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M1 Reading Practice & Cultural corner 张

English Group of Senior 2 in Lishi Jiangyin Senior High

B7 M1 Reading Practice& Cultural Corner


Module 1 Basketball
Reading and writing
Step 1: Pre-reading What do you know about Yao Ming? Have a try to fill in the following table. Born: From: Height: Position: Family background: Step 2:Fast reading: Read the passage about Yao Ming and answer the questions. 1. Is the Houston Rockets coach disappointed with Yao Ming? _________________________________________________________________ 2. Do Chinese basketball players play in the same way as US players? __________________________________________________________________ 3. Does Yao Ming understand what the coach wants him to do? ___________________________________________________________________ Step 3: Careful reading Complete the passage according to the passage. Jeff Van Gundy, the head coach of the Houston Rockets, wants Yao Ming to be like other players who are _______ and want the ball __________. But Yao has been __________ and trained in a different way. It is not ___________ to be selfish and rude. Van Gundy told Yao to be more _________ and __________ to be rude to his teammates. In order to be a star in a great team, Yao adjusted himself to the coach. He was not quite ______ it first. But he has confidence that he can get more used to it and learn to be a little _____ selfish. Step 4:Post-reading Discussion 1. Do you think that Chinese athletes are more polite and less aggressive than athletes from other countries? 2. Can you think of any examples of aggressive behaviour in sports games you have seen?

Reading Practice
Step 1: Pre-reading Discuss the following questions. ? Do you think basketball is a safe or dangerous sport? ? Have you ever seen or played in a basketball match where someone was hurt? ? What possible risks are there when you are playing basketball? Step2:Fast reading :

English Group of Senior 2 in Lishi Jiangyin Senior High

B7 M1 Reading Practice& Cultural Corner


Choose the best answers. 1. According to the writer, a typical basketball player would be ___. A. able to accelerate and bounce the ball at the same time B. fast and weighing about 80 kilos C. tall and slim D. short and stout 2. The foul was caused by _____. A.the referee interrupting the match B. Sackler passing the ball over Joe’s head C. Joe lowering his head D. Sackler falling over Joe 3. The referee thought Sackler was seriously injured because ____. A. Joe ran into him B. Sackler’s nose was bleeding and he lay very still C. Sackler was dizzy . D.they put a bandage on his head, a blanket round his shoulders and called an ambulance Step4:Careful reading: Complete the sentences in your own words. 1. Basketball is one of the safest sports because _____________________________________________________________________ 2. Basketball can be dangerous because __________________________________________________________. 3. Joe is a good basketball player despite ___________________. 4. Sackler will always remember the match because __________________________. Read again and write answers to the questions 1. What’s more important, a fast basketball match or the players’ safety? ____________________________________________________________________ 2. How could they have avoided Sackler’s injury? _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Do you think Chandler’s success was worth Sackler’s injury? _____________________________________________________________________ 4. How would you make basketball safer? _____________________________________________________________________

Cultural Corner
Step1:Pre-reading:Discuss the questions before you read the passage. 1. Which of these games do you think is the most enjoyable to play? 2. How popular are these games in China? Step2:Fast reading:Read the passage again and fill in the form. names Time of origin Place of origin How

English Group of Senior 2 in Lishi Jiangyin Senior High

B7 M1 Reading Practice& Cultural Corner


Rugby Basketball Baseball Read the passage again and fill in the blanks. Football or _______ started in _______ with a _____ball that players ______but could not _____. In 1823, a _____ picked up the ball during the soccer game and ____ with it. His classmates enjoyed it. Later, rugby was played with an _____ ball that could be both_______ and _______. Rugby was _________ to the USA and became the sport that Americans now call _______. However, people in China _______ play it. Basketball was invented in 1891 in a __________ by a _________________ teacher who wanted to________ exercise ___ a noisy class. He ________ two baskets ___ two tall poles and asked the players to throw the ball into the baskets. The 13 rules he wrote are the _____ of modern basketball rules. Basketball is very________in the world. The baseball __ probably _____ ___ an old English game called rounders. A _______of the game became popular in the early 19th century. Modern rules of the game are very similar to his _______rules.



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