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2015 届高考英语二轮专题复习小题狂做:完形填空 13
When an NBA player is young he thinks he can win the champ ionship by himself. It is only later when he has aged and been through many battles 36 he learns an important lesson: there is no “I” in “team”. There is 37 better example of the value of teamwork than the Boston Celtics. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett were all 38 on three different teams. Yet, none of them had any titles to show for it. 39 last season, they 40 to sacrifice money and individual statistics to play together. Garnett and Allen joined Pierce on the Celtics and 41 the NBA in the process. It started in simple ways. Garnett and Allen are two of the most intense athletes in the world. They treat every second of every practice like it is the NBA 42 . If you want to play alongside them then you will have to do the same. So, the young guys on the Celtics started giving their full effort too. Pierce had been the star of the Celtics for many years. He 43 shoot the ball many times a game. But with the addition of Allen and Garnett he shot less and 44 on defense. His 45 showed the young players that doing what made the team better was the only thing that 46 . When the Celtics 47 and the game was almost over, Garnett, Pierce and Allen would come out of the game. But they wouldn’t just sit on the bench. 48 , they stood and cheered and 49 for their teammates. They wanted to support their friends and 50 . Now, the guys who don’t play know they can still 51 the game by cheering so they scream and cheer when Garnet, Allen and Pierce are playing. The Celtics have developed a strong 52 . They are more than just teammates. They are 53 . The result: the Boston Celtics won the 2008 NBA championship and are considered the favorites to 54 the Eastern Conference championship again this year. There is a saying that 55 , “A successful team beats with one heart.” If that is the case, the Celtics may have the biggest heart in the NBA. 36. A. that B. when C. where D. which 37. A. not B. no C. never D. seldom 38. A. super stars B. film stars C. football stars D. known persons 39. A. Yet B. Though C. Then D. Finally 40. A. meant B. planned C. decided D. intended 41. A. created B. changed C. maintained D. altered 42. A. championship B. test C. practice D. drill 43. A. would B. used to C. could D. need 44. A. focused B. looked C. depended D. relied 45. A. selfishness B. selflessness C. heroism D. male chauvinist 46. A. happened B. took C. came D. mattered 47. A. were winning B. were failing C. were going D. were rising 48. A. However B. But C. Though D. Instead 49. A. shouted B. laughed C. screamed D. neighed 50. A. teammates B. relatives C. families D. audience 51. A. effort B. afford C. effect D. affect 52. A. teamship B. connection C. friendship D.relationship 53. A. friends B. brothers C. comrades D. teammates 54. A. beat B. defeat C. knock D. hit 55. A. writes B. goes C. speaks D. talks

When I was in medical college, I went 36 with some of my friends. The 37 was summer; therefore, we 38 to go to the seaside. After arriving there, we rented a room and left our 39 there. We finished lunch and then decided to rent a boat 40 the sea and the weather were beautiful. We started to 41 , but about one mile out, the weather suddenly changed. 42 the weather was not good, we didn’t want to 43 , but finally my friends and I 44 that we should go back. We tried to change the boat’s 45 , but as soon as we changed it, the oarlock (橹, 桨) broke. Therefore, we were 46 to turn back. We had to wait for help because we coul dn’t do anything. After seeing the change of the weather, we 47 to row, but it was too late. We 48 it. The sea changed a lot, the waves got very high, and the boat began to 49 like a cradle (摇篮). One of my friends started to cry; 50 started to feel sick. Three hours passed, and nobody came to help us. We were just praying. 51 , after five long hours of waiting, two big boats came to 52 us and we 53 . If they 54 come to get us, we would have crossed the border between Turkey and Greece because the border was very close. This story is the most exciting story of my life because we could have 55 , but luck was with us and we escaped. 2.A. to camp B. and camped C. camping D. on camp 3.A. climate B. month C. reason D. season 4.A. chose B. selected C. managed D. would rather 5.A. things B. luggage C. package D. bags 6.A. if B. even if C. because D. for 7.A. go B. row C. sail D. surf 8.A. As B. If C. Although D. Even if 9.A. give in B. give up C. go forward D. row 10.A. agreed B. hoped C. suggested D. promised 11. A. head B. direction C. line D. way 12.A. unable B. able C. delighted D. sad 13.A. shouldn’t continue B. couldn’t continue C. shouldn’t have continued D. couldn’t have continued 14.A. forgot B. regretted C. didn’t mind D. disliked 15. A. move B. tremble C. shake D. swing 16.A. other B. the other C. another D. others 17.A. Fortunately B. Unfortunately C. Fortunate D. Unluckily 18.A. carry B. bring C. search D. rescue 19.A. didn’t drown B. didn’t die C. escaped D. ran away 20.A. didn’t B. wouldn’t C. shouldn’t D. hadn’t

