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2014年外研版英语选修七:module 5 Cultural Corner部分知识点含答案

Ⅰ.重点单词 1.然而;鉴于(conj.)________ 2.(澳大利亚)土著居民(n.)________ 3.采集者(n.)________→聚集,集合(v.)________ 4.特定的(adj.)________ whereas aborigine gatherer gather particular Ⅱ.重点短语 1.________example 例如 2.die _

_______死于?? 3.take ________ 举行;发生 4.make ________ 组成,构成 for from place up 1.whereas conj. 然而;鉴于 ①He was poor, whereas his brother was very rich. 他很贫穷,而他的弟弟却很富有。 ②His father likes reading whereas his mother is interested in watching TV. 他父亲喜欢读书,而他母亲喜欢看电视。 辨析 whereas, however, though whereas 相当于 while,通常连接内容和结构对称的句子,表示对比、对立。 however“然而;可是” ,放在句中、句首和句末都要用逗号与句子分开。 though“尽管;虽然” ,表示让步关系,引导状语从句。though 还可以用作副词,放在句末, 用逗号与句子分开。 ①The winter in Beijing is very cold while that of Kunming is warm. 北京的冬天很冷,然而昆明的冬天却很暖和。 ②He, however, didn't understand at all the theory on which I based my invention. 然而,他对我的发明的理论基础一点也不懂。 ③He went to school though he was very ill. 尽管他病得很重,但他还是去上学了。 即学即用 语法填空 Modesty helps one to go forward, ________ conceit(自负) makes one lag behind. 答案:whereas/while 2.remain v.(东西)剩下,遗留;(人)留下,逗留;保持,仍是[不用被动语态,无进行 时] ①After the fire nothing remained of the house. 大火之后,房子所剩无几。

②I didn't remain long in the city. 我在城里没逗留多久。 ③The natural beauty of the country remains unchanged. 这个国家的自然美景仍然未变。 ④In spite of their quarrel, they remained the best of friends. 尽管有过争吵,他们仍是最好的朋友。 知识拓展 (1)remain+adj./n./to do/分词/介词短语 保持?? sth. remains to be done 某事还没做完 (2)remaining adj.剩余的[作前置定语] 即学即用 完成句子 你是否正确,以后可见分晓。 It ________ ________ ________ ________ whether you are right. 答案:remains to be seen 3.particular (1)adj. 特定的;特殊的;挑剔的 ①I'm looking for a particular book on Asian art. 我在找一本亚洲艺术方面的书。 ②You should pay particular attention to spelling. 你应特别注意拼写。 ③She is particular about what she eats. 她十分讲究吃。 (2)n. 细节;详情 in particular 尤其;特别地 ①He worked out the particulars of the contact. 他制订出了合同的详细内容。 ②There is nothing in particular I want for my birthday. 我对生日没有什么特别想要的。 辨析 especially, specially, particularly (1)especially 指某事超乎一般的重要,强调“超过其他” ;常用于一些强调需要得到特别 注意或特别待遇的场合,含有对比的意味。 (2)specially 多指为了某一特定目的而专门做某事。 (3)particularly 表示 “特别地; 尤其地” , 可以与 especially, 但 particularly 还可作 “详 细地,细致地”讲,侧重指从同类中把特例选出,强调在某一方面表现尤为突出。 即学即用 语法填空 On Teachers' Day, we all went to school________(special) to see our teachers. 答案:specially 4.die from 死于?? ①In big cities during cold winter months, many old people die from the polluted air. 在大城市里,在寒冷的冬季,许多老年人死于空气污染。

②In a severe winter, wild animals can die from lack of food. 在寒冬,野生动物可能因缺少食物而死亡。 知识拓展 (1)die of 死于??,因??而死 Her grandfather died of cancer. 他祖父死于癌症。 (2)be dying for sth[to do sth.]迫切想要(做)某事 ①He is dying for something to eat. 他极想弄点东西吃。 ②She is dying to know where he has gone. 她迫切想知道他到哪里去了。 (3)die away(声音、风、光线等)渐息,渐弱 The breeze has died away. 微风渐渐止住了。 (4)die down(慢慢)熄灭,平静下来 ①The fire died down. 火慢慢熄了。 ②His anger has died down a bit. 他的怒气已消了一点。 (5)die off 一个一个地死去(=die one by one) As he grew older, his relatives all died off. 随着他年龄的增长,他的亲人都一个一个地死去了。 (6)die out(家族、种族、习俗、观念等)灭绝,绝迹 Many old customs are dying out. 许多旧习俗正在消失。 即学即用 (1)这些动物在雪中饿死了。 The animals ________ ________ starvation in the snow. (2)别担心,流言飞语不久就会消失的。 Don't worry, the gossip will soon ________ ________. 答案:(1)die from (2)die down 1.It is generally agreed that Native Americans came across from Asia, somewhere between 12,000 and 25,000 years ago. 人们通常认为印第安人是在大约 12000~25000 年间来自亚洲的。 句中 It's generally agreed that...(=People generally agree that...)“人们通常认 为??” 。it 用作形式主语;that 引导主语从句,为真正主语。 It was agreed that we should hold another meeting. 大家一致同意,我们应该再开一次会。 知识拓展 It is said that... 据说?? It is believed that... 人们相信?? It is thought that... 人们普遍认为?? It is reported that... 据报道??

