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(A) As a student, I get so many assignments every day. I have to stay up late in order to finish all my homework. I used to complain about all this pressure (25) appreciate our teach

ers for their hard work. We only (26) teachers worked (28) school with my classmates. We did not (know) that we got a lot of homework. we knew that our

After a few months, we did not complain about homework anymore (27)

(hard) than we did. We had no right to complain. Sometimes, we said, ―I

didn‘t go to bed until 12:00 o‘clock last night. Now I just want to sleep.‖ Our teacher would answer us, ―I go to bed at 1:00 a.m. every day.‖ Since we knew how hard teachers work, we started to appreciate them. To give our thanks, we wrote a big card to the teachers (29) it was teachers‘ day. When they got our card, they (30) (touch) because their students finally knew the teachers‘ effort. After giving the card, I realized (31) powerful the sentence ―thank you‖ is. When we give our thanks to somebody, the world is full of love. I say ―thank you‖ to my friends, family, classmates, teachers, and even strangers. I like to see the smiles on their faces, so (32) (say) ―thank you‖ every day is the way I make the world a better place. (B) The year before last, a new superhero landed on Earth to live among humans. When people needed help, Thor became their defender and saved (33) played him — Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1983. His family moved between Melbourne and the Northern Territory. In the Northern Territory, Hemsworth‘s parents worked on a cattle station. The work required the family (34) (live) two hours from the nearest big city. Since they had no TV, . They played outside, (36) (build) Hemsworth and his brothers learned to entertain (35) world. People loved Thor and the actor who

weapons and forts ( 堡垒 ). Later the family settled on Philip‘s Island south of Melbourne (37) Hemsworth enjoyed surfing. In 2012, Hemsworth played Thor again in the film The Avengers. He was one of a group of superheroes (38) (assemble) to save planet Earth. That film earned $1 billion worldwide in just 19 days! He also starred in (39) is called Snow White and the Huntsman. Audiences (40) ____ seem to get enough of him! A second Thor film, Thor 2, is due out in 2013.

(A) A friendly dog named Bonnie, who also happens to be deaf, is being praised by her owner for (25) _____(help) him catch a suspected intruder in their home. Dan Strasser said he heard Bonnie running around the living room at about 6 a.m. Saturday, so he got out of bed to see (26) _____ she was so excited. He said zhucanqi Bonnie didn‘t bark or bite like a guard dog, but (27) _____ she behaved was enough to alert him. When Strasser walked into the living room, he caught the intruder (28) _____(try) to steal his computer. The man took off, but instead of running out of the back door (29) _____ he came in, he accidentally ran into the garage and (30) _____(seize) there.


Strasser grabbed his gun and held the intruder in the garage while his girlfriend called 911. Police showed up and arrested the intruder, whom they later identified (31) _____ Thomas Lowell, who was accused in court Monday of burglary (入室行窃) and possession of drug. He is due back in court on Oct. 2nd. Strasser said Lowell got in through the back door, which he kept open at night so that Bonnie (32) _____ get into the backyard. He plans to keep it (33) _____(lock) from now on. (B) The first-ever American Laughing Championship is taking place in San Diego. The contest is the first national championship in the US, (34) _____ Canadian filmmaker, Albert Nerenberg, has previously organized national laughing contests in Canada and Japan and a state championship in California back in 2010. The contest requires the chosen laughers to face off against each other as the audience determines who has (35) _____(attractive) laugh. Daunte Reed is one of about twelve people competing in the contest. He is hoping to be a winner of the title of top laugher. ―I‘ve been told I have (36) _____ attractive laugh. (37) _____ doesn‘t take much to make me laugh,‖ Reed said. The contest includes the belly laugh, the crazy laugh and the diabolical (魔鬼般的) laugh. The last one is the most challenging, according to Nerenberg, who said the goal is (38) _____(make) the audience laugh with your laugh. The solo (单独的) laughing requires a pfzhizuo good voice. However, the other laugh styles require someone to get the audience laughing; a good diabolical laugh requires the laugher to infect himself and start laughing naturally,‖ he explained. ―The person who wins isn‘t always the best, but the top three people are always the best. It is more joy (39) _____ these people bring to the world. They tend to be happy types. We (40) _____(never have) a sad person win so far,‖ he added.

(A) When I was young I wanted to be a model, so when a national contest was nearby, I convinced my parents to take me or an (试演). I (25)______ (select) and told I had potential. I imagined (26)______ (sign) by some amous model companies. or months, any boredom or disappointment I aced was pushed aside because I knew I ______ (27)(have) the chance to be a real model soon. Of course, I wasn‘t signed, but (28) ______ hurt the most was being told that if I grew to 1.75 meters, I could be a success. I prayed or a growth (冲刺) because I didn‘t want to give up my dream. Then I made an appointment with a local modeling agency. The agency sent me out on a few auditions but with every day I did not receive a call, I grew more (29) ______ (depress). The final straw came in July (30) ______ I had decided to ocus on commercial modeling. There was an open call in New York City. We spent hours driving, only to be told that I was too short. Years later, I realize that the trip to New York was good as (31)______ made me notice I didn‘t actually love modeling, just the idea of it. I wanted to be special and I was naively determined (32)______(reach) an impossible goal. The experience has made me stronger and that will help me in the future. (B)

