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book3 Unit2 Healthy eating Language points

1. Everybody has to eat, but do you eat

a healthy diet?
【常用表达】 a diet of fish / fruit / potatoes 只吃鱼/水果/土豆的饮食 be/go on a diet 节食 be dieting 节食,减肥

1. balance v. 权衡


1) We must balance the two plans.
2) Can you balance yourself on skates?

n. 天平、称
e.g. weigh sth. in the balance


【常用表达】 keep / lose one’s balance 保持/失去平衡 out of balance 失去平衡 a sense of balance 平衡感 on balance 权衡起来,总的来说 keep a balance between...and... 保持...和...之间的平衡

2. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. -ing 形式短语做伴随状语。 He cooked something in the kitchen, listening to the music. Looking excited, he ran back home.

1) Nora stood at the bus stop, ___________ reading a newspaper ___________. 娜拉站在公共汽车站旁看报纸。 2) ___________________________, Standing on the top of the hill you can have a better view of the city. 站在山顶上, 你能更好地看到这个城市。

running to the building 3) Olive came _____________________.

4) “We can’t go out in this weather,”
said A B. to look

Bob, ____ out of the window.
A. looking

C. looked

D. having looked

3. “Nothing could be better.” he thought. = All his foods could be best. 他想, “再没有比这些更好吃的了”。
此句是用比较级的否定形式表示最高级 含义。 e.g. — How are you getting on? 你怎么样? — Nothing could be better. 再好不过了。

1. Nobody loved money better than he. 2. I think nothing is more pleasant than traveling. 3. — How did your father feel when he saw what a mess you had made? angrier (angry) — He can’t be ________.

1) Nothing is more pleasant than travelling.

Travelling is the most pleasant thing. = ________________________________
2) 当你疲劳的时候,没有什么比好好休息 一下更好的了。 There is nothing better than a good _________________________________

rest when you are very tierd. _________________________________

4. He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! a) have sb. doing 表示允许或容忍(某事物) 发生。 此处的 have 用在否定句中, 特别是用在 will not, can not 等之后。 I won’t have you saying so. He won’t have his daughter arriving home late.

b) get away with doing sth. (informal):

I won’t have you getting away with cheating in
the exam.

2. The robbers robbed the bank and got away with

a lot of money. get away with sth. 偷携某物潜逃。 3. He was so lucky to get away with a fine for such a serious mistake. 他犯了如此严重的错误, 侥幸只交了罚款。

翻译下列句子。 1. Those who lie and cheat will never get away with it. 那些撒谎和欺骗别人的人绝对逃不过惩 罚。 2. Don’t think you can get away with telling lies. 不要以为你撒了谎就可以这样算了。

5. strength [观察] 阅读下列各句,并观察 strength 在句中的含义。 1. He pushed against the rock with all his strength. 他使出全力推岩石。 力量;力气 2. She has a remarkable inner strength. 她有出众的意志力。 勇气;决心

lie vi&n. 说谎;谎话,谎言 tell a lie =tell lies tell sb lies = lie to sb 规则的说谎lie—lied —lied—lying 不规则的躺lie—lay —lain—lying 躺过就下蛋(放置) 下蛋(放置)不规则lay—laid —laid—laying Eg: The little boy, who lay in the bed, lied to his mother that he saw a rooster lay an egg.

3. Political power depends upon economic 影响力;实力;威力 strength.

4. The new weapon’s strength lies in its 优势 accuracy. 这种新型武器的优势在于其精确性。

[拓展] on the strength of sth. 在……的影响或帮助下。如: I got the job on the strength of her recommendation.


strengthen vt. & vi. 加强;强化。如: The organization’s aim is to strengthen the cultural ties between China and



将下列句子翻译成英语。 1. 她再也走不动了。 She didn’t have any strength to walk any further. 2. 作为艺术家,她很清楚自己的优点和 不足。 She’s well aware of her strengths and weaknesses as an artist.

3. 在我兄弟的劝说下,我决定投身于 残疾人的教育事业。 I’m determined to devote to the

education of the disabled on the
strength of my brother’s advice.

6. The competition between the two
restaurants was on! on 作副词与 be 连用时,可以表示 以下几个意思: (1) (电灯、水等)开着 (2) 正在进行,举行 (3) 上演,演出

① 灯都亮着。
The lights were all on.

② 他们家的电视总是开着。
The TV is always on in their house.

③ 电影院在上演什么片子?
What’s on at the movie?

④ 我到电影院的时候,电影已经开演五 分钟了。 The film had been on for five minutes when I got to the cinema.

7. He did not look forward to being in debt because his restaurant was no longer popular. 他可不希望由于餐馆不受欢迎而负债。 debt: sum of money owed to sb. that has not yet been paid 债务; 欠款 in debt 负债

如: The club is £4 million in debt. 这个俱乐部负债400万英镑。 He died in heavy debt. 他死于重债。 Many of the large firms are heavily in debt. 很多大公司都负债累累。

[拓展] get / run into debt 陷入债务。如: We were poor but we never got into debt. 我们很穷但是从来没负债。 out of debt 免于债务。如: It’s hard to stay out of debt when you are a student. 做学生的时候,你很难没有债务。

pay off one’s debts 还清债务。如:

He managed to pay off his debts in
two years.


将下列句子翻译成英语。 1. 这家工厂债务重重。
The factory is deeply in debt. 2. 失业后,他陷入债务。 He ran / got into debt after he lost his job.

8. I don’t want to upset you, but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food. 知识点: 1. limit 2. benefit 1. limited adj. 有限的 The number of competitors is limited. He is a man of limited ability.

limit n. 限制 a time/speed/age limit within limits 在有限在范围内 without limits 无限制地 I’m willing to hep you within limits. limit vt. 限制...
limit … to … / set a limit to/on … / there is a

limit to/on …
be limited to被限于

benefit n. 利益;好处 vi. & vt. 有益于;有助于;受益 beneficial adj. 有益的,受益的 e.g. The rain is of great benefit to the plants. 雨水对植物大有好处。? 1) benefit (from / by) vi. 受益于 benefit sb/sth vt. 有益于, 有助 2) be of benefit to = be beneficial to 对……有益

3) 短语: for sb.’s benefit
= for the benefit of


11. Wang Pengwei was just enjoying a second plate of dumplings,…
a second = another, 序数词与the连用 表示“第几”,与a / an连用表示 “又一,再一”。 1) You are the second to tell me the news. 2) He failed a third time, but he said he would keep on trying until he succeeded.

He said that he would pay ________ second visit to Australia ________ next month. A. the, / B. the , the C. a, the D. a, /


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