21.A. died returned

B. survived




I was cleaning out an old box when an old card caught my eye :Queen City Casket Company. “What is it?” I wondered . I 36 it over. There , in faded ink, was a hand-scrawled(手写的) 37 . Immediately my mind traveled 38 many years. I was nine years old, walking down the cold,wet streets of Springfield,with a bag of magazines on my shoulder.On my 39 that day.I came to that Company finally, whose owner, Mr. Rader,had always taken me there to ask his workers 40 they wanted any magazines. Shaking off the 41 like a wet dog.I entered Mr. Rader's office.After a quick glance ,he 42 me over to the fire-place.Noticing the 43 in the top of my 44 , he said,“Come with me!”,pulling me into his pickup 45 .we pulled to a stop before a shoe store. Inside, a salesman 46 me with the finest pair of Oxfords I had 47 seen. I 48 about 10 feet tall when I got up 49 them.“We’d like a pair of new socks too.” Mr Rader said. Back in his office, Mr Rader took out a 50 ,wrote something on it, and handed it to me.With 51 eyes,I read,“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” He said affectionately(深情地),“Jimmy,I want you to 52 I love you”. I said good-bye, and for the first time I 53 a flicker of hope that somehow things would be 54 . With people like Mr Rader in the world, there was hope, kindness and love, and that would always make a 55 . B.thought C.turned D.passed 23.A.address B.1ist C.message D.information 24.A.forward C.ahead D.back 25.A.return B.rounds C.trip D.arrival 26.A.if only C.whether D.why 27.A.dust B.sweat C.tail D.rain 28.A.led B.followed C.watched D.carried 29.A.hole B.mud C.water D.cover 30.A.magazine B.shoe C.sock D.bag 31.A.truck B.factory C.home 32.A.dressed B.fitted C.showed D.comforted 33.A.ever B.already C.never D.hardly 34.A.appeared B.seemed C.looked D.felt 35.A.for B.with C.on 36.A.pen B.paper C.card D.notebook 37.A.tearful B.unbelievable C.curious. D.puzzled 38.A.admit B.know C.consider 39.A.sensed B.received C.lost D.gained 40.A.mistaken B.fight C.all right D.possible B.fortune C.choice D.difference I am my mother’s third child. When I was born, her doctor gently explained to my mother that my left arm was __16__, below the elbow(肘部). Then he gave her some __17__:“Don’t treat her any __18__ from the other girls. Demand more.” And she __19__!

My mother had to work to __20__ our family. There were five girls in our family and we all had to __21__. Once when I was about seven, I came out of the __22__,“Mom, I can’t peel (削??皮) potatoes. I only have one hand. “You get back to peel those potatoes, and don’t ever use that as a(n) __23__ for anything again!” Of course I could peel potatoes with my good hand, while holding them down with my __24__ arm. There was always a __25__ , and Mom knew it, “If you try hard __26__,” she ‘d say, “you can do anything.” Once in the second grade, our teacher had each of us race across the monkey bars(高低杠). When it was my turn, I __27__ my head. Some kids __28__ . I went home crying. After work the next afternoon, Mom __29__ me back to the school ground. “ Now, __30__ up with your right arm”, she advised. She stood by __31__ I practiced, and she __32__ me when I made progress. I’ll never forget the __33__ time I was crossing the bars. The kids were standing there with their mouths open. It was the way with everything. When I __34__ I can’t handle things, I see Mom’s smile again. She had the heart to __35__ anything. And she taught me I could, too. 42.A. missing B. broken C. diseased D. short 43.A. warning B. medicine C. help D. advice 44.A. badly B. differently C. well D. normally 45.A. did B. refused C. cried D. was 46.A. care B. help C. support D. feed 47.A. pay attention B. work out C. carry out D. help out 48.A. kitchen B. bedroom C. house D. school 49.A. idea B. change C. excuse D. explanation 50.A. lost B. other C. next D. longer 51.A. chance B. way C. time D. success 52.A. enough B. too C. again D. often 53.A. hurt B. nodded C. shook D. turned 54.A. cheered B. whispered C. joked D. laughed 55.A. drove B. took C. sent D. carried 56.A. pull B. jump C. stand D. rise 57.A. before B. as C. after D. until 58.A. helped B. raised C. praised D. protected 59.A. first B. last C. wonderful D. next 60.A. admit B. fear C. find D. realize 61.A. face B. teach C. learn D. solve

