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重点词汇 1. system n.[c]
系统;体系;制度;方法 systematic adj 有系统的; 有条理的

Eg:1). The solar system includes the sun and its eight planets. 太阳系包括太阳和它的八颗行 星。 2). Alcohol is bad for your system. 喝酒对身体有害。

[练习] 根据句子的意思完成句子。 1). The ______ ______ (教育系统) operates very differently in the US and China. 2). He introduced us a well-designed ______ ______ (铁路系统).

2. lay vt. (laid, laid, laying)

把放下;摆设;铺(地毯) ;产(蛋)

Eg:1). He laid his hand on my shoulder. 他把手放在我的肩上。 2). Who should we lay the blame on? 我们该责备谁? [重点用法] lay 短语: lay eggs 下蛋 lay sth. down 把某物放下 lay the table 摆桌子 lay sth. aside 把某物放在一边;积蓄(钱) lay the blame on sb.责备某人 lay emphasis / stress on sth. 把重点放在某事上

[练习] 根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词或翻译。 1). The bird ______ its eggs in other birds’ nests. 2). He is a political leader that _____ _____ _____ _____ (非常强调) individual responsibility. 3). He ______ some money ______ for rainy days.

3. harmful adj.

有害的;伤害的 harm n.&vt. 伤害(某人)

Eg:Many people are aware of the harmful effects of smoking. 很多人都意识到吸烟的危害。 [重点用法] be harmful to sb./sth. 对……有害 do harm to sb.= do sb. harm = harm sb.

对……有害;伤害…… [练习] 根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词或翻译。 1). Everyone knows that smoking is ______ to your health. 2). In many cases, too much care for children from parents might even do ______ to their growth. 3). 在阳光下看书对你的眼睛伤害很大。__________________________________________.

4. exist vi.

存在;生存 existence n. 存在

Eg:1). Does life exist on Mars? 火星上有生命吗?

2). I can hardly exist on the wage I’ m getting. 我靠我挣的工资简直难以餬口。 [重点用法] exist + prep. 存在于地方 exist on sth. 靠某物生存

[练习] 用 exist 的短语或其适当形式填空。 1). This plant ______ only ______ Australia. 2). Can you ______ ______ such a low salary? 3). I doubt the ______ (exist) of alien. n. 谜;难题 puzzled adj. 无法了解的;困惑的

5. puzzle

vt.&vi. ( 使 ) 迷惑; ( 使 )苦思

puzzling adj.令人费解的 Eg:1). Her reply puzzled me. 她的回答把我弄糊涂了。 2). Their reason for doing it is still a puzzle to me. 他们为什麽要做此事我仍莫名其妙。 [重点用法] sth. puzzles sb. 某事使某人迷惑/为难 sb. be puzzled by sth. 某人对……感到迷惑

puzzle about/over sth. 对某事感到迷惑或苦苦思索(以便理解) puzzle one’ s brain 苦思苦 想;绞尽脑汁 solve a puzzle 解决一个难题

[练习] 用 puzzle 的适当形式填空或翻译。 1). To explain the ________ (puzzle) findings, he offers two theories. 2). I _______ (puzzle) that I haven’ t heard from Liz for so long. 3). She listened with a _______ (puzzle) expression on her face. 4). No one has yet succeeded in explaining the _______ (puzzle) of how life began. 5). He _______ (puzzle) what to do next. 6). _______ _______ ______(使我困惑的事情) is why he left the country without telling anyone.

6. pull v.拉,拖,拔;移动


Eg:1). You push and I’ ll pull. 你来推,我来拉。 2). I felt a pull at my sleeve and turned round. 我觉得有人扯我的袖子,便转过身来。 [重点用法] pull ahead (of sb/sth) 领先(於某人/物) pull (sb) back(使某人)退却;撤回(某人)

pull off (sth)(指机动车辆)驶离(道路) (至路侧停车处停下) pull out (sth.) 拉掉;使分 离;掏出;驶离(车站) pull on 穿,戴上(袜子、手套等)

pull together 同心协力;通力合作 [练习] 用 pull 短语的适当形式填空。

1). I arrived as the last train was ______ ______. 2). He ______ ______ a gun and aimed at the criminal. 3). So long as we ______ ______, there’ s no mountain top we can’t conquer.

7. cheer vt. & vi. (使)高兴、振奋;(对)欢呼

cheerful adj.高兴的 cheerless adj.不高兴的

1). The crowd cheered loudly as the Queen appeared. 女王出现时群众高声欢呼。 2). He was greatly cheered by the news. 他听到这个消息非常高兴。 [重点用法] cheer sb. on 为某人加油 cheer (sb) up(使某人)更高兴或更快活

[练习] 用 cheer 的短语或其适当形式填空。 1). Your visit has greatly ______ him up. 2). The crowd ______ the runners ______ as they started the last lap. 3). You look as though you need ______ up.

重点词组 1. rather than...

Eg:1). He ran rather than walked. 他是跑的而不是走的。 2).Rather than allow the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price 与其让蔬菜烂掉, 他半价 把它们卖掉。 [重点用法] do A rather than do B = rather than do B, sb. does A 某人不做 B 却做 A A rather than B 是 A 而不是 B would rather do A than do B = would do A rather than do B 宁可做 A 而不做 B prefer to do A rather than do B 最喜欢做 A 而不做 B would rather sb. did/had done sth. 宁愿某人做某事 注意: rather than 表示客观事实, 它连接的并列成分可以是名词、 代词、 形容词、 介词(短语)、 动名词、分句、不定式、动词等。后接不定式时,不定式可以带 to,也可以不带 to。但 rather than 位于句首时,则只能接不带 to 的不定式。 [练习] 根据句子意思及要求填空或翻译。 1). He came running all the way ______ ______walking. 2). Rather than ______ (ride) on a crowded bus, he always prefers ______ (ride) a bicycle. 3). I’ d rather you ______ ______ (not come) yesterday.

