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第一部分:英语知识与运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 20 题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 10 分) 1. ---Shall we do the community service on Sunday? ----OK, _________ and I?m available then. A. It won?t take long B. That depends

C. my pleasure D. I?m with you 2. In Germany, _______ successful project, which roughly translates as ??adopt a grandparent??, has been running with ________ great success. A. a ; a B. a ; 不填 C. the ; a D. 不填 ; the 3. My apartment is being decorated, so I have to rent ________ until it has been finished. A. that B. it C. one D. some 4. Researchers believe that since 2000 an average of nearly 35,000 elephants________ anually on the continent. A. have been killed B. had been killed C. were killed D. will be killed 5. Della failed her interview and was _______ unable to start her work in that company. A. constantly B. steadily C. gradually D. consequently 6. A new advertisement for slimming tea has been designed to______ those who want to lose weight. A. target B. blame C. promote D. comfort 7. ________ what patients were going through, the doctor determined to follow them for six days. A. Having found B. Finding C. To find D. Find 8. I well remember my experience as a volunteer_______ I found wells of patience and love I never knew I had. A. where B. when C. who D. which 9. People keep to themselves in my neighborhood. We don?t drop by unannounced, _______ one night a year, December 30. A. instead of B. more than C. as to D. except for 10. Ten years later I still keep in touch with my classmates ________ I?ve never met them. A. now that B. so that C. even though D. in case 11. I like eating meat, but what was once an innocent pleasure is now a very _______ one. A. temporary B. guilty C. sympathetic D. popular 12. When tourists book a holiday, the travel agent will recommend that they _______ travel insurance in case. A. cut down B. build up C. account for D. take out 13. Neil seemed very calm, yet Celia was still aware of his panic______ the surface. A. beneath B. over C. beyond D. from 14. But for your error, it _____ easier for you to passs the driving tes. After all, you had high-quality training. A. must have been B. should be C. might have been D. could be 15. The new cure has offered _______ for those fighting the most deadly virus in

known history. A. respect B. hope C. evidence D. shelter 16. We know from the survey on cigarette _______ warning messages on product containers and in ads can affect consumption of potentially dangerous products. A. which B. what C. whether D. that 17. John is smart, polite and well-behaved. _______, he is admirable. A. In a word B. After all C. On the other hand D. In addition 18. Most actresses, when ______ about the issue, often tend to lie about it to avoid negative judgment. A. to interview B. interviewing C. are interviewed D. interviewed 19. World Toilet Day was originally an attempt to get people talking about toilets, but it is relatively unpleasant in most cultures, so education programs________. A. struggle B. function C. progress D. distinguish 20. ---Don?t forget to turn off your computer when leaving! ---______. A. Of course B. Not at all C. Certainly not D. That?s all right 第二节:完形填空(20 题;每题 1 分,满分 20 分) Every Saturday and Sunday morning, my father would throw his bike in the truck of his car and explore new areas to ride. I was always ___21___ by this. What satisfaction did his bike provide him? It?s ___22__ a bike, right? That all 23 when I started riding my bike in our garage, which hadn?t been touched for nearly three years. I had been annoying my parents to help me ___24___ a bike for college. Scared but __25__, I decided to try riding it. I mean, wasn?t it supposed to be 26 ? Alas, it was not. ___27___ I spent five or ten minutes riding around, doing small turns or practicing shifting gears. Then I practised in the street. The greatest moment of it all is __28___ my father was there with me, every step of the way. He ran up and down the street making sure my___29___ wasn?t due to a negative result. I?ll never forget those moments. Who says ___30___ with your parents end before college? Then, college came. The look on my father ?s face was ___31___ when he showed me how to lock my bike. Over various methods of communication, my father ___32___ ask:“Did you ride your bike today?”___33___, for almost two months, my answer was no. Why? I was hesitated. ___34___ was not on my schedule. But then, with a kick of confidence, I ___35___ my bike in September. All I kept thinking was that my father and mother would be ___36___ of me! Even if it was doing something as small as riding my bike! Now, all I want to do is ride my bike! There are ___37___ no words to describe the rush you get while riding your bike. To ___38___ myself, I set goals. It feels unbelievable to know that you hit your gaols.

