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Unit 3 Travel journal 同步练习(新人教版必修1)

英语必修 1 人教新课标 Unit3 Travel journal 同步练习
Ⅰ.完形填空 One Sunday morning, I was told that someone was waiting for me in the office.The young person who 1 the door said it was the woman who said

she left all the notes.When I saw her I was 2 ,since I immediately 3 her from church but had no idea that it was s he who wrote the 4 .She was sitting in the office and could 5 smile without pain.Her face was terribly burned and the skin was so tight that smiling was very 6 for her.We chatted for a while that Sunday morning and agreed to 7 for lunch later.As it turned out we went to lunch several times and she always wore a 8 during the meal.I thought that treatments of some sort had caused a lot of her hair to fall out.We shared things about our lives.She never mentioned family and I did not ask.I have thought about her often over the years and how she 9 in a society.She suffers from a disfigurement(毁容)that cannot be made to lo ok 10 .I know that her conditions hurt her deeply. 1.A.opened B.shut C.answered D.destroyed 解析:选 C。结合语境及所提供的选项可知,是帮我应门的年轻 人,故选 C 项。 2.A.disappointed B.shocked C.curious D.touched 解析:选 B。由下文作者的表现可知作者很吃惊,故选 B 项。 3.A.realized B.prevented C.heard D.recognized 解析:选 D。此处的意思为:因为我马上就认出了她??故选 D 项。 4.A.messages B.announcement C.notes D.poster 解析:选 C。由前面的“...the woman who said she left all the notes.”可知答案应选 C 项。 5.A.almost B.barely C.easily D.happily 解析:选 B。由后面一句可知她微笑起来很痛苦,故选 B 项。 6.A.difficult B.comfortable C.fragrant D.delicate 解析:选 A。前面提到:她的脸被烧伤,脸皮绷得紧紧的。所以, 笑对她来说是很困难的,故选 A 项。
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7.A.divorce B.advocate C.guarantee 解析:选 D。根据语境及所提供的选项可知选 D 项。 8.A.hat B.suit C.stocking D.blouse 解析:选 A。由后面“I thought that treatments of some sort had caused a lot of her hair to fall out.”可知,她为了不让人看见她那掉了 不少头发的头而戴着帽子,故选 A 项。 9.A.ashamed B.conveyed C.struggled D.erupted 解析: 选 C。 由于容颜被毁, 生活艰难。 故选 C 项, 表示“挣扎”。 10.A.ugly B.fragile C.superb D.attractive 解析:选 D。毁掉的容颜无法使她看起来吸引人,故选 D 项。 Ⅱ.语法填空 People have smoked cigarettes for a long time now.The tobacco used to make cigarettes was grown in 11 is now part of the United States.Christopher Columbus , who was the 12 (discover) of America,saw the Indians smoking,and soon the dried leaves were transported to Europe 13 smoking began to catch on.In the late 1800s,the Turks made cigarettes popular. Cigarette 14 at least two harmful su bstances , tar and nicotine.Tar,which forms 15 the tobacco burning,damages the lungs and therefore affects breathing.Nicotine,which is found in the leaves,causes the heart to beat 16 and increases breathing ra te. Smoking cigar ettes 17 dangerous.The U . S.Public Hea lth Service stated that cigarette smoking is the 18 of lung cancer and several other 19 (dead) diseases.The U. S.government now requires that each package of cigarettes should 20 a special warning about the danger of smoking. 11.解析:what 引导宾语从句,充当宾语从句的主语。 答案:what 12.解析:哥伦布是美洲的发现者。 答案:discoverer 13.解析:关系副词 where 引导定语从句。 答案:where 14.解析:contain 此处是“包含;含有”的意思。 答案:contains 15. 解析: with 引导独立主格结构在句中作伴随状语, 含义为“随

着”。 答案:with 16.解析:导致心脏跳得“更快”。根据下文暗示,此处应用比 较级。 答案:faster 17.解析:单个动名词短语充当主语时谓语动词用单数形式。 答案:is 18.解析:此处用 cause 来表示“原因”。 答案:cause 19.解析:deadly 在此处用作形容词,含义为“致命的”。 答案:deadly 20.解析:bear 的含义为“带有”。 答 案:bear Ⅲ.阅读理解 A History is full of examples of leaders joining together to meet common goals.But rarely have two leaders wo rked together with such friendship and cooperation as American President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.They both were born in wealthy families and were active in politics for many years.Both men loved the sea and the navy,history and nature. Roosevelt and Churchill first met when they were lowerlevel officials in World War One.But neither man remembered much about that meeting.However,as they worked together during the Second World War,they came to like and trust each other.Roosevelt and Churchill exchanged more than one thousand seven hundred letters and messages during five and a half years.They met many times,at large national gatherings and in private talks.But the closeness of their friendship might be seen best in a story told by one of Roosevelt’s close advisors,Harry Hopkins.Hopkins remembered how Churchill was visiting Roosevelt at the White House one day.Roosevelt went into Churchill’s room in the morning to say hello.But the president was shocked to see Churchill coming from the washing room with no clothes at all.Roosevelt immediately apologized to the British leader for seeing him naked.But Churchill reportedly said: “The Prime Minister of Great Britain has nothing to hide from the president of the United States.” And then both men laughed. The United States and Great Britain were only two of several nations that joined together in the war to resist Hitler and his Allies.In January,1942,twentysix of these nations signed an agreement promising