It is(well)known that... 众所周知?? It is supposed that... 人们认为?? It is considered that... 人们认为?? It is hoped that... 人们希望?? ①It is said that Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2013 will be held in Hainan. 据说博鳌亚洲论坛 2013 年年会将在海南举行。 ②It is believed that only cooperation between countries can ensure the peace in the world. 人们认为只有国家之间相互合作才能保证世界的和平。 注意:这种结构可以转化为以下两种句型: sb./sth. be said/thought/hoped...+to do sth. People say/think/hope...+that 从句 其中,to do 有三种形式,即 to do, to be doing(表正在进行),to have done(表已经发 生)。 It's often said that we are living in an age of information explosion. =People often say that we are living in an age of information explosion. =We are said to be living in an age of information explosion. 人们常说,我们生活在信息爆炸的时代。 高考直击 语法填空 (2014·江西改编)He is thought ________ foolishly .Now he has no one but himself to blame for losing the job. 答案:to have acted 本句考查的是固定句式:Sb be though to...某人被认为??;如 果表示的是一个已经完成的动作,就使用不定式的完成式,如果是正在进行的动作,就使用 不定式的进行式。句意:他被认为表现很糟糕,现在他只能责怪自己丢了那份工作。根据句 义可知他表现很糟糕是在丢掉工作之前,所以使用不定式的完成式。 即学即用 语法填空 (1)It is often________(say) that human beings are naturally equipped to speak. (2)It has been proved________eating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illnesses in later life. 答案:(1)said (2)that 2.The people had thick straight black hair, dark eyes and brown skin. 他们有浓密的且又黑又直的头发、黑眼睛和棕色皮肤。 本句中名词 hair 前有三个形容词:thick, straight 和 black。多个形容词作定语修饰名词 时, 形容词的排列顺序一般为 “限定词→一般描绘性的→表示大小形状的→表示性质的→表 示色彩的→表示长幼、新旧的→表示国籍、地区、出处的→表示物质、材料的→表示用途、 类别的→被修饰的名词” 。如: ①My friend's restaurant serves delicious red French wine. 我朋友的酒馆有美味的法国红葡萄酒。 ②The artist's expensive long blue Chinese oil paintings have been stolen. 那位艺术家的贵重的长幅蓝色中国油画被盗了。 即学即用 这是一张法国黑色木桌子。

This is a ________ ________ ________ table. 答案:black French wooden 3.They were a hunting, fishing culture, but as they moved round, many kinds of society developed, speaking many languages. 印第安文化主要在于打措和捕鱼,不过在他们四处迁徙的时候,很多的社会形态得到了发 展,语言也有了很多种类。 这是一个复合句。as 引导一个时间状语从句,主句是 many kinds of society developed; speaking many languages 为现在分词短语作状语,表示伴随状况。as 作为连词时有“随着” 之意。 辨析 with, as with 表示“随着”时,是介词,后接名词、代词或名词短语。 as 表示“随着”时,是连词,后接 as 引导的时间状语从句。 With time going on(=As time goes on), he gradually realizes it's right. 随着时间的流逝,他慢慢认识到那是对的。 即学即用 语法填空 I couldn't do my homework with all that noise________(go on). 答案:going on Ⅰ.完成句子 1.人们普遍认为孩子不应该玩网络游戏。 ____________________ that children shouldn't play computer games. 2.汤姆怎么会和老师吵架呢? ________________Tom quarrelled with the teacher? 3.我喜欢弹钢琴而我妹妹喜欢跳舞。 I prefer playing the piano ________ my sister likes dancing. 4.据报道这两国之间有些分歧。 ______________ there are some disagreement between the two countries. 5.他们沿着河边边走边笑。 The laughed ________ they walked down the river. 答案:1.It is generally agreed 2.How come 3.while/where as 4.It is reported that Ⅱ.单项填空 1.It remains ________ what side effect the medicine will bring about, although it has been tested on some patients. A.seen be seen C.seeing have seen 答案:B 句意:尽管这种药物已经用于临床,但是它的副作用是什么还有待于进一步观察。 考查作表语的成分。remain to be seen 是一个常用搭配短语,意为“??有待于进一步观 察” ,符合句意。 2.Chang'e Satellite is named after a famous Chinese fairy,who is said ________ to the moon. A.having flown have flown be flying D.flying