The next time you are ___39___ with emotions, ride a bike. The best part of my cycling experience is that ___40___ you fall, you pick yourself back up. It?s as simple as that. 21. A. inspired B. confused C. embarrassed D. upset 22. A. merely B. actually C. exactly D. probably 23. A. improved B. arose C. worked D. changed 24. A. equip B. repair C. purchase D. ride 25. A. anxious B. curious C. serious D. cautious 26. A. easy B. boring C. dangerous D. awkward 27. A. In fact B. At last C. In all D. At first 28. A. where B. what C. when D. whether 29. A. screaming B. laughing C. talking D. whispering 30. A. conflicts B. memories C. talks D. holidays 31. A. annoyed B. strange C. priceless D. determined 32. A. could B. must C. should D. would 33. A. Unfortuatelly B. Occasionally C. Generally D. Happily 34. A. Taveling B. Failing C. Shopping D. Driving 35. A. put away B. picked up C. searched for D. got on 36. A. ashamed B. tired C. proud D. nervous 37. A. absolutely B. occasionally C. frequently D. eventually 38. A. persuade B. enjoy C. protect D. challenge 39. A. impressed B. choked C. bored D. moved 40. A. because B. though D. once D. unless 第二部分:阅读理解(共两节,第一节 20 小题,第二节 5 小题,每题 2 分,共 50 分) 第一节:阅读下列短文,选出正确答案 A Tattoos(纹身) are enjoying a great popularity among cillege students in America. They decorate students? shoulders, backs, arms, legs, feet, and even toes. A Harris online survey reported that 26 percent of college students in America had at least one tattoo. In the area of gender, nearly equal percentages of males(16%) and females(15%) have tattoos. In fact, the tattoos are popular among all age groups, as documented by a 2011 Pew Research Center survey. The Pew research shows that in America, 36 percent of those ages 18 to 25, and 40 percent of those ages 26 to 40, have at least one tattoo. In July 2009, “tattoos” reached its highest ranking ever, coming in as the number two requested search term on the Internet. Tattoos can be a sign of beauty or they can be used as a statement of rebellion(叛 逆), to become empowered, to remember something or someone, and to feel included. According to an article by Cate Lineberry in Smithsonian. com, January 1, 2007, humans have been tattooed for thousands of years.“These permanent designs---sometimes plain and simple, sometimes elaborate, but always personal----have served as amulets(护身符), status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, decorations and even forms of punishment,”she said.

Josh Schultz, a student from University of Maryland, who has had 22 hours of tattoo work done, says he feels empowered by his tattoos.“Getting my tattoo was almost like going through an important ceremony,”he said,“I?ve gotten work done almost everywhere I?ve traveled: Texas, New York, San Diego, Afghanistan and New Zealand.”Schultz?s tattoos are inspired by the work of spiritual and visual specialist artist Alex Grey.“I really love art, and Alex Grey?s work represents a spiritual energy, an energy not seen by the naked eye,” Schultz explained. Exercise Science major Shelly Stemper from Yale said she got her tattoo as a way to bond with her elder brother.“He?s nine years older than me, and we are fond of each other.”she said.“We decided to get tattoos together and had bben looking for a tattoo that would be meaningful for both of us. Once, on a family trip to Denali National Park in Alaska, we saw wolves and I chose a wolf paw while my brother a wolf head as our tattoos because we love this animal and they remind us of our family. ” More college students in America began to accept and even welcome the art of tattooing. Tattoos are certain to be part of our culture for years to come, and due to the human desire to express oneself, tattoos promise to grow in diversity. 41. In the first two paragraphs, the writer shows a great popularity of tattoos by_________. A. telling interesting stores B. giving detailed statistics C. quoting famous sayings D. making wild guesses 42. The third paragraph is mainly about ________. A. the history of tattoos B. the origin of tattos C. the patterns of tattoos D. the functions of tattoos 43. The word “elaborate”(paragraph three) is closest in meaning to_______. A. complex B. strange C. spiritual D. traditional 44. According to the passage, Shelly Stemper got her tattoo as a ________. A. form of punishment B. reminder of a trip C. symbol of family ties D. sign of a spiritual energy 45. The writer believes in America, tattoos will_______. A. stay unchanged B. become more colorful C. disappear gradually D. be an art form B Here is some information from a tourist guide to Patapsco Valley Park, Maryland, USA. Wildlife and Nature Appreciation While visiting Patapsco Valley State Park, you will see a variety of natural habitats. Throughout spring and fall, dogwoods, maples, redbuds, and ,many varieties of wildflowers color the forest. Along the Cascade Trail, eastern hemlocks are impressive. This park is also home to many small mammals and birds. If you pause during your journey through the forest, you are likely to see rabbits, grey squirrels, beavers, white-tailed deer and red fox. Along the banks of the river, birs watchers will spot Canada geese, green herons, kingfishers and wood ducks all year round. Fishing The Patapsco River meanders through the park and is a popular attraction for anglers(钓鱼者). The Department of Natural Resources? Fisheries Service assigns the

