasman Island 29. New Zealand’s climate is generally _____ and seasonal differences are not so great. A. dry and cold C. hot and wet B. mild and moist D. windy and cold

30. Colored eggs and bunny are traditional symbols of _____. A. Easter C. Valentine PART TWO Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). (10 points, 2 point for each) 31. ( ) Britain is no longer an imperial country. 32. ( ) The capital of Belfast is a larger city with half a million B. Christmas D. New Year's Day

people. 33. ( ) Most British people are Protestants while most Irish people are Catholics. 34. ( ) In the UK, a government cannot stand for longer than five years except in exceptional circumstances. 35. ( ) The Prime Minister and Cabinet decide on the general direction of Britain’s foreign policy. 36. ( ) Ireland is a republic with a government headed by a Prime Minister, elected directly by the people. 37. ( ) The attitude of Ireland toward Britain is dislike or even hatred because of the colonial past. 38. ( ) The European settlement in Australian started in 1788 in Sydney. 39. ( ) Victoria and South Australian were established as convict colonies. 40. ( ) Convict transportation to Australian continent was stopped in 1852.

第二部分(主观题,共 20 分)

Given an one-sentence answer to each of the following questions. Write your answer on the answer sheet. (20 points, 4 points for each)

41. How long was Britain under the Roman occupation?

42. What does the British Parliament consist of?

43. Who is the most well-known Irish writer of the modern period?

44. Who is the writer of A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

45. Who is the first female Prime Minister in Australia? 参考答案 1-5 C AAA B 6-10 D A A D A 21-25 C D D B A 36-40 F F T F F 11-15 D B C D B 26-30 C B A B A

16-20 D B D DD 31-35 T F T T T Ⅱ.

41. Britain was under the Roman occupation for nearly 400 years. 42. The British Parliament consists of the Sovereign, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. 43. James Joyce is the most well-known Irish writer of the modern period. 44. William Shakespeare 45. Julia Gillard

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