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英语:unit1《Friendship》language points课件(新人教版必修1)

Language points

Unit 1

Book1 Unit 1 Words
upset ignore 1. 使心烦________ 2. 不理睬_______ feeling 3. 理由________ 4. 感觉_________ reason purpose 5. 连续,系列______ 6. 目的_______ series power according 7. 力量________ 8. 依照_________ to trust suffer 9. 信任__________ 10. 遭受________ situation 11. 忠告________ 12. 情形_________ advice communicate 13.交际__________ 14. 习惯_________ habit

1. Let Harry play with your toys too, Clare---you share must learn to s_______. 2. As teenagers, you shouldn’t habit get into the h_______ of smoking. teenagers 3. The hotline helps many t___________ who are growing up. indoors 4. We had to keep i_________ all week for bad weather. 5. The villagers s_______ huge losses in the big fire. suffered upset 6. Don’t be so u________; your mother will be all right soon. 7. He c_________ in the exam so he was punished. cheated

8.The children went __________(疯狂)when they met the crazy famous player Liu Xiang. 9. Give me your ___________(理由)for not walking the dog reasons today. 10. You can’t _______(相信)what the papers say. Not trust everything is true in the papers. 11. The villagers __________(遭受)a lot after the flood, suffered for example, they had no homes to live in. 12. Could you please give me some ___________(建议) advice on how to learn Yoga? 13. There is a lot of air in the __________(松的)snow. It loose can keep you warm. 14. The Jews had to hide away in such a difficult __________(形势). situation

1.把…加起来 add up add up to 2.总计达… add…to 3.增加\把…加到…里 4. 不得不,必须 have got to go through 5. 经历 / 经受…;穿过;浏览 hide away 6. 躲 / 藏起来 7. 一连串 / 一系列的 a series of set / write / put down 8. 写下 / 记下 9. 遭受(痛苦\疾病\损失\灾难) suffer from 10. 和某人(很好地)相处 get along with…

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

fall in love with 11. 爱上某人 / 某物 be crazy about 12. 对…着迷 13. 彼此信任 trust each other according to 14. 按照,根据… join / join in / take part in / attend 15. 参加 16. 与某人交流 communicate with 17. 面对面 face to face 18. 有目的地/ 特意(做某事) on purpose calm down 19.平静 / 镇静下来 20.关心 / 挂念(某人 / 某事) be concerned about

? 21.本应该做某事(但实际没做) should have done ? 22.改变情形,状况 change the situation ? 23.给某人一些建议 give sb some advice

? 24. 忽视某人的情感 neglect / ignore one’s feelings ? 25.在考试中作弊 cheat in the exam

26. 使某人高兴 27. 保持醒着

make sb happy stay awake

28. 碰巧去做什么事 happen to do sth 29. 带着…的目的 with the purpose of stay/get close to

30. 接近,靠近

31. 关于某事有困难 have trouble with sth 32. 做什么事情有困难 have trouble/difficulty in doing sth

33. 向某人寻求帮助

ask sb for help

34 付出努力去做某事 make an effort to do sth 35. 与…交朋友 make friends with pay attention to

36. 注意

37.曾经有一段时间… There is a time when… 38. 这是第一次做什么事… 通常和完成时态连用 It/This is the first time that …

1. add up 加起来
Add your scores up and we’ll see who will won. 把你的得分加起来,我们就知道谁赢了。 add up to 加起来总计 These numbers add up to 100. 这些数目合计为100。

add …to 把…加到…上 add to (=increase)增加 ? He wanted to add his ____ __ the ___ __ name to letter. (在信上加签他的名字) ? The bad weather only added to our _____ __ ___ difficulties __________.(更增加了我们的困难) The bill should ___ __ __ _____?40. add up to about (总计约40英镑)

add up; add up to; add to
1. The time I spend in commuting every day _________ two and a half hours. adds up to 2. Colorful balloons can add to the festival _____ atmosphere. 3. To make sure the result was correct, she ________ the figures again and again. added up

Have a try

1). We have planted flowers and green trees around the buildings, which___ the beauty of the city. A. add to B. add up C. add up to D. are added to

Have a try

2). The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather _____ the helplessness of the crew at sea. (2003上海) A. added to B. resulted from C. turned out D. made up

2. upset
adj. =unhappy; feeling uncomfortable vt. =make sb. unhappy

What he had done upset his parents much. 第一次数学测验的成绩可能会使部分同学 很不安。 The result of the first math test may upset some of the students.