to fight for peace, religious freedom, human rights, and justice.The three major Allies,however,were the most important for the war effort: the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union.Yet, Churchill and Roosevelt disagreed about when to attack Hitler in western Europe.And Churchill resisted Roosevelt’s suggestions that Britain give up some of its colonies.But in general,the friendship between Roosevelt and Churchill, and between the United States and Britain led the two nations to cooperate closely. 21.What can be inferred from the passage? A.Roosevelt and Churchill had much in common. B.Roosevelt and Churchill had nothing in common. C.Roosevelt and Churchill had no difference but cooperation. D . Roosevelt and Churchill always joined together to meet common goals. 解析:选 A。推理判断题。根据第一段内容判断:但是像邱吉尔 和罗斯福这种友谊和合作的两国领导人几乎没有; D 项与最后一段的 最后几句不符。 22.Which of the following about Roosevelt and Churchill is TRUE according to the passage? A.Since World War One they had believed in each other. B.They exchanged just 27 letters and messages per month during the 5.5 years. C.Harry Hopkins never let out the closeness of their friendship. D. Roosevelt and C hurchill hadn’t been presidents before World War One. 解析: 选 D。 细节事实理解题。 根据第二段第一句判断: Roosevelt and Churchill first met when they were lowerlevel officials in World War One. 23.The underlined word “Allies” in the last pa ragraph here means________. A.enemies joining together to resist one,especially in war B.rivals joining together to object one,especially in war C.countries helping or supporting one,especially in war D.opponents attacking one,especially in war 解析:选 C。猜测词义题。根据最后一段的前三句判断:美国和 英国是在二战之中联合起来抵抗希特勒及其同盟国 (Allies)的其中两 个国家。 24.We can know from the passage that________. A.Roosevelt and Churchill did not always agree with each
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other B.over two differences between Churchill and Roosevelt were mentioned C.Churchill urged Roosevelt to give up some of its colonies D.the differences between Roosevelt and Churchill had an effect on their cooperation 解析:选 A。推理判断题。根据最后一段的最后几句判断:邱吉 尔和罗斯福关于何时在西欧进攻希特勒意见不一致, 罗斯福建议英国 放弃它的一些殖民地,遭到邱吉尔的反对。 25.What would be the best title for the text? A.History Of World War Two B.Fighting World War Two By Joining Together C.Politics Leaders Between Two Nations D.Political Cooperation Between Two Nations 解析:选 B。归纳标题题。全文讲述英国和美国的首相通过外交 手段在二战中联合抗战这一历史事件。邱吉尔(Winston L.S.,1874~ 1965), 英国政治家及作家, 1940~1945,1951~1955 两度任首相, 1953 年诺贝尔文学奖得主); 弗兰克林· 罗斯福(1882~1945), 于 1933~1945 任美国第 32 任总统。 B If English means endless new words , difficult grammar and sometimes strange pronunciation, you are wrong.Haven’t you noticed that you have become smarter since you started to learn a language? According to a new study by a British university,learning a second language can lead to an increase in your brain power. Researchers found that learning other languages changes grey matter.This is the area of the brain which processes information.It is similar to the way that exercise builds muscles. The study also found the effect is greater when the younger people learn a second language. A team led by Dr.Andrea Mechelli , from University College London,took a group of Britons who only spoke English.They were compared with a group of “early bilinguals” who had learnt a second language before the age of five,as well as a number of later learners. Scans showed that grey matter density (密度)in the brain was greater in bilinguals than in people without a second language.But the longer a person waited before mastering a new language , the smaller the difference is. “Our findings suggest that the structure of the brain is changed by

the experience of learning a second language,” said the scientists. It means that the change itself increases the ability to learn. Professor Dylan Vaughan Jones of the University of Wales,has researched the link between bilingualism and maths skills.“Having two languages gives you two windows in the world and makes the brain more flexible (灵活的),” he said.“You are actually going beyond language and have a better understanding of different ideas.” The findings were matched in a study of native Italian speakers who had learned English as a second language between the ages of 2 and 34.Reading , writing , and comprehension were all tested.The results showed that the younger they started to learn,the better they will do it.“Studying a language means you get an entrance to another world,”explained the scientists. 26.The main subject talked about in this passage is________. on learning a second language’s ability of learning a second language C.language can help brain power D.language learning and maths study 答案:C 27.In the second paragraph,the writer mentions “exercise” in order to________. A.say language is also a kind of physical labor B.prove that one needs more practice when he (she) is learning a language the importance of using the language when you learn the language D.make people believe language learning helps grey matter work well 答案:D 28.The underlined word “bilingual” probably means________. A.a researcher on language learning B.a second language learner C.a person who can speak two languages active language learner 答案:C 29.We may know from the scientific findings that________. A. the earlier you start to learn a second language, the great