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2013 届江苏高考 完形填空、任务型阅读专项训练八
I. 完形填空 Life is not always smooth. There was a man who had 36 37 for me!” When he was five years old, his father died of illness without leaving him any 38 . Since then, his mother worked outside 39 he had to stay at home and take care of his siblings. He learnt cooking since then. 41 , sold out all his properties and went back to her home several 43 for him. When he was fourteen, he dropped 40 and began his life of loving. When he was eighteen, he married a girl, who, months after their marriage. When he was twenty, he 42 his job from electrician to ferry staff to railway worker. All his jobs were When he was thirty-five, misfortune again 44 on him. When he was driving across a huge bridge, the steel ropes along the edge of the bridge were broken and he fell into the river with his car. He suffered such severe injuries that he could no longer continue his 45 . When he was 46 , he opened a gas station in a town. However, he competitors 48 the billboard hanging problems. When he was forty-seven, he places. When he was seventy-five, he felt 52 to maintain his company, so he transferred his brand and patent to others. The new owner suggested giving him ten thousand stock shares as part of the purchasing price. But he Later the price of the stocks of the company soared and he lost the chance of being a billionaire. When he was eighty-eight, he achieved great success and became well-known to the whole world. He was exactly the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Ha Lunda Sandoz. He often said, “People always complain about the bad 54 . Actually it is not bad at all. As long as you are weather every day. “ 36. A. achieved 37. A. great 38. A. words 39. A. while 40. A. in 41. A. meanwhile 42. A. started 43. A. fit 44. A. fell 45. A. life 46. A. forty 47. A. got through 48. A. contributing to 49. A. changed 50. A. deeply 51. A. learning 52. A. powerless 53. A. turned up 54. A. difficulties B. undergone B. important B. money B. but B. out B. moreover B. took B. tough B. hit B. major B. thirty-five B. came into B. judging from B. married B. highly B. promoting B. depressed B. turned to B. misfortune C. tried C. valuable C. property C. when C. down C. however C. lost C. unusual C. put C. job C. fifty-three C. came about C. owing to C. missed C. generally C. developing C. disappointed C. turned down C. life D. undertook D. enough D. families D. so D. up D. therefore D. changed D. adequate D. rested D. education D. seventy D. went against D. leading to D. divorced D. thickly D. teaching D. hopeless D. turned in D. weather 55 and confident all the time, you will have good 53 the suggestion. 49 his second wife, which had 50 stricken his three children. his chicken-frying techniques to various restaurants in different When he was sixty-six, he made a living by 51 47 dispute (争端) because he beat his numerous failures in his life. But he said, “One success is

55. A. hard-working II. 任务型阅读

B. brave

C. cautious

D. optimistic

Everyone needs a break, and vacations are not meant for serious study. Instead, they’re a great way to take a break and enjoy a good book. The Spring Festival is coming up so this is the perfect time to discuss some great English language literature to take on a long train journey or while you’re hanging out with the family. Before getting into the recommendations, we need to determine your English reading comprehension level so you don’t pick a book which is so challenging that it’s stressful or so simple that it’s boring. If you’re at the beginner level, there are two options: reading a children’s book or reading a book that you’ve read in Chinese translation. This will help you get over any unfamiliar words or phrases, since you’re already familiar with the story. If you’re at the intermediate level, popular books like pop fiction, mysteries and thrillers are good options, as they’ll be guaranteed page turners and that will increase the possibility of your getting all the way through the book. For advanced readers, science fiction, classic works of literature or contemporary prize winners (Booker, Nobel, Pulitzer) are good options. The most important thing is to pick a book that you’re really interested in. When I pick up a new book in Chinese, the first few chapters are always really hard to get through, as I have to get accustomed to the way the individual author uses the language. But after the first few chapters, things get a lot easier, especially if I get involved in the story. Some of my favorite Chinese-language eye candy are books that are series like Brothers by Yu Hua or The Dancer by Hai Yan. I like them because there’s always a lot of action and story development to keep me involved, which helps me make it through those first few chapters. Another great way to keep yourself motivated over the holiday is to find a friend who’s interested in reading the same book. You can make goals that you both want to achieve and discuss plot lines or vocabulary issues with each other by SMS or e-mail. I’m currently doing that with my friend Laura. We’ve been doing this since we were classmates in Chinese at college. Some quick recommendations: Harry Potter, start with the first book and go on from there; the Narnia series; anything by US writer Michael Crichton or British writer Agatha Christie; and if you like horror, US writer Stephen King is always unusual and fun. But really you should just find a topic or author that you’re interested in, and the rest will go from there. Happy reading! —from 21st Century (January 21, 2009) Title Theme Enjoy English language literature on vacation Find a good book to read on your (71) __________ to a distant place. ● Beginners may pick a children’s book or a book whose story is (73) __________ to them. (72)__________of proper books ● Poplar books might make it (74) __________ for intermediate-level readers to read them from cover to cover. ● Science fiction, classic works of literature or contemporary prize winners may be (75) __________ for advanced readers. Ways to keep up your (76) __________ for reading ● Choose a book that is interesting enough to keep you involved in the story and help get through some difficult (77) __________. ● Read along with a friend a book you both feel interested in and (78) __________ views on plot lines or vocabulary to achieve your common goals. ● Harry Potter series Books (79) __________ by the author ● Narnia series ● Works by Michael Crichton ● Works by Agatha Christie ● (80) __________ fiction by Stephen King (八)

36-55 BDCAB CDBAC ABCDA BACDD 71. journey 72. Options / Choices 73. familiar / known 74. possible 75. suitable 76. motivation 77. chapters / sections 78. exchange 79. recommended 80. Horror



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