3. ignore
vt.=pay no attention to 别轻视小错,他们会造成大事故。 Don’t ignore small mistakes. They may cause big accidents. ignorant adj. =knowing too little; lacking knowledge 无知的, 愚昧的 ignorance n.无知, 愚昧

4. calm down 镇静,安静,平静 Look, calm down! We will find her. 喂,镇静一点,我们会找到她的。 We waited inside until things calmed down. 我们待在室内,直到一切都恢复了平静。

5. be concerned about =be worried about; be anxious for 关心,挂念 专家们对世界人口增长非常关注。 The experts are concerned about the growth of the world’s population. ? as/so far as sb. is concerned =in one’s opinion 就某人而言, 在某人看来 As far as I am concerned, the price of oil will continue to increase.

be concerned in sth. (=be involved in sth.) 涉及;牵涉 ? be concerned with sth.关于;与…有关 ? concerning prep. (=about)关于

concerning, was concerned in concerns, is concerned with 1).The destruction of the world’s forest _________ concerns everybody in some way. 2).She was__________ ___a drug case ___ concerned in some years ago. 3).Tonight’s program __ concerned ____ is __________ with the effects of the law on ordinary people. 4).She refused to answer questions concerning her private life. ___________

6. cheat v. 欺骗; 骗取; 作弊 cheat sb. ( out ) of sth. 骗取某人的某物 cheat sb. into doing … 骗某人做… cheat at … 在…捣鬼;作弊; 作假 It was foolish of him ___________ to be cheated
___________. (被骗了钱) of his money He was cheated into smoking ( 吸烟) ___________. It is wrong _______________________. to cheat in an examination


7. should have done 本来应该做某事 (而实 际没做, 含有责备的意味) should not have done 本来不该做某事 (而实际已做) shouldn’t have told He looks upset. I _________________ him the bad news _______________. (本不该告诉他这个坏 消息) should have come You are late. You ________________ five minutes earlier _________________. (早五分钟来)

8. reason

the reason for (doing) sth. What is your reason for being absent from school? the reason why… The reason why they won was that they practised hard.

reason / cause / excuse
1) reason 理由;原因 ; 常和介词for连用, 也可跟 why=for which 或that引导的定语从句,表语从句 只能用that引导,而不能换成because The reason why / for which she was absent was that she was ill. 2)cause :引起某种不良后果的起因 ,常和介词 of 连用 What was the cause of the accident?

9. go through 1) 经历(不愉快的事) = experience; suffer He has gone through a great deal in his life. 他一生经历了许多。 He went through the hardest time with his wife. 他陪妻子度过最艰难的时期。 Frank went through many dangers during the war. 弗兰克在战争中历经艰险。 The country has gone through too many wars.

2) to be accepted任务(法律、法案)通过 As soon as the bill goes through, we’ll start a company.

3) 仔细检查 I went through all my pockets but I couldn't’t find my wallet.

4) 浏览;翻阅 (to look through) He has the habit of going through morning papers after getting up.
5) 用完;花完;做完某事 Have you gone through all your money? 6) 穿过;通过 (to pass though) The river goes through the city.

Have a try

? My grandfather often told me what he had _______ during the Culture Revolutionary. A. gone against
C. gone through

B. gone into
D. gone over

go out 熄灭;出去 go down 价格下跌;下落;减弱 go by 经过;(时间的)过去 go over 检查;温习 go away 离开 go off 离开,去世,爆炸, 变质,发出响声
The bill has passed without a vote.= The bill has gone_________without… ____ through

? I’m sure it’s there—I’ll examine the file carefully again. = go through …— I’ll __ ________ the file again. ? As time goes by, you’ll forget it. ? Meat and eggs are going down in price. 肉蛋的价格正在下跌。 ? The signal pistol went off with a bang. 信号枪砰的一声响了。 ? This steak has gone off. 这牛排坏了。

10. set down
? 1) write down 写下,记下 ? 2) to put down 放下,搁下,使坐下

I have the details set down here in my notes. 我已将详细内容记到了笔记本上。

set about doing sth. 着手干… set aside 留出;拨出(时间,金钱) set off (for a place) 出发;引爆 set out (for a place) 出发 /(to do sth.) 开始干 set up 创立;建立;开业; set sail 起航 ? Having decided to rent a flat, we set about contacting(着手同…联系) ___ _____ ________ all the accommodation in the city.

? set off a bomb. 炸弹爆炸 ? set off for Europe. 开始欧洲之旅 ? He set out to understand why the plan had failed. 他开始明白为什么计划失败了 ? set up a charity. 建立一家慈善机构

11. on purpose (by intention, intentionally, deliberately) 故意

They have come here on purpose to see you. 他们特意来看望你。 She broke the vase on purpose. 她故意把花瓶打碎。

? achieve one’s purpose 达到目的 ? for the purpose of 为了…的目的
They come to Shaoxing for the purpose of visiting the house that Luxun lived in his childhood.