参考答案 1. 36---55 【解析】 2.C3.D4.A5.B6.C 7.B8.C9.B10.A11.B 12. A13.C14.B15.C16.C 17.A18.D19.C20.D21.A 【解析】略 22.C 23.C 24.D 25.B 26.C 27.D 28.A 29.A 30.B 31.A 32.B 33.C 34.D 35.D 36.C 37.A 38.B 39.A 40.C 41.D 【解析】略 42.A 43.D 44.B 45.A 46.C 47.D 48.A 49.C 50.B 51.B 52.A
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53.C 54.D 55.B 56.A 57.B 58.C 59.D 60.B 61.A 【解析】 试题分析:本文叙述了由于作者天生残疾缺少左胳膊肘以下的部分,作者在小的时候,开始 想利用自己残疾的一点放弃做能够做的事情, 文中叙述了三件事都是在母亲的帮助和鼓励下 做完了正常人能够做到的事情,作者在最后要感谢他的母亲使他变成了坚强的人。 42. 考查形容词及上下文的呼应。 missing 缺少的; broken 断了; diseased 患病的; short 短的。联系下文我们可以得知,出生时, “我”左胳臂肘以下的部分缺少。从下文可知,作 者的胳膊不是断了,故选 A。 43.考查名词及上下文的呼应。warning 警告; medicine 药; help 帮助; advice 建议。从 空后的句子我们得知,这是医生给“我”母亲的建议,要母亲像对待一个正常的孩子那样对 待“我” 。此处医生给我母亲的不是“警告” ,也不是“帮助” ,更不是“药” 。 故选 D。 44 .考查副词及上下文的呼应。 badly 严重的; differently 不同地; well 好地; normally 正常地。从下句 demand more 可以得知,医生要“我”母亲不要因为“我”的残 疾就把“我”与其他孩子区别对待。从后面的介词 from 可排除其他选项,不合搭配。故选 B。 45.考查动词及上下文的呼应 refuse 拒绝; cry 哭。 did 在此相当于 demanded more,此 处强调母亲确实照医生的话做了。 B、 C 不合题意。 D 用于替代句中的系表结构, 而此处 demand more 是实意动词。故选 A。 46.考查动词及上下文的呼应。care 在意; help 帮助; support 维持,支持; feed 饲养。 说明母亲要工作来养家糊口。从母亲的艰辛这一点可排除其他动词,故选 C。 47.考查动词短语及上下文的呼应。pay attention 注意; work out 解决问题;出现?? 结果; carry out 执行(任务等); help out 帮助脱离困境。从下文“我”剥土豆皮的经历 可得知“我们”姐妹几个都帮母亲的忙。故选 D。 48.考查名词及上下文的呼应。kitchen 厨房; bedroom 卧室; house 房子;school 学校。 从空后的"Mom,Ican't peelpotatoes. ”看, “我”从厨房走出来。从作者削土豆这——具体 的语境可排除其他选项。故选 A。 49.考查名词及上下文的呼应。idea 主意; change 改变; excuse 借口; explanation 解释。 空前的 that 指代 “我”所说的 Ican't peel potatoes,I only have one hand. 母亲认为那是借口, 故选 C。 50 .考查形容词词及上下文的呼应。 lost 丢失的; other 其它的; next 下一个的; longer 长的。 用右手剥皮, 用左胳膊把土豆握住, myotherarm 指失去肘部以下的那只胳膊。 lost 丢失的, 往往指整个东西,而此处作者的胳膊仅仅缺少了半截,故选 B。 51.考查名词及上下文的呼应。chance 机会; way 方式; time 时间; success 成功。从下 文"if you try hard 11(enough),you can do anything. ”我们得知, “我”认为办法总是有的。 此处指的是有“办法” ,其他选项不合题意。故选 B。
