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英语:unit4 making the news-listening,speaking and writing教案(新人教版必修5)

Unit4 Making the News Listening ,Speaking and writing 教案
Ⅰ. Teaching aims: Target Language: remind … of…, appear, eyewitness, on the spot, supporter, photograph Shall we make an appointment? Maybe we can meet at… When do you think is convenient for you? Which day would suit you best? Where would you like to meet? I shall be busy at… and… , but I can be free at… I suggest that we meet… I may be able to see you at… That will/won’t be convenient because… I look forward to seeing you. Ability goal: 1. Enable the Ss to learn how to make appointments 2. Train Ss’ language skills listening & Speaking Ⅱ. Teaching important points: Guide the Ss learn how to make appointments. Ⅲ. Teaching difficult points: How to guide the Ss learn to make appointments Ⅳ. Teaching methods: Listening; speaking, cooperative learning Ⅴ. Teaching aids: A computer, a projector and a tape recorder Ⅵ. Teaching procedures: StepⅠLead-in Ask a group of students to tell whom they want to interview most if they are offered a

chance, and also ask them to make out the reason. Thus to lead in today’s task. T: If you were a reporter, who would you want to interview most? Why?

StepⅡ Listening Task1 Deal with the listening part on page 31. Ask Ss to go through the questions of Exercise 1&2 in Listening and Speaking on page31. Th en play the tape for three times. (For the first time, ask them to listen for the main ideas and do Exercise 1, For the second time, finish Exercise 2. And for the last time, check the answers themselves. A. B. C. This is about a young man who is refused an interview with Liu May. This about a young man who is trying to arrange an interview with Liu Mei. This is about a young man who wants to ask Liu Mei about how to work abroad. 1. Why does Zhou Yang want to interview Liu Ming? He wants to interview him about his decision to go to work abroad. 2. What are his fans worried about? His fans worried that they will not see him in the flesh. Task2 Deal with Listening on page62 and listening task on page66.

Step Ⅲ Speaking This task is to let the students practice making appointments. Ask Ss read instructions of Exercise 3 on page 32 and work in pairs and role-play the situation. Sample dialogue: S1: Hello. I’d like to speak to Li Feizhou. I’m the photographer ringing him to make an

appointment for some photographs for “cool scene” magazine. Is it possible to meet him tomorrow? S2: Hello. Perhaps I can help. I am Li Feizhou’s secretary. I’m afraid he can only meet you tomorrow afternoon as he had a hairc ut in the morning. Is that OK? S1: Oh dear. I was hoping he would be free in the morning as I have another appointment then. It should only take two hours. Maybe we could meet before or after his appointment. S2: Yes. That might be possible. But he’s busy between 9:00 and 10:30 and then between 11:30 and 1:00 but he might be free for an hour between 10:30 and 11:30. S1: I don’t think that’s long enough. Could he change his other appointment to another day?

S2: I don’t think so. S1: Then could he be free at 10:00? We could do the photographs and I would still be on time for my next appointment. S2: That sounds quite possible. I’ll ask him. What would he need to wear? S1: Some comfortable clothes would be best. S2: Fine. I’ll talk to him and call you again very soon. Where would it be best to meet? S1: At the studio if that is OK with you. Thank you very much. S2: My pleasure. Step Ⅳ Listening (WB P62) The students will hear a conversation between Susan and Greg. They are asked to do the exercise according to the tape. T: Many people think that making a radio or TV interview is fun and interesting. But there can be problems. What will be problems? Listen to the tape and try to finish the exercise. Listen to the tape again and check the answers with the whole class. Students answer the questions in pairs. One asks the questions and the other answers.

StepⅤ Listening Task (WB P66) Put students into pairs. Ask them to think of as many practical situations as they can, where being “on the spot” is very important to understanding what is happening. Discuss why an eyewitness would help in each situation. Listen to the tape for the first time. Ask students to write down the gist of the listening passage in one sentence. Go through the task and listen again and do the exercise. Check the answers.

Step Ⅵ Summary and Homework In this period we’ve done some listening practice and practiced how to make appointments. After class, please listen to the recording repeatedly and pay attention to the pronunciation as well as functional sentences of how to make appointments.

Writing Ⅰ. Teaching aims: Target language eyewitness, opinion, information, stick to, rather than, account for Ability goals Enable the Ss to know how to express opinions of own and justify the situations according to different opinions. Enable the Ss to grasp the main points of news-writing. Teaching important and difficult points Justify the different point of view and make one’s own opinions. Write the news clearly and pithily. Teaching method Discussion, cooper ative learning, debating Teaching aids A projector, a computer Teaching procedures: Step I Revision Check the homework and take a dictation. Ask Ss how important it is to get the first source, how important the eyewitnesses are.

Step II Warming up Have a de bate: In a local fishing competition, a person tells you he / she has caught a fish the size of a small car. It will win him / her first prize at a local fishing competition. But an eyewitness says he / she cheated. He saw the fisherman buying it at a fish shop. Do you believe the eyewitness or the fisherman? Divided students into two groups, and tell the reasons who they support.

CCTV Newman
Explain the exciting story Stick to facts rather than opinions


Accept the interview with the reporter Accounts for his/ her behaviour


Accept the interview with the reporter Tell him what he/ she saw

Reporter of Local Evening News

Prepare interview questions for the fisherman/woman and the eyewitness; Find out truth through your own analysis.

[来源:学科网 ZXXK]

Step III Group Work Ask students to work in groups of four and play one of the following roles each: CCTV Newsman / woman, Fisherman, Eyewitness, Reporter of Local Evening News. Make a dialogue in four and express their own opinions. Step IV Presentation Ask four of the students to express their own opinions.

Step V Writing Task Fill in the form on page 68. List the facts and the opinions. Write about each fact and then write about the opinion. Try to follow the example and make the news clear and pithy or concise. Also let the Ss pay attention to the followings: State the situation of the story in paragraph 1; Set out what happened clearly in Paragraphs2 and 3; State how the story ended and your opinion on what happened in Paragraph 4. Allow the students enough time to work on their writing. (If there is a lack of time, leave the task

for homework) A sample version:

Fish Story


Today is the city’s annual Father’s Day Fishing Competition. Mr. Thompson took part in the fishing competition. He presented a very large and rare fish as big as a small car. Mr. Thompson s aid, “ It was quite by accident.” “ I had a bite on the line. It was this wonderful fish. So, of course, I pulled it out of the water very quickly.” He added. However, an eyewitness said he had seen Mr. Thompson earlier in the day buying fish at the fish market. He said, “I saw the fisherman go into the shop and come out with this large, rare fish.” “Then he went to the judges and they weighed his fish and told him it was the largest so far”, said the witness. Mr. Thompson finally admitted he had bought the fish and had not caught it. He apologized in public and said that he only did it so his son would be proud of him as a fisherman. So it seems that it was Mr. Thompson who was the big fish! Step VI Homework 1. Finish the writing work at home. 2. Review the whole unit and prepare for a test.


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