The cold came a little bit earlier this winter. The weather has been harsh and unorgiving. Beijing witnessed the (33)______ (early) snowall since the 1950s on Nov 3. Temperatures in many parts of China have hit record lows, with Inner Mongolia suering rom a killer cold of ?40℃. Cold weather also brought heavy snowstorms (34)______ the US, Russia and Europe, (35)______ (cause) deaths and orcing highways to shut down. You may not think they are related in any possible way, but scientists say that the extreme cold started in the North Pole, where the sea ice is melting rapidly(36) ______ the burning of fossil fuels. This summer, the National Snow and Ice Data Center in the US announced that the sea ice coverage in(37) ______ Arctic had reached its lowest level – with less than half of the coverage it had our decades ago. Large amounts of sea ice loss could change (38)______ air circulates in the atmosphere. At the same time, melting sea ice also releases more ocean water, which results in increased water vapor in the atmosphere that (39)______ be transormed into snow. Also, the attack of the cold came quickly and without a break this year. This let no time or the temperature to revive (回升), (40)______ caused the cold to accumulate.

(A) To be a successful speaker is no easy thing. It is essential for you to know why you are speaking and 25 you wish to accomplish by your speech. The four most common purposes of speech are to inform, to convince, to move to action, and to entertain. Do you, like a teacher or an expert in a field, w i s h t o i l l u s t r a t e y o u r i d e a s i n d e t a i l t o p e o p l e u n f a mi l i a r w i t h yo u r s u b j e c t 26 they can understand your ideas clearly and thoroughly? Or, like a debater, wish to convince the 27 be proper judges or the audience? Or, like a fund collector for a naturalist foundation, wish to get money? Or, like a comedian or after-dinner speaker, wish to entertain? The language and tone you use quite different language, tone and manner from information Furthermore, 30 29 28 for your purpose, for your audience, and for the occasion. A speech to the graduating class will have (deliver) to a group of your friends. talented the speaker is, a talk without enough preparation is usually 31 (be) definite

failure. To speak without preparing is to shoot without taking aim. Decide what your aim or

objective is; then state it in a complete topic sentence. Make sure that your subject and not too broad. zhucanqi (B)

DC Hilton was one of the first Americans to find out that there was money to be made in the middle of the night. 47 years ago he bought a small restaurant on US highway 69, in Oklahoma. His main customers were truck drivers and traveling salesmen who drank coffee and ate cheeseburgers when they stopped 32 (break) their journey. 33 first tried to persuade Hilton to remain open all night. 34 (think) about it It was they

for a while, he suddenly made up his mind. He took the door key and threw it across the road. He hasn‘t closed the door ever since. Over the years his simple burger caféhas been expanded self-help laundry. Hilton was a pioneer in a 24-hour working trend, 36 has now caught on around the world. Today not only restaurants but also banks, supermarkets, mail-order firms, travel agencies and many


a 24-hour roadside empire, with

a 100-seat restaurant, a petrol station, a mini shopping market, a car park for mobile homes and all-night

other businesses are beginning to be open all night. But is this really a good thing? So far, a lot of research sleeping 20% less than 38 37 (do) in America on the effect of 24-hour working, and there is growing concern about the long-term dangers of a society that doesn‘t sleep. Americans are said to be did 100 years ago, and 55% claim to suffer at least occasionally from 39 (bad) man-made disasters happened in the last few hours before over-tiredness. Several of the 40 (stay) awake.

dawn, when even the most experienced night -worker has difficulty

(A) ―Come in, Kim. Have a seat, please,‖ said Bill Williams, the manager. This was Kim‘s first experience with an assessment. After only six months he was due for a raise (25) _____ this assessment was satisfactory. ―Kim,‖ began Bill Williams, ―I am very pleased with the quality of your work. My only concern is that you are not active enough in (26) _____ (put) forward your suggestions.‖ ―But,‖ replied Kim, ―I have always completed every assignment you (27) _____ (give) me, Mr. Williams.‖ ―I know that, Kim. And please, call me Bill. But (28) _____ I expect is for you to think independently and introduce new ideas. It is more input from you (29) _____ I need – more feedback on how things are going. I don‘t need a ?yes man‘. You just smile (30) ______ _____ everything is fine. I‘m not asking you to tell me what to do, but what you think we (31) _____ do. To make suggestions, I employed you because I respect your experience in this field.‖ ―Yes, I see. I‘m not accustomed to this, but I will try to do as you say… Bill.‖ ―Good, then, I expect (32) _____ (hear) more from you at staff meetings or at any other time you want to discuss an idea with me.‖ ―Yes, of course. Thank you, Mr. Will… Bill.‖ (B) I was the middle child of the three, but there was a gap of five years on either side, and I hardly saw my father before I was eight. For this and (33) _____ reasons I was somewhat lonely. I had the lonely child‘s habit of making up stories, and I think from the very start my literary ambitions (34) _____ (mix) up with the feeling of being isolated. I knew that I had a natural ability with words, and I felt that this created a sort of private world where I could get my own back for my failure in everyday life. However, the quantity of serious writing which I produced all (35) _____ my childhood would not add up to half a dozen pages. I wrote my first poem at the age of four or five, my mother (36) _____ (take) it do