12. in order to 为了(做什么事) He works very hard in order to support his family. 他努力工作是为了养家糊口。 He got up very early in order to catch the first bus. 他起的很早是为了赶上头班车。

? in order to ; so as to ; so …as to
1) in order to :为了(可放在句首或句中) In order to see it clearly, he put on his glasses. 2)so as to:(只能放在句中)
3)so …as to 如此…以便 Would you be so kind as to give me some advice? I got up early in order not to / so as not to be late.

13. at dusk 黄昏,傍晚
The street lights go on at dusk.

It is difficult to see clearly at dusk. 在黄昏时很难看清东西。 I often walk alone at dusk with my dog.
at dawn 黎明时 I knew roosters(公鸡) crowed at dawn, but I never knew they kept crowing all morning long.

14. It / This is the first / second …time that +主语+have / has done. It / This was the first / second /

third … time that + 主语+ had done.

? I’m not familiar with the town. It is the first time that I ______________. have been here (来这里) ? He told me it was the fourth time

that he had made the same mistake ________________________

15. face to face 面对面地 (在句中作状语) face-to-face a.面对面的 (作定语)

face to face She stood __________ (面对面地) with him. We had ________________ (面对面的交谈). a face-to-face talk That night they talked ____________ heart to heart (坦诚地) with each other.

Expressions shoulder to shoulder = side by side ? hand in hand ? heart to heart

肩并肩 手牵手 心贴心

16. be/get crazy about 热衷于 ? be/crazy to do sth. 疯狂干某事 ? like crazy(=like mad=fiercely) 拼命地 ? drive sb. mad 使…发疯 You’re ____ to __ out ______ crazy __ go ____in this weather.

This _____ __ ______ me _____. noise is driving __ crazy (这声音吵得我快发疯了) crazy about _______. She’s_____ _____ dancing (醉心于跳舞)

on the point of 即将, 正要, 接近

When the ship was on the point of sinking, people on board _____ ____ rushed to the bank like crazy ___ ____ ___ ______. (拼命地往岸上冲)

17. nature n.自然,自然界 1) (不加the) the laws of nature 自然法则 keep the balance of nature 保持生态平衡 Nature does not provide everything we want. 2)[c.u] 本性,性质 The nature of iron differs greatly from that of wood. by nature天生地,天性 She is a singer by nature.

18. power 1)[u]control over others 操纵力,影响力 have power over sb. 对某人有支配权 fall into sb’s power 受…控制 2)[u](人的)力,能力 She lost her power of speech. beyond one’s power 超出某人的能力范围 3)[c] 体力,精力,智力(多用复数) His powers are falling. creative powers 创造力

4)[u] 权力,支配力,势力 come into power 掌权;上台 in power 当权 When Hitler came into power, many Jews were killed. 5)[u] 动力;电力 electric power 电力 water power 水力

hold/ have sb in one’s power 控制住/ 摆布某人 The thundering clouds held me entirely in their power.

19. take part in参加(会议,活动) (主语参加并发挥一定作用) take (an active) part in a party 聚会 school activities 学校活动 physical labor 体力劳动 … join 加入(党派、组织、社团、俱乐部) the party/the youth league/ join the army/club/organization…

join in 参加(正在进行的活动) join (sb.) in a game/discussion/walk/ conversation/talk… attend 出席,参加(会议,仪式,婚礼, 葬礼,典礼);上(课);上(学) 听(报告) attend a meeting/a sports meeting/ a show/school/a lecture/church

join in, take part in, attend 参加
1)He _____ the army at 18. joined
join 2)Will you____ us in a walk?

attend 3)He didn’t want to_______the class meeting.
take part in 4)Did you __________ the sports meet?

20. stay awake stay (link v) + adj/ n 1) I stayed awake through the stormy night.

2) He stayed single all his life.
3) The weather stayed sultry.天气持续闷热。 4) Stay seated! 坐在那别动!

21.suffer vt. & vi. 遭受;忍受;经历 pain 经历痛苦 suffer(=experience) 遭受/经历(不愉快之事) defeat 遭受失败 They suffered huge losses in the financial crisis. 他们在经济危机时遭受了巨大的损失。 She couldn’t suffer criticism. 她受不了批评。 You must be prepared to suffer consequences. 你要准备承担后果.