4). She likes to keep things in the house ______ ______ throw them away, though many are useless. 5). I think Tom, ______ ______ you, ______ ______ ______ (blame). 6). 他宁愿死也不愿在街上乞讨。_____________________________________________

2. settle down

舒适地坐下或躺下; (使)安静、安顿、安心;习惯於新的生活方式/工

Eg:1). She settled down in an armchair to read her book. 她舒适地坐在单座沙发上看书。 2). When are you going to marry and settle down? 你什麽时候结婚过上安定生活? [短语归纳] 与 settle 相关的短语: settle down to… 使某人安下心来做…… settle (down) in ... 在……定居下来

settle a dispute/an argument/an issue 解决一争端/争论/问题 [练习] 根据句子意思及要求填空或翻译。 1). Something is disturbing him, so he can’ t ______ ______ ______ (安下心来) his work. 2). He finally settled down to ______ (do) his homework. 3). They have finally ______ _______ ______ Canada.

3. catch sight of


Eg:He was happy to catch sight of an eagle flying in the sky. 见到一只鹰在天上飞,他很高兴。 [短语归纳] sight 短语: lose sight of 看不见;不再看见 at (the) sight of 一看到(就) out of sight 看不见;在视线外 [练习] 用 sight 的短语填空。 1). ______ ______ ______ his mother, the boy stopped crying. 2). She watched the train until it went ______ ______ ______. 3). I ______ ______ ______ my former teacher just now, but very soon he turned a corner and I ______ _______ ______ him. 4). Be sure to ______ ______ ______ your luggage while you’ re at the airport. keep sight of 使能看得到;保持看得到的距离 in/within sight 可以看见;在视线内 have good/poor sight/eyesight 视力好/差

4. have a gift for...


Eg:1). He has a gift for music. 他有音乐天才。

2). You have the gift/talent to learn foreign languages. 你有学外语的天赋。 [重点用法] have a gift for (doing) sth.= have the gift to do sth. 对……有天赋;有做某事的才能 a man of excellent gifts 一个非常有才华的人 才华的人 [练习] 翻译句子。 1). 他天生有着讲故事的才能。________________________________________________. 2). 我羡慕他有着作为老师的天赋。 _______________________________________________. a gifted/telented person 一个有天赋的、有

5. in the distance


Eg:1). We can see the mountain in the distance. 我们从远处就可以看到那座山。 2). Night fell. The hills in the distance turned dark blue. 夜色渐近,远山变成了深蓝色。 [短语归纳] distance 短语: at a distance 隔一段距离;距离稍远一些 keep a distance 别靠近 [练习] 用 distance 的短语或介词填空。 1). We can see a windmill ______ the distance. 2). The picture looks better ______ a distance. 3). He was asked many times to join the party, but he always ______ ______ ______. from a distance 从远方 keep sb. at a distance 对某人保持疏远

6. as far as


Eg:1). I’ ll walk with you as far as the post office. 我陪你走到邮局。 2). I’ ve read as far as the third chapter. 我已读到第三章了。 [短语归纳] far 短语: as/so far as sb. knows 就某人所知 as far as sb. can see/tell/ remember 就某人看来/所说/所记得 as/so far as sb/sth is concerned 就某人/事物而言 So far, so good. (谚) 到目前为止,一切都很顺利。 [练习] 用 far 的短语填空。 1). _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ (对我个人来说), you can do what you like. 2). The problem is _______ _______ _______ (绝非易事). 3). We’ ll go by train ______ ______ ______ (直到) London, and then take a bus. far from sth 毫不;一点也不; 远非

7. break out (灾难、战争等)


Eg:Fire broke out during the night. 夜间突然发生了火灾。 [短语归纳] break 短语: break away from 脱离(党派) ;摆脱(控制) break up 打碎;拆散;(会议)结束;分裂(解体) break into sth. 强行进入某处 [练习] 用 break 短语填空。 1). A terrible tsunami _______ _______ in the southeastern countries of Asia at Christmas, 2004. 2). When do you _______ _______ for Christmas? 3). Negotiations between the two sides have _______ _______. 4). His house was _______ _______ last week. break down 毁掉;坏掉;(计划/谈判)失败 break off (使)停止;中断;折断

break one’ s word/promise 食言;说话不算数

8. watch out


Eg:Watch out! There’ s a car coming. 小心! 汽车来了。 [重点用法] watch out for sb/sth 警惕或注意某人/事物 [练习] 用 watch 短语填空。 1). There must have been an angel _______ _______ me that day. 2). What problems should I _______ _______ _______ when buying an old house? 3). You’ ll become an alcoholic if you don’ t _______ _______. 【练习】用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空。 1). The naughty boy _______ (lie) to me that the hen that _______ (lie) there just now had ______ (lay) two eggs the day before. 2). In my opinion, ________ (prevent) is more important than treatment. 3). Some programs on the Internet are full of ________ (violent) and sex. 4). With the ________ (develop) of modern industry, more and more pollution is caused. 5). China is a ________ (develop) country belong to the third world. 6). There are ________ (fundament) differences between your religious beliefs and mine. 7). His ambition is to become a great ________ (physics). watch over 保护;照看



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