river as a put-and-take fishery with adult rainbow and brown trout in spring and fall. Anglers also enjoying catching naturally reproducing smallmouth and largemouth bass, bluegill, redbreast sunfish and yellow perch. Fishing opportunities have been specially set aside at Lost Lake for youth under 16 and seniors 62 years of age and older. This area is also designed for anglers with disabilities. Camping The beautiful, wooded setting of the Hilton Area is a popular destination for family and youth group camping. Tent sites include picnic tables, fire rings, grills, and access to a heated comfort station with hot showers. Enjoy the park?s ball fields, as well as a popular recycled tire playground. The Area also has six mini-cabins for rent. Tables and facilities for the disabled are provided. Please contact park headquarters for more information. Trails Adventure seekers will enjoy hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding on the park?s popular trail system. More than 17 miles of challenging and rough single track trails follow the ridges, steep hillsides and stream valleys in the park. These trails are also excellent gateways for wildlife viewing, bird watching and general nature appreciation. Please respect the rights of nearby private property owners by using only blazed(有路标的)trails. Remember that the park is a natural area with certain dangers, such as poison ivy, slippery trail surfaces, insects, etc. You are responsible for having the necessary skills, knowledge and equipment for a safe visit. Discover History Along the Trail Enter another time as you explore Patapsco?s trails. Layer upon layer of history tells the story of man?s interaction with nature. Native Americans hunted, gathered and fished here for centuries. In the 1700s, the valley became one of the earliest sites for America?s Industrial Revolution. Early settlers cut down trees fro charcoal used to fire iron furnances. The river ?s current was dammed and channled to power iron, paper, grain and textile mills. Towns and tobacco farms were established throughout the valley. 46. The following are all names of plants except ________. A. dogwoods B. redbuds C. eastern hemlocks D. green herons 47. Which of the following is forbidden to fish at Lost Lake? A. A pupil in grade six B. A 30-year-old woman without disability C. An old man in his seventies D. A person in a wheelchair 48. While walking along the trails, tourists are reminded to __________. A. feed the birds they meet B. visit some private buildings C. pay attention to self-protection D. protect the natural environment 49. The passage is mainly about the park?s __________. A. long history B. beautiful scenery C. main attraction D. official rules C Thanks to modern technologies, we now have the solutions to most eyesight

problems. Doctors can use different treatments---PRK, Lasik( 镭射视力矫正术 ), Lasek and Intraocular lenses---to solve all types of eyesight problems while limiting the side effects. People believe eye operations are about as safe and effective as surgery can be. However, for an industry that promises clearness, many hospitals have kept their patients in the dark about the risks and realities. Government are of no help either as there are no limits to who can buy medical instruments. Despite a good record of the surgery, thousands of people around the world suffer from an eye operation that goes wrong. The consumer---advocate website posts an astonishing series of unhappy endings---infected corneaa( 角膜 ), triple vision( 三重视觉 ) and permanently damaged eyesight. The message boards are full of people who came out of Lasik with far better vision but still in great unhappiness, affected by poor night vision, dry eyes and worse. It ?s vital to research the subject if you?re considering surgery. Here?s a guide to help you see things clearly. Know what you?re getting into. If you believe all the ads, after eye surgery, you?ll be able to read the bottom line fro an eye chart through a brick wall. If only it were true. You may not end up with a vision as good as is promised. Besides, eye surgery still isn?t fit for people with certain severe vision problems or an eye disease. The same goes for children under 18 and pregnant women, whose eyes may be experiencing changes. So don?t be shocked if a doctor gazes into your eyes and shows you the door. Finally, be prepared for side effect. Some complain of dry eyes and require eye drops known as artificial tears for months. Others see light circles and star bursts while driving at night. Fortunately such symptoms tend to be mirror and fade away. Find a doctor. Ask friends for recommendations or look for one on the Internet. Whatever you do, don?t make a decision on a rock-bottom price. You have only one set of eyes. Ask the doctor the right questions: Who will be doing the operation? Being easily available and open communication with the doctor and his team are typical features of a good practice. What are your qualification certificates? How much experience do you have? What?s your complication rate(并发症比率)? The best doctors have a serious surgical complication rate below 1 percent. Beware of doctors who can?t answer these questions. Finally, what?s included in the price? Watch out for hospitals that offer a low price and then charge for extras for later visits. 50. From the first paragraph we know that___________. A. doctors can deal with any eyesight problem without side effect B. people are still concerned about the safety and effect of eye surgery C. some hospitals don?t tell the patients all the truth about eye surgery D. government now do not care who can buy medical instrument 51. The writer mentions some information from a website to show that_____________. A. the risk of having eye sugery is higher than expected B. more and more people begin to take eyesight surgery C. eyesight surgery can not bring people true happiness

