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吴琴 交际英语常考点

2013.08 吴琴

? 考点1 With pleasure 与it’s a/my pleasure
? 典例1)Would you take this along to the office for me? ? A, with pleasure B, That’ s right ? C, Never mind D, My pleasure ? 解析:交际英语 ? With pleasure “很乐意”,回答别人的请 求 ? My pleasure “不用谢” 回答别人的感 谢

? 考点2 Would/could/might提问的回答
? 典例1) Would you please come to my birthday party this weekend? ? ________ ? A, yes, I would B, My pleasure ? C, sorry, I wouldn’t D, Certainly, I will ? 解析: Would/could/might提问表示礼貌时, 回答只能用 will/can/may ? 答案:D

考点3 Right短语
? 典例1)May I help you? You seem to be having some problems. ? ______,thanks. I think I can manage. ? A, All right B, That‘s all right ? C, that’s right D, It’s all right ? 解析:all right=oK or understand that‘s all right=没关系(回答“对不起”) ? that’s right=right正确 ? It’s all right没什么,可以自己解决(回答“我能帮 你不”) ? 答案:D

考点4 敲门或打电话
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 178)____________? ---It’s me. A, Who are you B, Who is it C, What are you D, Who is that 解析:交际用语 敲门时,问Who is it? 答:It’s me 打电话,问Who is that?答:This is Wang speaking. ? 答案:B

考点5 固定短语
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 179) Do you usually tell the truth in your writing? No,____ A, It’s up to you B, It depends C, That’s a deal D, I couldn’t agree more 解析: It’s up to you 听你的,你决定 It depends看情况,依情况而定 That’s a deal成交 I couldn’t agree more 我十分同意 答案:B

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