答案:B 句意:嫦娥卫星是根据一位著名的中国神话人物命名的,据说这位仙人飞到了月 球。考查句型结构。此处 be said to do sth.是一个句型,意为“据说??” ,因为 fly 发 生在 say 之前,故不定式用现在完成时态,表已发生过的事情,故答案选 B 项。 3.He decided to ________ Beijing to attend the medical conference. A.set off from B.set off for C.set off D.set off to 答案:B 句意:他决定启程去北京参加医学大会。set off for“启程到(某地)” 。 4.________ good, the food was soon sold out. A.Tasted B.Being tasted C.Tasting D.Having tasted 答案:C food 与 taste 之间是主谓关系,用现在分词形式作状语,故选 C 项。 5.________ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest country does not seem big at all. A.Compare B.When comparing C.Comparing D.When compared 答案:D 句意:与整个地球相比时,最大的国家看起来也根本不大了。country 与 compare 为动宾关系,故应用过去分词。 互助导学 ◎学生:英语说明文写作有什么特点? ◎老师:英语说明文的特点:知识的科学性;行文的条理性;语言的准确性。说明文体的书 面表达要求简明扼要、逻辑严密、切忌含糊其辞、模棱两可、概念错误或者存在知识性的偏 差。 ◎学生:对于说明文的语言有什么特殊的要求吗? ◎老师:(1)恰当地使用过渡词语体现时间顺序、空间顺序及逻辑顺序。(2)以主动语态、陈 述句式为主,为了表达的灵活也可以选用其他表达形式。(3)时态较多用现在时。 ◎学生:说明文的命题方式有哪些? ◎老师:说明文的命题多为图表或文字提示,写作形式有书信、报道、说明书、实验报告、 介绍路线、工厂、家乡、景点、学校等。 典题示例 众所周知,中国有 56 个民族,每个民族都有自己的传统习俗、服装和文化。请你根据下列 信息介绍一个少数民族——傣族。 人口:大约 1 159 000; 居住区:山川秀丽、气候温和、雨量充足的云南西部和南部; 生活习惯:能歌善舞,以孔雀舞出名; 风俗:每年四月举行泼水节,以便消除灰尘和灾难;被泼的水越多,来年越幸福。 提示:孔雀舞 the Peacock Dance 泼水节 the Water?Splashing Festival 词数:120 个左右 审题谋篇 答案:说明文 客观准确地描述,向读者传达信息 一般现在时 第三人称 项目 体裁 话题 时态 结论

人称 词句推敲 1.词汇 ①众所周知 ______________________ ②气候温和 ______________________ ③雨量充足 ______________________ ④消除灰尘 ______________________ ⑤越??,越?? ______________________ 2.句式:(一句多译) ①众所周知,中国有 56 个民族,每个民族都有自己的传统习俗、服装和文化。 a . __________________ , there are 56 ethnic groups in China , each with its traditional customs,costumes and culture. (用 It is+过去分词+that 从句改写句子) b . __________________ there are 56 ethnic groups in China , each with its traditional customs, costumes and culture. (用表语从句和独立主格结构改写句子) c.__________________ is that there are 56 ethnic groups in China, each having its traditional customs, costumes and culture. ②傣族大约有 1 159 000 人;居住在山川秀丽、气候温和、雨量充足的云南西部和南部。 a.The Dai Ethnic Group _____________________who live in the west and south areas of Yunnan, where there are beautiful mountains, a mild climate, and abundant rainfall. b.The Dai Ethnic Group __________________________, who live in the west and south areas of Yunnan, where there are beautiful mountains, a mild climate, and abundant rainfall. ③傣族人民能歌善舞,以孔雀舞出名。 The Dai people are known to ________ singing and dancing the Peacock Dance. (用 it is+过去分词+that...句型改写句子) _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ④据认为,被泼的水越多,来年越幸福。 a.__________________ the more water one is splashed with, the happier one will be in the next year. b.__________________ the more water one is splashed with, the happier one will be in the next year. 答案: 1.①as is known to us all ②a mild climate ③abundant rainfall ④wash away the dust ⑤the more... the more 2.①a.As is known to us all b.It is known to us all that c.What is known to us all ② made up of around 1,159,000 people. b.has a population of around 1,159,000 people ③be good at; It is well known that the Dai people do well in singing and dancing the Peacock Dance.

④a.It is believed that b.People believe that 妙笔成篇 _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ 答案: As is known to us all, there are 56 ethnic groups in China, each with its traditional customs, costumes and culture. So is the Dai Ethnic Group. 幻灯片 56 The Dai Ethnic Group is made up of around 1,159, 000 people, who live in the west and south areas of Yunnan, where there are beautiful mountains, a mild climate, and abundant rainfall. The Dai people are known to be good at singing and dancing the Peacock Dance. The Water?Splashing Festival is an annual grand festival held in April. They think they can wash away the dust and avoid disasters by splashing water on each other. It is believed that the more water one is splashed with, the happier one will be in the next year.


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