D. much information about eye surgery on the Internet is false 52. By using the underlined words “shows you the door”, the writer means the doctor_______. A. shows you how to get to the operation room B. will not carry out eyesight operation on you C. examines your eyesight with an eye chart on the door D. asks you to open the door and let the next patient in 53. In the writer ?s opinion, what attitude should people hold before eyesight surgery? A. Supportive B. Doubtful C. Cautious D. Casual 54. According to the passage, what kind of doctor is preferable for eye surgery? A. A doctor who offers a low price B. A doctor with a high complication rate C. A doctor willing to communicate with patients. D. A doctor working in a large hospital. D Florida farmer Lohfner doesn?t like moths. “They eat my vegetables,”he complains. But Lohfner has a secret weapon in his fight against moths: pheromones(外激素). Lohfner uses traps that release a female moth pheromone that is very attractive to male moths. Lohfner says that his traps catch almost 100 moths a week. For these moths, following pheromones cause their death. Nevertheless, for other moths and many insects, life would not be possible without pheromones. For moths, pheromones are a matter of life and death. Moths have poor vision, and most can not use sound to communicate, as a result, most moths depend on pheromones to send messages. Female moths release pheromones from their legs and wings. These pheromones can stay in the air for hours. A male moth can identify female moth pheromones from as amny as five miles away. Like moths, ants use pheromones to find each other; they also use pheromones to find their homes and food. When an ant finds food, it takes a piece and heads towards home. Along the way, it releases a trail of pheromones. Other ants follow the trail to find the food. If the trail becomes blocked, the ants look for a new way to reach the food. When they find then the shortest way, they create a new trail of pheromones. In this way, pheromones help ants adapt to changes in their environment. Ants even have different pheromones for different purposes. When an ant is hurt, it produces an “alarm?? pheromone. Other ants identify the alarm pheromone and immediately come to help the hurt ant. The more serious the alarm, the more pheromones the ants produces. In this way, ant can quickly organize when they are in danger. Large groups of ants will form to fight insects hundreds of times their size. Some species of ants even use “trick” pheromones. Fire ants, for example, use trick pheromones to attack thr homes of other ants. The trick pheromones confuse other ants and cause them to attack each other. Some insects, remarkably, can use trick pheromones to imitate other species. This can help them to find a meal, or in the case of the Mountain Alcon Blue Butterfly, to avoid becoming the meal. During its caterpillar stage, this unusal insect releases a pheromone similar to that of an ant. If the ants find a Mountain Alcon Blue Butterfly

caterpillar in the forest, they carry it home. There, instead of eating it, they car for it---as if it were a family member. The caterpillar is given a private room and lots of food. If attacked, the mistaken ants will give their lives to protect the caterpillar, just as they would for their offspring. Another creature has even learned how to use pheromones in the same way as farmer Henry Lohfer- to catch moths. The bolas spider, a species common in South America and Africa, produces a pheromone similar to that of a female moth. It waits in trees for a male moth to arrive. Hoping to find a female, the moth becomes a meal for the spider instead. To sum up, pheromones are involved in every part of the insect life, from communication to finding food and protecting the home. Many biologists say pheromones are the true language of insects. And now, it is a language biologists are starting to understand. 55. The method the writer uses to introduce the topic is______________. A. offering analyses B. providing explanations C. giving examples D. making comparisons 56. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. Only female moths release pheromones. B. Moths need pheromones to communicate C. Male moths cannot identify pheromones from far away. D. For male moths, following female pheromones causes their death. 57. Which of the following statements best summarizes Paragraph 4? A. Ants also have trick and alarm pheromones. B. Ants are not afraid to fight other species because of pheromones. C. Ants are able to confuse other ants with pheromones. D. Ants use pheromones to find caterpillars. 58. What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 6 uses pheromones_________. A. The ant B. The spider C. The moth D. The butterfly 59. A bolas spider in Paragraph 6 uses pheromones ____________. A. to find mates B. to find food C. to trick others D. to send an alarm message 60. Which of the following is the best title of the passage? A. The Research of Pheromones B. The Kinds of Pheromones C. The Science of Pheromones D. The Language of Pheromones 第二节:下面文章中有 5 个段落需要添加首句(第 61-65 题) 。请从以下选项 (A? B? C? D? E 和 F)中选出适合各段落的首句,选项中有一项是多余选项。 A. Delaying your responsibilities. B. Neglecting sleep. C. Communicating with the person next to you. D. Performing your Duty. E. Making thoughtless decisions. F. Reflecting over every detail. What We Should Avoid When We’re Stressed

