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Module3 music 单元测试
I. 单词拼写 根据下列句子及所给首字母,写出空缺处个单词的正确形式。 (每空只填一词) 1. The singer has recorded seven a______, which are sold well. 2. We should notice the i_____ of music on children. 3. He was ordered to set a c_____ system to protect his computer form being stolen. 4. We were most i_______ with their patience. 5. He has given lectures to a_________ all over the country. 6. It is the right time for t________ to study foreign languages when they are about ten years old. 7. He tried to enter the garden s________, without being found. 8. How many i__________ can you play? I can play the piano.

9. A c______ use music to express their feelings. 10. He played a piano s____, which means he himself played and no one else was playing at the time. 1. albums 6. teenagers Ⅱ. 单项选择 1. _____ Exercise 1, we went on to do another exercise. A. Having finished C. After finished B. Finishing D. When finishing 2. influence 7. successfully 3. complex 4. impressed 5. audiences

8. instruments 9. composer 10. solo

2. _____ he was fifteen year old, he _____ advanced Maths all by himself. A. Each time; had learned C. Each time; learned B. By the time; learned D. By the time; had learned

3. --- Do you want to play _____ football with me? --- No, I’d like to play _____ guitar. A. the; the B. /; the C. the; / D. /; /

4. Was it at the Olympic Games _____ were held this year ____ Liu Xiang got a metal? A. which; that B. which; which C. that; when D. when; that

5. --- When you help me do this?

--- _____; do it yourself. A. I like to help you B. No way C. No matter D. Cool

6. The environment(环境) will ____ one’s character. A. effect B. cause C. influence D. afford

7. The rest money ____ spent so far. A. was B. have been C. has been D. mention

8. Oh, it’s you. Your voice sounds quite different ______ the phone. A. in B. for C. on D. from

9. ____ the time they stopped working together, they ______ more albums than _____ band in history. A. By; had sold; any other C. In; have sold; all B. At; sold; any D. For; had sold; all the other

10. _____ the end of six months, Karl Marx ____ Russian well enough to read books in it. A. By; had learned C. In; learned B. At; had learned D. At; learned

11. _____ in thought, he didn’t notice that everyone_____. A. Lost; had gone C. Being lost; went B. Losing; gone D. To be lost; went

12. The old man, _______abroad for twenty years, is on the way back to his motherland. work B. working C. to have worked D. having worked

13. It was quiet ________ those big trucks started coming through the town. A. before B. after C. until D. unless

14. It seemed only seconds ________ the boy finished washing his face. A. when B. before C. after D. even if

15. ________ you begin, I think you must continue. A. When B. Whenever C. Once D. Even if

16. I recognized you ________ I saw you at the airport. A. the moment B. while C. after D. once

17. He was about to go to bed ________ the doorbell rang. A. while B. as C. before D. when

18. _____ John was watching TV, his wife was cooking. A. As B. As soon as C. While D. Till

19. The children ran away from the orchard(果园) ______ they saw the guard. A. the moment B. after C. before D. as

20. No sooner had I arrived home _____ it began to rain. A. when B. while C. as D. than

Ⅲ.完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 完形填空 完形填 The cold weather of the last weeks has had a surprising result. Forty thousand Russian red-necked ducks have them. The Russian red-necked ducks manage perfectly well at temperatures down to thirty degrees 22 zero. They wouldn’t think of leaving home at minus forty. But, 24 26 23 the weather gets 25 thought in 21 in Britain where the weather, just below freezing, is like spring to

colder, if it does, they mind, “Go some where

a quick decision to take off together all with a . 27

Last Tuesday the small

near my house was invaded by about three hundred Russian 28 were

red-necked ducks, a lot noisy, though I must say they were not troublesome. Our local at first quite upset by these 29

from far away, and there were some obvious language difficulties 30 to the edge of the lake, with a little bread and milk 32 the foreigners to eat up everything. But my

too. An nine o’clock I went down as 31 worry

our own birds. I saw them standing up, 33

unnecessary: the red-necked birds didn’t like the bread at all. Many of them tried a 34 36 . 37 39 Monday . Now that, . In fact they pushed and fought to 35 the food; our own birds

mouthful, and threw looked at them in

My wife had followed me down the path with a hopeless cake she had made evening. She had forgotten to 38 the electricity in time, and the cake got

funnily enough, the Russian birds loved, though our birds wouldn’t touch it. We realized then the visitors were used to 21. A. reached 22. A. above 23. A. unless 24. A. get 40 bread probably, and my wife agreed to make some for them. C. arrived C. over C. since C. do D. left D. below D. until D. make

B. got B. under B. as B. decide

25. A. simple 26. A. hotter 27. A. lake 28. A. beasts 29. A. strangers 30. A. ever 31. A. from 32. A. expecting 33. A. showed 34. A. up 35. A. hold on to C. get down to 36. A. sadness 37. A. on 38. A. turn off 39. A. burnt 40. A. white

B. single B. colder B. village B. angels

C. easy C. warmer C. hill C. animals

D. lonely D. cooler D. nest D. birds D. friends D. before D. to D. watching D. suggested D. off

B. passengers C. enemies B. usual B. on B. hoping B. supposed B. away C. often C. for C. noticing C. proved C. over B. get away from D. catch up with B. line B. at C. excitement C. in

D. surprise D. by D. turn up D. fried D. red

B. turn down C. turn on B. broken B. black C. fired C. green

21-25 CDBDB 26-30 CADAB 31-35 CACAB 36-40 DAAAB Ⅳ.翻译下列句子: 41. 我跟我爸爸模样相似。

42. 这本辞典不仅是词典,还像一本语法书。

43. 到他大学毕业的时候,他的家乡已经发生了巨大的变化。

44. 到我 2008 高中毕业的时候,我将学了 10 年的英语了。

45. 老师要我们铭记语法的重要性。

46. 直到比赛结束他才回家。

47. 你在公园里遇到谁了?(强调句型) 1. I am similar to my father in appearance. 2. This dictionary is more than a dictionary, it’s like a grammar book. 3. By the time he graduated from college, great changes had taken place in his hometown/ his hometown had greatly changed. 4. By the time I graduate from Senior High, I will have learned English for 10 years. 5. The teacher impressed on us the importance of grammar. The teacher impressed me with the importance of grammar. 6. It was not until the game was over that he got home. 7. Who was it that you met in the park?

Ⅴ. 短文改错 A shopkeeper once found that a bag money had been stolen from his shop.He went to the judge(法官) and tell him about his loss(损失) . The judge ordered all people of the shop to come before him. He took a number of the sticks of equal length(长度) or gave one stick to each person. Then he said, “Come after me again tomorrow. I’ll then know which of you are the thief because the stick given to a thief will be one inch longer than the other.” 参考答案: I.单项选择 : 1--5 ADBAB 单词拼写: 1. albums 6. teenagers 2. influence 7. successfully 3. complex 4. impressed 5. audiences 6--10 CCCAA 11--15 ADCBC 16--20 ADCAD 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______

8. instruments 9. composer 10. solo


1.bag 后加 of 5.去掉 the 9.a→the

2.√ 6.or→and


4.all 后加 the 8.are→is





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