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一,课前预习 1. _________ n.无能;残疾 _________ adj.伤残的 _______ adj.能干的; 能够的 2. __________ n.野心,雄心 __________ adj.有雄心的,野心勃勃的 3.____________ adj.有益的 __________ v.&n.受益;利益,好处 4. _____________ adj.独立的

______________ n.独立 __________ v.依靠,依赖 5.______________ n.鼓励 二,重点短语 1. 换句话说_______________ 2 切掉,删掉_________________ 3.上气不接下气_________________ 4.闲坐着________________ 5. 取笑______________ 6.一切顺利__________________ 7.也, 又; 和……一样好_______________ 8.对…有益___________________ 三,重点词组和句型探究: 1. She is proud to have taken part in competitions and to have broken a record by running two laps(800 metres) this year.她很骄傲她参加了比赛而且在今年的 800 米 长跑中打破了记录。 [解释]to have taken part in…为不定式的完成时,表示的动作在谓语动作前发生, 意为“已经做了”。 [典例] I am sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time.对不起,让你等了那么久。 AIDS is said to have been the biggest health challenge to both men and women in that area over the past few years.据说,在过去的几年里,爱滋病已经成为那个地区男 性以及女性的最大的健康隐患。 [练习]汉译英 1)当老师问起时,他假装读过了这篇课文。 _____________________________________________________________________ 2)据说他的作品被译成了多种文字。 _____________________________________________________________________ 2. The few who cannot see the real person inside my body do not make me annoyed, and I just ignore them.有些同学看不到我的内心世界,但我并不生气,只是不理会 他们罢了。 [解释] see the real person inside one’s body “了解某人内心深处”是一种比较形象 的说法。 ____________ v.鼓励 __________ n.勇气,精神

[典例] In the film the Black Book, the captain cannot find a friend who is able to see the real person inside his body. 在电影《黑皮书》中,那个上尉无法找到一个可以理解他 的朋友。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 我们只愿意相信理解我们内心的朋友,并和他们分享秘密。 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2) 他最终选择了理解他的女孩当自己的妻子。 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3. I have a very busy life with no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. 生活太忙了,我可没时间闲坐着顾影自怜。 [解释] “sit around”无所事事;feeling sorry for myself 现在分词短语做伴随状语。 [典例] She is not the type to sit around doing nothing.她不是那种闲坐着无所事事的人。 A beggar sits around staring at the last leaf on the tree. 有个乞丐闲坐着,眼睛盯着树上的最后的一片叶子。 Don’t sit around, it’s time to set down to your work.别闲坐了,到时间干活了。 [练习] 汉译英 1)因为无处可去,他只好整个假期陪伴着他的奶奶. _____________________________________________________________________ 2)他心地很好,他把所有的家产用去帮助有需要的人。 _____________________________________________________________________ 4. Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.接受他们的现状,并给他们予鼓励,让他们和你们一样过着丰 富多彩而充实的生活。 [解释]… to live as rich and full a life as you do.具有以下结构 “as+adj.+a/an+n.+as”表示像……一样的……” [典例] Mary is as friendly a girl as Julie. Mary 和 Julie 一样友好 I have never met with as clever a boy as he is before, who has really impressed me a

great deal. 我从来没见过像他一样聪明的男孩,他的确给我留下了非常深刻的印象. [练习] 汉译英 1)玛丽和她的哥哥一样都是聪明的学生。 _____________________________________________________________________ 2)英语和数学一样都是很重要的科目。 _____________________________________________________________________ 二、课中巩固练习 用本单元所学词组、句型翻译下列短文。 我奶奶已经八十多岁了,她仍然很健康。 比如说,爬山的时候,她比我还快, 从没见她有上气不接下气的时候。当别人问她长寿的秘诀时,她说:“我天天打 太极,太极对健康非常有益。刚学时动作做不好,很多人都取笑我,但我并不介 意。慢慢地,我和别人做得一样好了。特别是要学会开心地生活,换句话说,不 要为一点点小事就生气。 总之, 如果你和奶奶一样快乐度过每一天, 你就能长寿。 ” _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Period 2 Language points 1. disability—disabled—able 2. ambition---ambitious 3. beneficial---benefit 4. independent-independence—depend 5. encouragement—encourage—courage other words 3.out of breath 5.make fun of well as 2.cut out 4.sit around 6.all the best beneficial to

三.句子翻译 1.He pretended to have read the text when asked by his teacher. 2.His works are said to have been translated into many languages. 2.(1)We are only willing to trust and share the secrets with the friends who can see the real person inside our bodies. (2)He finally chose the girl who could see the real person inside his body as his wife. 3.(1)With nowhere to go, he had to spend all his holiday accompanying his grandmother. (2)He is a kind person with all his fortune to help people in need. 4.(1)Mary is as clever a student as her older brother. (2)English is as important a subject as Maths. 短文翻译 My mother is more than eighty,but she is still healthy. For example,when we go climbing, she is faster than I and she is never out of breath. When asked the secret of her long life, she said, “I practise Taiji every day, which is very beneficial to health. At first, I could not do it very well and many people made fun of my strange movements. However,It never bothered me. Gradually,I could do it as well as others. In particular,you must learn to live happily,in other words,don't be annoyed at any trifles. All in all,if you can live as happy a life as grandmother every day,you can enjoy a long life.”


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