It?s safe to say we?re a little less than logical when we?re stressed---and that puts us at risk to make some mistakes. The next time you find your worries spiking, pay attention to these five behaviors. 61.___________ It may seem helpful to let it out---and for the most part it can be cathartic( 精 神 集 中 发 泄 的 )---existing problem. Studies show that stress is an infectious emotion, and soon your stress has become someone else?s, too. A hatefull anxiety cycle isn?t good for anyone. Instead, try hanging out with your best friend while doing a few activities you enjoy. One 2011 study showed that quality time with your best friend forever can help ease your worries. 62.___________ Ever heard the phrase“don?t go to bed when you?re angry?” Well, here?s another one to file in your rulebook: Don?t make a big decision when you?re stressed. Researchers from Harvard monitored a group of students and found that students who reported high levels of stress were worse at making good long-term choices because their minds were absorbed. In other words, that important decision about a job or that choice to make a down payment on a house should probably wait until you?re a little more relaxed. 63.___________We?ve all been there. We get overcome and decide the best way to deal with our to-do list is to just ignore it. That delay habit we create when we ?re stressed may feel good at the time---but it?s certainly not helping later on. Instead of putting off something entirely, try breaking up your tasks into pieces. Research suggests we work best in 90-minute intervals(间隔). Dedicate yourself to your work during those intervals---then give yourself a rest by taking a look at those puppy videos. 64.____________ It can feel natural to think about every single hiccup(打嗝) when sometimes goes wrong, but that nonstop overthinking could be harming our health. According to a 2013 study published in the journal PLOS ONE, those who reflect over negative thoughts and emotions are more at risk for depression and anxiety. The study also suggests that our psychological response to the negative occurrence seems to have more of an impact than the actual event itself. If you find yourself worrying about every detail, try a few mindfulness to get you back to the present moment. Let those thoughts float away. 65.____________ Stress can ruin your sleep routine, and the worst thing you can do is to just give into the stress. Watch a TV show until the early hours may seem like the only way to get your mind off things, but research shows your burning screen could be messing with your sleep even more. If you?re stressed and struggling to sleep, try smelling some lavender or even a warm bath. Sweet dreams. 非选择题部分(共 40 分) 第三部分 写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:短文改错(共 10 处错误,每处 1 分,满分 10 分) Are you facing a situation where looks impossible to fix? In 1969, the pollution was terribly along the Cuyhoga River Cleveland, Ohio. It was unimaginable that it can ever be cleaned up. The river was so polluted that it was actually caught fire and burned. Now, years later, this river is one of most outstanding example of environmental cleanup.

But the river wasn?t changed in a few days and even a few months. That took years of work to reducing the industrial pollution and clean the water. Finally, that hard work paid off and now the water in the river is clean than ever. 第二节:书面表达(满分 30 分) 假如你所在的戏剧社(drama club)在全市高中戏剧大赛中一等奖。现请你写 一篇获奖感言。 要点: 1. 参加戏剧社的好处; 2. 你们的准备情况; 3. 表示感谢。 注意: 1. 短文必须包括以上所有要点,并适当增加情节,以保证表达的连贯性; 2. 词数:100-120 词。开头已给出,该部分不计入总词数。 I?m so excited that our drama club won the first prize in this competition.___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 参考答案 第一部分:知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 0.5 分,共 10 分) 1-5 DBCAD 6-10 ACADC 11-15 BDACB 16-20 DADAC 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,共 20 分) 21-25 BADCB 26-30 ADCAB 31-35 CDABD 36-40 CADBC 第二部分:阅读理解(第一节 20 小题,第二节 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) 41-45 BDACB 46-49 DBCC 50-54 CABCC 55-60 CBABBD 61-65 CEAFB 第三部分:写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:短文改错(满分 10 分) Are you facing a situation where(改成 which 或 that) looks impossible to fix? In 1969, the pollution was terribly (改成 terrible)along the Cuyhoga River Cleveland, Ohio. It was unimaginable that it can (改成 could) ever be cleaned up. The river was so polluted that it was(去掉 was) actually caught fire and burned. Now, years later, this river is one of ( 加 the) most outstanding example( 改 成 examples) of environmental cleanup. But the river wasn?t changed in a few days and(改成 or) even a few months. That(改成 it) took years of work to reducing(改成 reduce) the industrial pollution and

clean the water. Finally, that hard work paid off and now the water in the river is clean(改成 cleaner) than ever.



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