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52.考查副词及上下文的呼应。enough 足够; too 太; again 又; often 经常。enough 在 这里做程度副词,修饰前面的副词 hard.题意为:假如你足够努力,你什么事情都可以做。 again 表示动作的重复,都不合题意。故选 A。 53.考查动词及上下文的呼应。hurt 伤害; nod 点头; shake 摇头;turn 扭头。从下句我 们知道, 这次 “我” 没有做, 因此当老师要 “我” 做的时候, “我” 摇头拒绝, 因此用 shook. 从 下文以及作者是残疾人这一点可排除其他选项。故选 C。 54 . 考 查 动 词 及 上 下 文 的 呼 应 。 cheer 欢 呼 ; whisper 低 声 说 出 ; joke 开 玩 笑 ; laugh 嘲笑。在这里作者是说有几个孩子嘲笑“我” ,用 laugh at sb ;A、C 有较大干扰性, cheered 多表达因为成功、喜悦而欢呼庆祝,而 joke 指开玩笑。故选 D。 55. 考查动词短语及上下文的呼应。 take sb. toa place 意思是 “领着某人去某地” 。 drive sb. to 意为“开车拉送某人到什么地方” ;send a place 意为“派某人去某地” ;carry 意为“携带某人去某地” 。故选 B。 56.考查动词及上下文的呼应。pull 拉,牵引 ; jump 跳; stand 站; rise 上升。pull up 在这里指把身体拉上去。在这里母亲要“我”用右手把身体拉上高低杠。pull 表示“拉,牵 引” 。因为后面有“用你的右手”的信息限制,因此排除其他选项。故选 A。 57.考查连词及上下文的呼应。before 在??以前; after 在??之后; until 直到。as 在 此相当于 when 或 while,在我练习的时候,母亲站在一边。此处表示两个动作同时发生, 因此排除其他选项。故选 B。 58.考查动词及上下文的呼应。help 帮助; rais 举起; praise 赞扬; protect 保护。在“我” 有进步时,母亲表场“我” 。由前面“进步”信息提示,可排除“帮助” “抬” “保护” 。 故 选 C。 59.考查形容词及上下文的呼应。First 第一的; last 最后的; wonderful 极好的; next 下一个的。the first time“第一次” ;the last time"上一次,最后一次” ;the wonderful time"最美好的时光”都不合语境。the next time 指自那次以后的下一次;故选 D。 60.考查动词及上下文的呼应。admit 承认; fear 害怕; find 找到; realize 意识到。不能 够处理事情是“我”的担心,故用 fear,相当于 beafraid.其他答案均有一定干扰性,联系 上下文我们知道,母亲一直鼓励“我”不要把自己看作残疾人,她要求“我”做正常人所做 的一切事情。admit“承认” ,realize"意识到” ,此处都不合语境。故选 B。 61.考查动词及上下文的呼应。face 面对; teach 教; learn 学会; solve 解决。她用心 去面对一切事情” 。D 项有一定干扰性,从空前的 heart 我们得知,母亲从心理上能勇敢面对 一切困难。故选 A。 考点:故事类短文。 点评:完形填空旨在测试考生的综合应用语言能力。因此,要做好“完形填空”,不仅要具 备一定的词法、句法和惯用法等语法知识,而且还要具备阅读理解能力、综合分析能力和运 用语言知识的实践能力。通览全文,了解大意,找出信息词。通览全文后,认真观察选项, 瞻前顾后,仔细推敲,逐项选定。完成所有空档后,还要再次通读全文,看看这时的短文行 文是否流畅,意义是否连贯,逻辑关系是否合理。复查时,可从语法入手,检查一下句子的 时态、主谓一致、代词的性、数、格以及词语的搭配等是否正确。凡遇疑点,必须根据文章 的中心思想,从意义、语法的角度来仔细权衡,加以改正,弥补疏漏。

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