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2014 最新课件Unit


clean-up n.


clean up v. 打扫干净

clean up v.“打扫”。 Please clean up your bed and clothes. 请整理一下你的床铺和衣服。 clean –up n.“扫除”。 You must give your classroom a good clean-up. 你必须对教室进行彻底地打扫。

Section A

Warming up

Would you like to be a person who can

help others?
Would you like to be a person who has to be helped by others?

We have heard of many good
deeds done by volunteers all over

the country. They are great. They
give people help without hope of


There are many other ways you could help people.
You could help clean up the city parks.

You could cheer up(使 某人高兴)the sick people in the hospital .

You could help sick people in the hospital.

They are hungry and homeless.

You could help stop hunger.

If I had lots of money, I would…

help poor kids
set up a Hope School


You could give out(分发,派发) food at the food bank

volunteer in an afterschool study program

Do you often help others?
Tell us something about the last time you helped others. I helped my classmate with math. I helped my parents with the housework. I _________________________. I _________________________. I _________________________.

What other ways we could help people?

Just think and fill in the blanks.

Other ways we could help people
You could help the passengers with their luggage. _______________________________________________
_______________________________________________ You could help plant trees and grass to beautify your hometown. _______________________________________________

You could help the old people cross the street. _______________________________________________
_______________________________________________ You could help the police catch the thieves. _______________________________________________ You could help the old people clean up their houses. You could give the money to the charity and help the _______________________________________________

poor people.


PAIRWORKPractice the conversation below. Then
have similar conversation using the information in activity 1b.

2a Listening

sign n.


A group of students are planning a City Parks Clean-Up Day. They are talking about ways to tell people about the Clean-Up Day. Listen and fill in the blanks. 1. We need to come up with a plan. put off 2. We can’t _______ _______ making a plan. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now. write down 3. I’ll _______ _______ all our ideas. put up 4. We could _______ _______ signs. hand out 5. I’ll _______ _______ advertisements after school. call up 6. We could each _______ _______ ten people and ask them to come.

1 help sb. out “帮助某人解决难题”。 I can’t work out this math problem. Please help me out.

(1)help sb. with sth. =help sb. do/to do sth 在某事上帮助某人。 I help him with his English every day.

(2)help oneself to sth.随便吃食物等。 Help yourselves to apples, boys. (3)with the help of =with one’s help 在……的帮助下。 With the help of the teachers, I get good grades in all subjects.

2 They told me stories about the past and how things used to be. 他们给我讲过去的生活经历,讲过去是什 么样子的。 used to be/do 曾经。。。 She used to live in that city before. used to be /do 过去常做某事,现在不那 样了 Did you use to sing when you do housework?

3 I get such a strong feeling of satisfaction when I see the animals get better and the look of joy on their owners’ faces. 当我看到动物们(病情)渐好,看到主人 脸上的喜悦表情时,我产生出那么一种 极强的满足感来. How did you get such an idea? 产生 He got angry with me after that. 变得

4 She could read by herself at the age of four. I could cook by独自地 myself (when I was ten) at the age of ten 在。。。岁 在时候.

5 Volunteering here is a dream come true for me. 在这里当志愿者对我来说是梦想成真。 I got the latest CD player as a birthday present yesterday. It was just a dream come true! 昨天我收到了最新的CD播放器作为一份生 日礼物,真是梦想成真了。

to be to learn to care

to look
to help

to do

put off

call up

come up with

cheer up

put up
hand out

give out

to make

to do
to help

to spend

to visit

to move

Practice the conversations using the information above: A: I’d like to…

B: You could …

B : What would you like to help others? A: I’d like to work outside. B: You could help clean up the city parks A: I’d like to help homeless people. B: You could give out food at the food bank.

A: I’d like to cheer up sick kids. B: You could visit them in the hospital. A: I’d like to help kids with their schoolwork. B: You could volunteer in an after-school study program.

Offer your help. Talk with your partners

about what kinds of volunteer work

you could do:
A: I’d like to help the old. What could I do? B: You could give

them medical service.

1.You could help clean up the city park. 你可以帮助清理城市公园。 (1)help sb. With/do/to do sth. “帮


Their father helps the children with their work. 孩子们的父亲帮助他们做功课。 Please help me to move this table.


2. We need to come up with a plan. 我们必须想出一个计划。 (1)need实义动词, “必要”、“必 需” ,有人称、数和时态的变化, 可接名词、代词、动名词或带 to 的动词不定式作宾语,构成疑 问句和否定句时要借助于助动词。

The man needs an English dictionary
when he works. 这个人在工作时需要一本英语词典。 Do you need to see him yourself? 你必需亲自见他吗?

(2) need情态动词, “必须”、“必 要”,没有人称、数的变化,后接不 带to 的动词不定式。 通常用于疑问 句和否定句中,构成疑问句和否定句 时,不需要使用助动词。 Need you go to the park with your classmate? 你必需和你的同学去公园吗?

【注意】 由need引出的疑问句,答语 表肯定时用must或have to;表示否定 时用needn’t或don’t have to。 A: Need I come to work tomorrow? 明天我需要来上班吗? B: Yes, you must / have to. 是的, 你必须来。



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