感到疼痛、痛苦 He died very quickly, he didn't suffer much. 他死得很快,没有多少痛苦.

suffer from

1.患有(疾病等) She suffers from headache. 她患头痛病 2.为...所苦,因...而吃苦头 Our business has suffered from lack of investment. 我们的企业因缺乏投资而受苦.

suffer from 患病;受害

cold and hunger 受饥寒交迫之苦 the loss of memory 患健忘症 a bad stomachache 闹肚子痛

? Having suffered ____ _____trouble ______ _______ from heart ______ (患心脏病)for years, Professor White has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes. ? To send me to college, my parents suffered__ ___.(受了很多苦) _______ a lot

22. entirely
adv. 完全地;全然地;整个地 I admit it was entirely my fault. The company is run almost entirely by middle-aged men.

broadly speaking 一般地说, 广泛地说

Have a try

2. Broadly speaking, I would agree with Shirley, though not ____. (2003上海)
A.widely C. entirely B. thoroughly D. extensively

23. a series of 一连串的;一系列;一套
a series of facts / a series of stamps
He saw a series of white arrows painted on the road . 他看见马路上画有一连串的白色箭头。 There has been a series of car accidents at the crossing.

series (单复同形)
TV series 电视连续剧

There is a television series on this channel every night a series of + n (pl)一连串、一系列、一套

outdoor adj.户外的 lead an outdoor life

outdoors adv.

It’s cold outdoors.

24. as 正如, 照……的方式 1) Do as I say. 2) David, as you know, is a photographer. 3) As I said in my last letter,I’m taking the exam in July.

25. much too + adj/ adv too much (+ un) = more than enough ?She is afraid that the trip will be too much for me. ?He doesn’t talk too much.

?The dress is much too long for me. ?I got into the taxi and the driver started off at once and drove much too fast. ?It’s much too hot.

26. happen vi. 1) What time did the accident happen? 2) No one knew who had fired the gun— it all happened so quickly. sb. happen to do sth. 碰巧做… = to be or as if by chance I happened to see her on my way to work. If you happen to find it, please let me know. It happens/ happened that-clause
It happened that they went out when I called.

27. lonely & alone
lonely: unhappy because of being alone or without friends 孤独的,寂寞的; 偏僻的,荒凉的 alone: 1) without any friends or separated from others 单独的 2) only 仅仅,只有。用于名词或代词之后。

1) He has been very lonely since his wife left him. 2) She lives alone. 3) The gloves alone cost $80.

leave/let sb or sth alone Not take, touch or interfere with sb. or sth. 不带走,不触摸,不干涉某人或某事 1) 不要动,那时我的东西。 Leave that alone. It’s mine.
2) 她要求不要打扰她。

She has asked to be left alone.

28. dare

But as the moon gave far too much light, I didn’t dare open a window.
dare具有情态动词和实义动词两种 用法。

1).在肯定句中的dare, dares, dared之后,不定式一般加to. 1). He dares to do most things, but he doesn’t dare to do this. 2). He dared to do that and something even worse. 3). We could see he dared not tell the truth. 4). Dare she tell them what she knows? How dare you say so?

2) 在否定句中和疑问句中的dare 之后,不定式一般不加to.
We could see he dared not tell the truth. Dare she tell them what she knows? How dare you say so?

3).在用do或does构成的否定句和疑问 句中,理论上虽然应当有to, 实际使用 却经常把to省略. 1). We did not dare (to) tell him that he had failed again this time. 2). Does he dare (to) go out at night in such stormy weather?

? Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to , like your deepest feelings and thoughts? 此处的like相当于such as. He has learned some foreign languages, like (such as)/(for example,) French and German.


1) I have a friendly relationship with him. = get _____ well ___ I ___ along ____ with him. 2) It happened that I was reading upstairs when he came in.= I _________ __ be reading when he.. happened to __ ______ 3)What you said made her angry. = that It was what you said ____made her.. _ ___ 4)He experienced two World Wars. = He went through two World Wars. ____ _______

5).When they met for the first time, he came to love her. = __ ____ time __ __ ___ The first ____they met, he fell in love with her.

Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese Dear Dick, I’ve been in China for 3 months. At first I ______________(受 suffered 了很多苦) a lot for I made no friends here and I ________________________(担心) my stay here too. But now was concerned about / for I _________________________ (相处很好) my Chinese friends. am getting along well with Also I can _____________________ (交流) them in simple communicate with Chinese. When I am ____________________ (不安), they will upset try their best to ___________________(使我平静). Now I calm me down ____________________(着迷) Chinese Gongfu. My friends am crazy about practice it _____________________(为了) make themselves in order to strong. And I usually ________ them _________ (加入) the in join game. I must stop here, please give my regards to your parents. Yours, Steven

Sentences translation: 1.我跟班里的同学相处得很好.(get along with) I get along well with my classmates in my class. __________________________________________ 2.他经历过两次世界大战.(go through) He went through two World Wars. __________________________________________ 3.他故意使你生气.(on purpose) He made you angry on purpose. __________________________________________ 4.依据法律, 他必须被判处死刑.(according to) According to the law he should be sentenced to death. __________________________________________ 5.每个人都必须关心他人,而不是只顾自己.(be concerned about) One should be concerned about others, not only __________________________________________ about himself.


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