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高一英语必修一unit3 语法练习

Unit 3 Part Ⅲ Grammar
Ⅰ.用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空 1.I ________(fly) to Hong Kong tomorrow. 答案:am flying 2.Suppose it's still ________ (rain) tomorrow, shall we go? 答案:raining 3.I ________ (meet) John tonight. He's ________ (take) me to the theatre. 答案:am meeting; taking 4.The man who gave a lecture last October ________ (come) to our school tomorrow. 答案:is coming 5.When ________ your program ________ (start)? I want to know the exact time.

答案:is; starting/will; start 6.He ________ (leave) Beijing for London. His wife is expecting their next reunion in Beijing. 答案:is leaving 7.We ________ (go out) in an hour. Please make sure that everything is ready. 答案:are going out 8.The foreign guests ________ (arrive) in Beijing tonight. 答案:are arriving 9. Betty ________ (leave) for Guangzhou by plane at 3: this afternoon. Her brother Bob ________ 00 (see) her off. It's half past one now. They ________ (wait) for a taxi outside the school gate. 答案:is leaving; is seeing; are waiting 10.The Browns ________ (go) to North China by train next week. They ________ (stay) in Beijing for a week. Then they ________ (go) to Xi'an. They ________(get) there by air. 答案:are going; are staying; are going; are getting Ⅱ.单项填空 1.The new secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon as she ________. A.will arrive going to arrive B.arrives arriving

解析:as soon as 引导的是时间状语从句,要用一般现在时表示将来发生的动作。 答案:B 2.At this time tomorrow,________ over the Atlantic. A.we're going to fly B.we'll be flying

C.we'll fly

D.we're to fly

解析:时间状语为 at this time tomorrow,是将来进行时的标志。 答案:B 3.It will not be long before the house ________ her. A.belongs to going to belong B.will belong to belonging to

解析:在时间状语从句中要用一般现在时来表示将要发生的动作。 答案:A 4.I was about to lock the door ________ my friend called on me. C.while 解析:考查 be about to do...when 句型。 答案:D 5.If a man ________ succeed,he must work as hard as he can. A.will going to to D.should B.until D.when

解析:综合本题所表达的意思,含有一种个人的主观意志和决心,而且用在条件句中,所以使 用 be to do 表示将来。 答案:B 6.—I'm sorry. I forgot to post the letter for you. —Never mind. I ________ posting C.will post it myself this afternoon. going to post about to post

解析:句意:“对不起,我忘了给你寄信了。”“不要紧,今天下午我自己去寄。”A、B 两项 表将来,表示准备或打算;D 项表将来,指“刚要,就要”;C 项表示将来,可用于说话者临时做 出的决定,符合语境,故选 C 项。 答案:C 7.—I'm going to the USA. —How long ________ A.are; staying C.have; stay you ________ there? B.are; stayed; stay

解析:由句意“我将去美国”可知,我还没有去美国,所以应该是“你将在那里呆多长时间”, stay 可用进行时表将来,故选 A。 答案:A

8.—Are you still busy? —Yes, I ________ A.just finish just finishing C.have just finished just going to finish 解析:根据问句的现在时及后面的 won't take long,此处表示正在完成工作,须用现在进行时。 答案:B 9.I've won a holiday for two weeks to Florida. I ________ my mum. A.take taking B.have taken D.will have taken my work, and it won't take long.

解析:现在进行时可以表示将要发生的事,特别是在计划中即将发生的事。 答案:C 10.—Ann, you ________ books about. Look, what a mess in your study!

—Sorry, Mom. I won't do that again. A.have always thrown C.are always throwing B.always throw D.always threw

解析:现在进行时与副词 always 连用,可以表示说话人的不满、抱怨的情绪,其余三项均无此 用法。 答案:C 11.The teacher, along with his students, ________ playing on the ground in the setting sun.

B.playing D.are playing

解析:句意:在落日下,老师带着学生正在操场上玩耍。along with 修饰主语 the teacher 谓语动 词不受修饰语 along with 的影响。所以此处谓语动词要用单数。现在进行时表示正在进行的动作。 答案:C 12.Mr.Black ________ ________ on Sunday? leaving; takes off B.leaves; takes off leaving; is taking off D.leaves; is taking off 解析:句意:Mr. Black 在几天后就要离开上海。你知道星期天最早的飞机将什么时间起飞吗? 第一个空要用现在进行时表将来,第二个空是按日程或时刻表要发生的事,故应用一般现在时表将 Shanghai in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane

来。所以选 A 项。 答案:A Ⅲ.阅读理解 Americans spend their holidays in different ways. Some of them like to travel abroad and get to know something about the foreign countries. For example, they may go to China and learn about its old traditions and habits. However, this kind of trip is not always pleasant. First, it is not so convenient and secondly the service they receive in foreign countries is not quite satisfactory.

Some of Americans enjoy travelling within their own states, usually going to the seaside towns or cities during summer. They may stay there for one or two weeks and then come back home. This kind of trip is always cheaper and pleasant. Another group care for travelling very much. They just get on a plane in the morning and get off a ship in the evening. They like to go across the country, from north to south, and west to east. For the last group, they just want to stay at home and do their housework with the radio or television on. They say holiday is the time for rest, not for travelling. 1.Some Americans like to travel abroad because ________. A.their own country has nothing interesting B.the outside world is very advanced C.they want to know something about the history of other countries D.they have a lot of money and can not spend it all in their own country 解析:细节考查题。由第一段第二句可知,有些人喜欢到国外旅游,是想了解其他国家的一些 情况。 答案:C 2.There is something that the foreigners are not very satisfied with when they travel abroad. It is ________. A.the food C.the people they meet B.the habit D.the service

解析:细节考查题。由第一段最后一句可知,这些到国外旅游的人对于他们得到的服务不满意。 答案:D 3. an American wants to go abroad for his holiday, he probably goes to If learn about ancient culture. A.Egypt C.Singapore B.Australia D.Canada ________ to

解析:推理判断题。在四个选项中,只有埃及具有悠久的文化。 答案:A


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